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Ver. His peace proclaim'd with gracious words,
Shall banifh feuds and fears;

Men fhall to plow-fhears beat their fwords,
And pruning-hooks, their spears.
No nation more 'gainft nation fhall
Rife up in arms, nor fight.
5 O Jacob's houfe, come let us all
Walk in JEHOVAH's light.


The Song of the Vineyard, juftifying God's Severity.



lía. v. 1,-7.

SONG to my Beloved One
I'll fing, and mention will

His vineyard, fituate upon

A very fruitful hill.

2 Round with a wall he fenc'd it fine, Did noxious ftones eject;


Then plant it with the choiceft vine,
'Midft it a tow'r erect:

A wine-prefs there he made; and thence
Expected grapes for ufe:

Yet none but wild grapes of offence,

And trash, did it produce.

Now, O ye Salem natives all,

And tribe of Judah huge;

I, 'twixt me and my vineyard, call

On you yourselves to judge.

4 What more of outward pains could be
Than mine, to deck the field?


Why then, inftead of grapes to me
Wild clusters did it yield?

The crime leaves no excufe a room,
And therefore now go to;

I'll read my barren vineyard's doom,
And fhew you what I'll do:

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Ver. I'll lay it wafte, nor prune nor dig.


Then briars and thorns fhall fpread:
I'll charge the clouds, with vapours big,
No fhow'rs on it to fhed.

7 For now the house of Ifra'l fair
Jehovah's vineyard is ;

The men of Judah likewise are
That pleasant plant of his.

He look'd for judgment juft; but lo!
Oppreffion rude appear'd;
For righteousness, but cross thereto,
A cry of blood was heard.


A Song of Praise to GOD, the Saviour and Salvati-
on of Zion, for bis Mercies. Ifa. xii. 1,-6.
LORD, thy praise I will effay ;

Tho' wroth with me thou waft,
Yet now thine anger's turn'd away,
Thou me comforted haft.

2. Behold, God's my falvation strong;
I'll truft him unafraid :

The Lord Jehovah is my Song,
My strength and faving aid.

3. Ye then, who fcorch'd wi' th' fiery law,
Whom thirst or need compells,
With joy fhall living water draw
From thefe falvation-wells.

4 Aloud be hallelujah faid,

Call on Jehovah's name;

His deeds among the people fpread,
Speak out his lofty fame.

5 Sing to the Lord, him praise and bless;
For he, the wifeft One,

Things excellent hath done; and this
In all the earth is known.

6 Cry out and fhout, thou denizon,
That dwells in Zion free :
For great is Ifra'l's holy One,
That dwells in midft of thee.



A Song of Praife to God for his merciful Judgments,
faving Benefits, and victorious Salvation.
Ifa. xxv. 1,-12.

SECT. I. GOD's merciful Judgments.

Ver. THOU, O Jehovah, art my God,


Thee as mine own I claim;

I'll therefore celebrate abroad

And praise thy glorious name:
For thou haft wonders manifold
Perform'd in recent drefs;
Shap'd to thy counfels, which of old
Are truth and faithfulness.

2 In heaps and rubbish laid thou haft
Strong cities fenc'd afore;
And strangers palaces laid waste,
To be rebuilt no more.

3 Thy ftouteft foes fhall therefore yield
The glory thine to be;



And nations fierce refign the field,
And fear to cope with thee.

For thou in ftraits a ftrength to poor
And needy ones haft been;

From blowing ftorm a refuge fure,
From fcorching heat a screen.
And that in times of greatest dread,
When furious tempefts fall,
And blafts of tyrants fierce exceed
The ftorm that beats the wall.

The ruffling noise of strangers rude,
Thou shalt abate with eafe,

As in dry plots a fhady cloud

Does fcorching heat furcease:
On tyrants proud thou'lt be aveng'd,
That are fo dreadful now;

Their jov'al trebles fhall be chang'd
And doleful baffes low.

SECT. II. His faving Benefits.

Ver. Lo! in this mount the Lord of hofts


A banquet fhall prepare,

For all that tread on Zion's coasts,

And people ev'ry-where.

He'll with fat things and wines fuffice,
Fat things of marrow full,
Wines well refin'd, from off the lees,
To glad and chear the dull.

7 And in this mount he'll raze the vail,
The face o'er-cov'ring shade,
Of darkness caft o'er people all,
And o'er all nations spread.

8 He'll swallow up, in victory,

Grim death, the king of fears;
From faces all the Lord moft high
Will wipe away the tears;

What base contempt, and vile reproach,
Were on his people laid,

From off the earth he'll quite dispatch;
For fo the Lord hath faid.

SECT. III. His victorious Salvation.

9 That day fhall fongs be utter'd thus,
"Behold this is our God;

"We ftay'd for him, and now he'll us
With his falvation load:

"This is the Lord Redeemer kind,
"For whom we long did wait;
"We will be glad, with joyful mind,
"In his falvation great."

10 For here fhall reft our conqu❜ring God,
And Moab be o'erthrown;

II The gates of hell fhall down be trode,
The trump of triumph blown.



A Song inciting to Faith, Patience, Hope, and Confidence in GoD.-lfa. xxvi. "In that day fhall this fong be fung in the land of Judah," &c.

SECT. I. Confidence in God.

E have a city, strong and fair,

Ver. WE


Where grace triumphant reigns;
Inftead of walls and bulwarks there
Salvation God ordains.

2 Set open to the nation juft


The city-gates, that they

Who buy the truth, and keep the trust,.
May enter there and ftay.

Thou wilt him keep in perfect peace

Whofe mind on thee is ftay'd,
Because he all his truft doth place
In thee alone for aid.

4 Truft ye for ever in the Lord;
For everlasting pow'r


Is in the Lord Jehovah ftor'd,
The rock of ages fure.

SECT. II. GOD's Judgments.

He fhews his pow'r by bringing down
The proud that dwell on high:
Makes tow'ring cities overthrown
Low in the duft to ly.

6 Yea, poor defpis'd and needy ones,
That truft beneath his fhade,

Shail underfoot the pomp of thrones

And lofty cities tread.

7 The juft man's way is plain and right; Thou, Lord, moll upright, weigh'st

His path, to level with delight

The plain which thou furvey'st.

Yea, in thy way, where judgments flame,
We waited, Lord thy will:

Our foul's defire is to thy name,

And thy remembrance still.

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