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Ver. I fat me down with great delight,

My weary soul to reft,
Beneath his shade ; and, O how sweet

His fruit was to my taste!
4 He brought me to his house of wine,

To feast; and then to aid
The banner of his love divine

He over me display'd.
5 Stay me with flaggons, comfort me

With apples from above :
I languish till my Lord I fee;

Hafte, for I'm sick of love.
6 He's come, and with his left-hand he

Supports my fioking head;
And his right-hand embracing me,

Strong comfort brings with speed.
7 0 Salemites, I you obtest,

By rural hinds and roes,
Wake not my Love, while pleas'd to reft;

Nor mar the sweet repose.
8 Lo! my Belov'd, whose voice so nigh

My soul with wonder fills,
Comes leaping on the mountains high,

And skipping on the hills.
9 With speed his active love to show

On heights that would us part;
He's like the pleasant, bounding roe,

Or loving youthful hart:
Lo! he behind our wall doth stand;

He's at the windows seen,
Displaying through the grate at hand

Himself, in flow'ry green. 10 Sweet was my Lord's most charming tone,

When thus I heard him say,
“ Rise up, my love, my fairest one;

• Make halte, and come away.
“ Inviting spring adorns the clime ;

" For, lo ! the winter's past;
Now is the fair accepted time,

Quite o'er's the stormy blast,


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Ver. “ The flow'rs upon the earth appear;

“ Birds singing time's at hand:
" The turtle's voice, to charm the ear,

" Is heard within our land.
“ Green figs upon their trees are grown;

Young grapes are smelling gay: • Arise, my love my comely one;

“ Make hafte, and come away.
14 “O thou, my dove, that in cleft rocks

“ And secret stairs I spy,
“ Absconding there, through fear of shokes,

“ Or shame to face the sky :
6 Come let thy beauteous face appear,

“ Lift up thy voice to me;
“ For well thy voice delights mine ear,

Thy countenance mine eye.
“ Take us the foxes with engines,

“ The little foxes here,
“ That spoil the vineyard ; for our vines

“ Mit tender grapes do bear.” 16 My well. beloved Lord is mine ;

And likewise I am his :
Among the lily-beds his fine

A pleasant feeding is.
17 Until day break, and shades depart:

Turn, my Belov'd, and flee
Swift like the roe, or youthful hart,

On Bether hills to me.

Tbe Fight and Victory of the Church in Temptation,
and ber Gloriation in CHRIST.

[Tbe Church's Words.]
Y night upon my bed I fought

Him whom my foul doth love;
I fought him, but I found him not ;

Which did my sloth reprove. 2 l'll rise in quest of my Belov’d,

And search the city round,
In public streets : so there I rov'd,

Yet, ah! he was not found.

Ver. The city-watchmen met with me,

Their wonted round who move;
To them I said, O did you see

The object of my love ?
4 'Twas but a little farther on

I pait from them apart,
But to my joy I found anon

The darling of my heart :
I held him, nor would let him go,

Till I had brought him home,
My mother's house and Toom into,

That bore me in her womb.
O Salem's race, I you obtest,

By rural hinds and roes,
Wake not my love, while pleas?d to rest;
Nor mar the sweet repose.

[Tbe Companions Words.]
Who's this from desart does so ficet,

Like smoky pillars rise,
Perfum'd with myrrh and incense sweet,
Adorn'd to our surprize?

[The Cburcb's Words.]
✓ Behold his bed that Solomon's,

For peace and pomp renown'd!
Which threefcore men of Isra'P's fons

As valiant guards surround.
8 They all bear arms couragiously,

Expert and train'd to fight :
Each with his sword upon his thigh,

Because of fear by night.
9 The chariot which King Solomon

Did for himself array,
Did frame of wood from Lebanon;

With silver pillars stay:
10 Did gold its bottom, and above

Its cov'ring purple make.;
The midst thereof was pav'd with love,

For Salem's daughters fake.
II Go, virgins, see king Solomon,

Deck'd with the crown so gay,
His mother crown'd him with, upon

His joyful marriage day.


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Cærist fettetb: fortbisbe Graces of tbe Church, and

mewerb his love to ber. Sbe prayerb to be made fio for bis. Presence.

[Christ's Words.] Ver.

O! thou art fair to me, my love ;.

Lo! Zion, thou art fair;
Thy eyes, as of a beauteous dove,

Shine thro' thy locks of hair :
Gay like a pleasant fuck of goats,

On Gilead's stately height,
Is thine adorning hair, (that notes

Thy known deportment bright.)
2 Thy teeth are like a flock of sheep,

Even thorn, from washing come ;.
Each active grace does order keep,

And bring its product home.
3 Thy lips resemble scarlet thread,

And comely speech, indear:
Within thy locks thy temples red,

Like 'granates halv'd appear.
4 Thy neck is like to David's tow'r,

Built for a magazine ;
Whose pegs a thousand bucklers bore,

All Thields of mighty men.
& Thy breasts resembling two young: roes,

Do feed like friendly twins,
'Mong lily fields, thy babes and those

That haunt thy public inns.
6 Till day-break chase the shades of woe,

l'll rest in Zion still;
Unto the mount of myrrh I'll go,

And to the incense hill.
My love thou art all fair and clean,

The chief of beauteous brides;
No spot in thee is to be seen,

But what my favour hides..

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SE DI SIETE 21 is TET 21

I 10. 1.11. 17 1963

H: DI:SI: 21-01 II,

T2 De 1:
sosis1.2. I 5oo dites

2: traite Virortste, 8:es's tres;

-21(sest repose.

கவன: ri:
Visiwi fra deiat cses is Eeet,

Lulay pinsans rien
Períund with and incenie íseet,
Aduro'd to our issprize?

The Caric': Wind..]
7 Behold tis bed that Solomon's,

Fur peace and pomp renown'd!
Which threescore men of Isra'ls fons

As valiant guards surround.
& They all bear arms couragiously,

Expert and train'd to fight :
Each with his sword upon his thigh,

Because of fear by night.
9 The chariut which King Solomon

Did for himself array,
Did frame of wood from Lebanor

With silver pillars New
10 Did gold it be

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