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Thy eys, and alles ere.

Shise brum II luas 2r:
Gay like a piezlar. fiuct cats,

On Günas's fat teni,
Is thine aduonins ir tat notes

Thy kauwi nen yright.
2 Thy teeb a ick I need

Even tun washing corze
Each ze. Te rue des der seen,

And bring its product one.
3 Thy Eps refemicie Carier *rez

And comely ineech
Within thy lacks by a

4 Thy neck is like

Built for a
Whole pers

All thieta
5 Thy brezita e

Do feed me

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Ver. Fair spouse by marriage-ties alone

I urge my call on thee;
Come, come with me from Lebanon,

From Lebanon with me:
Look from Amana's top that chills,

Shenir“and Hermon high,
From lions dens, and leopards hills,

Where ghastly dangers ly.
9 My filter, spouse, thou in effect,

With one glance of thine eye ;
With one chain of thy stately neck,

Haft rap'd my heart from me.
10 My sister dear, how fair's thy love!

How better far than wine !
Thy fav'ry ointment smell above

All eastern spices fine!
II Thy lips drop like the honey-comb;

There milk and honey flow :
Thy garments smell like Lebanon,

Where aromatics grow.
12 My love's a garden well inclos'd,

Delicious fruits to yield :
A spring fhut up, and unexpos’d;

A fountain safely seal'd.
13 Thy plants of grace do parallel

An orchard rich with trees,
And fruits that gratify the smell,

And form a paradise.
14 Here pomegranates and camphire grow;

Here trees of incense bloom :
Nard, cinamon, myrrh, aloes blow

With gales, a rich perfume.
15 My love's a garden-fountain known,

A living well befide,
Whose glad’ning streams from Lebanon
Through distant valleys glide.

[T'be Cburcb's Words. ]
16 Awake, O north-wind; come thou fouth;

Upon my garden blow :
Soon will the breath, Lord, from thy mouth

Make all the spices flow,

Ver. Then, Lord, come share the pleasant spice,

Thus by thy Spirit blown :
My garden be thy paradise ;

Its fruits are all thine own.



Christ awaketb the Cburcb by bis calling. She

baving a Taste of bis Love, is fick of Love. A
Description of Christ by bis Graces.

(Christ's Words.]
M come, my spouse and filter dear;

I’m to my garden come ;
I've gather'd up my spice and myrrh,

And eat my honey-comb:
My feast of honey, milk, and wine,

With pleasure shar'd have I:
Come eat and drink, o friends of mine,
Yea, drink abundantly.

[T be Churcb's Words.]
2 I sleep, but yet my heart's awake;

A kindly knock I hear :
'Tis my Beloved's voice thus fpake,

Open to me, my dear.
“ Open, my dove, my undefild; ;

Love, give not love the flight :
“ My head's bedew'd, my locks are fillid

“ 'With drops of winter-night.”
3 Base Noth reply'd, “ I'm now undress’d;

" How shall I dress again? How shall I leave this bed of rest,

My new wash'd feet to stain ?"
4 My Lord then by the shut-door's hole

Put in his hand of pow'r;
Which with lov'd-wounds fo pierc'd my foul,
My bowels melted fore.

up to ope I did me ftir,
In answer to his knock :
My hands and fingers drop'd sweet myrrh,

On handles of the lock.

5 When

Ver. I opend then to my Belov'd,
6 But he, alas! was gone :
His late love-suits my mind so mov'd,

I fainted as undone :
I sought him whom my soul ador'd,

But him I could not have :
I call'd and cry'd, My Love, my Lord ;;

But he no answer gave.
z The cruel city watch me found,

And keepers of the wall;
Who did me rudely smite and wounds

And took away my vail.
8 O Salem's race, of better mind,

To wail my Lord's remove,
I charge you tell, if him you find,
That I am fick of love.

[The Companions Words.]
9 O faireft, what Belov'd is thine ?

In what, pray let us know,
Doth he all other loves out. shine,
That thou dost charge us fo:

[T'be Churcb's Words.]
1o O my Belov’d, could you him fee,

Both white and red appears;
Among ten thousand chieftains he

The signal standard bears.
ar His head's of finest gold t’ attract,

So bright and firm his sway;
His locks are curl'd, and raven-black

So fresh without decay. 22. His dove-like eyes most bright appear,

Like these the brooks have wet;
Or milky streams have washed clear,

Fit for inspection set.
His cheeks are like a spicy bed,

Where choice perfumes do meet;
His lily lips drop grace, and shade

The myrrh that smells so sweet.


Ver. As rings of gold, with beryl fet,

His hands, his works, appear;
His bowels kind, like iv'ry bright,

O'erlaid with sapphires clear. 15 His legs like marble-pillars are,

On golden fockets fet :
His face like Lebanon most fair,

Like cedars most complete.
16 Most sweet is that bless'd mouth of his,

Whence grace and truth doth fluw;
Yea, he himself most lovely is,

And altogether fo.
O Salem's daughters this is he

Of whom ye fought my mind :
This is the best Beloy'd to me;
This si my dearest Friend.

The Church profefferb ber Failb in Christ. He
mewerb tbe Graces of obe Church, and bis Love
towards ber.

[The Companions Words.]
IF thy Belov’d, O fairest fair,

Be such a matchless one,
With thee we'd seek him, wist we where ;
O tell us where he's gone!

[The Church's Words.]
2 My Lord's down to his garden dress’d,

The place of his repair,
'Mong spicy beds to feed and feast,

And gather lilies there.'
3 I’m my Belov'd's, and he is mine;

Sweet are his facred courts ;
Among the lilies there that shine
He feeds, and there resorts.

(Cbrift's Words.]
4. My love, like Tirzah, fair array'd,

Like Salem gay indeed ;
Thou like an holt, with flags display'd,
Duft strike thy fes with dread.



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