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Ver. Nor does th' Almighty's love or hate,

With evidence appear,
By either our enjoyments great,

Or our annoyments here.
What's common to the worft and belt

Can ne'er the case decide;
God's word and Spirit be our reft,
As th' only rule and guide.


Tbe Benifit of Acquaintance with God.

Job xxii. 21,--30.

NOW acquaint thyself with God,
And be at peace, for he

Hath promis'd great and endless good

Shall thereby come to thee.
22 The la v receive thou from his moutli,

The doctrine of folace;
And in thy heart embracing truth,

Lay up his words of grace.
23 To God most high, without delay,

If thou return with care,
Thy fia and guilt he'll take away,

Thy ruins all repair.
24. He'll bless the house wherein thou dwells

With riches contpetent ;
With wealth of Ophir-gold, or else

With wealth of sweet content.
Th’Almighty shall be thy defence,

Thy joy and thy folace;
26 To him thou shalt, with confidence,

Prevailing pray’rs address.
27 When thou art answer'd from above,

Thy vows in trouble niade
Shail, with a glad return of love,

And thankful heart, be paid.
28 God shall establish every right

And just decree of thine ;
For, from above, directing light

Upon thy ways thall shine.

Ver. Thy paths he will direct and own,

Thy counsels he will bless;
And all thy undertakings crown

With comfort and success.
29 When men around thee are cast down,

Thy head lift up thou thalt;
God won't the humble man disown,

But save and him exalt.
30 Nor of thy prayers, pure and found,

Shalt thou alone partake
The gain, but e'en thy neighbours round
Shall profper for thy fake.

S O N G XXXIX, God biding and trying. Job xxvii. 3. 8, 9, 10. 3 O THAT I knew where I might find

My God, who hides his path ?
To him I would unfold my mind,

And testify my faith. .
8 I forward go to feel bim out;

But, lo! he is not there;
Backward, but when I turn about,

He's gone, I know not where.
9 Upon the right-band, and the left,

Fain would I him accuft;
But lill of my defire berest,

I find my labour loit. .
10 His way is hid, but mine is ey'd

By him, I thus defire;
I fall, as gold, when he hath tried,
Come purer from the fire.

Many most wicked and mischievous, yet live and die in

outward Peace, and are never visibly recko:red with
in tbis World.

Job xxiv. 1, 2,—12, 13, -23, 24.
OST just is God;

yet none can tell
The fix'd determin'd times,
When these that wickedly rebel

Shall suffer for their crimes.

Some men fo void of shame are found,

Who do, with treach'rous bands, Remove the settled marks that bound

Appropriated lands.
With wicked spoils, or goods they seize,

Their luxury they feast;
And fill'd with rapine, do at ease

Upon their couches reft.
Thus thrive oppressors, tyrants, thieves,

Men bloody and unclean;
Whose villanies day-light aggrieves,

The dark's their darling screen.
Pamper'd in plenty they abide,

And long on earth they live ;
While for impunity their pride

In plunder they derive.
All things to raise their happiness,

Seem jointly to comply ;
And as they liv'd in outward peace,

They unmolested die.
Gently cut down like ears of corn,

Their death's a kind decay :
Full ripe they to the tomb are borne,

And slowly sink away.
Their streams of life a goodly while,

Like peaceful rivers flow;
And when they die ('tis common sile)

They gently melt like foow.
'Tis true, Jehovah fees and knows

Their vice and infolence;
Yet, seeming unconcern’d, he does

No vengeance due dispense.
If they're, a feast for worms, interr'd,

Man's common fate is fo: Heav'n then hath all their hell deferrd

To future endless wo.


SONG XLI. The Greatness, Goodness, and Holinefs of God evidencing the Guiltiness and Impurity of Man.

Jub xxv. 2,-6. Ver. WITH

ITH God the Lord, molt great and high,

Dominion is and fear :
He peace preferves above the fky

And regions of the air.
3 Though numberless bis armies are,

The creatures all his hofis,
Yet never was a God of

But still of peace, he boasts.
On whom does not his light arise ?

His goodness unto all
Extends, like to his watchful eyes,

Inspecting great and small.
Wide as the universe, ev'n fo

Hath God his table spread ;
And all his creatures, high and luw,

Still at his cost are fed.
Since on his pow'r and goodness great

We evermore depend,
And can to nothing as a debt,

Without a lye, pretend:
If we shall murmur and complain,

It is without a cause,
When he his gifts resumes again,

But not our right withdraws.
4. Besides, our great and heinous crimes,

By which we Heav'n provoke,
Expose us juftly, many times,

To his revenging Itroke.
Who then of mankind can before

His high tribunal stand,
Plead guiltless; and, on justice score,

His law.discharge demand ?
To being 'mong the tainted race

Can man untainted país,
And clean escape the leaven base,
That does infect the mass :

Ver. Sun, moon, and stars, the torches bright,

That beautify the sky,
Are stain'd, and spotted in the fight

Of God's all-searching eye.
6 0 then ! since this omniscient God

Does human actions scan,
What num'rous ftains, both deep and broad,

Must he discern in man!
In man, a vitious worm, whose lust

'Gainst Heav'n incessant fpurns;
A worthless worm, who back to duft
And putrefaction turns !

The Proofs of God's Power and Wisdom in the Creation

and Preservation of tbe World. Job xxvi. 5,--14. 5 THE Lord Jehovau built the fkies,

And rear'd his stately frame :
The wide creation testifies

The greatness of his name,
The liquid element below

Was gather'd by his hand:
The rolling feas together flow,

And leave the folid land.
To him, the Maker, does pertain

What in the ocean is :
The finny people of the main,

And monsters there, are his.
6 The dusky shades of hell that ly,

Wrapt up in webs of night,
May well elude the folar eye,

But not th’ Almighty's fight,
Death and destruction do in vain,

Their fable covering spread,
And in their secret vaults enchain,

Or fast lock up the dead.
The eye of the Almighty does

Their spoils intire survey;
And no distinction ever knows

Betwixt the night and day.

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