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My vineyard in my bofom fet,

Has therein fuch a room, A woman fooner can forget

The infant of her womb t.

Though nature fhould her frame defert, -
And mothers monftres prove;

Yet Zion dwells upon the heart

Of everlasting love.

The CHURCH'S Words.

-Thou, O Solomon, muft have a thousand; and those that keep the fruit thereof two hundred.

True, Lord; the vineyard is thine own,
The charge is chiefly thine;

Yet under thee, thou haft made known,
The charge is alfo mine *

This vineyard of mine own, alas!
Of late I did negle&;

But now I will the truft, through grace,
More carefully inspect.
My graces, talents, time, and all,

That I receive from thee,
To husband for thy fervice, fhall
Be always in mine eye.

The fruits of gratitude I'll bring,
Which unto thee I owe :
The vineyard's revenue, O King,
Belongs to thee, I know.

To thee a thousand fold pertains;
And when thou gett'ft thy due,
Tó under-keepers, for their pains,
Two hundred fhall accrue.
Though none that labour in tey name

Shall of thy praise partake:

Yet what refpect is due to them

I'll render for thy fake.

4 Ifaiah xlix. 15.

The preceding part of this verfe, though already explained, and applied to Chrift; yet, being reckoned by fome to be the churches words, are here alfo refumed as hers.



Verfe 13. Thou that dwelleft in the gardens, the companions hearken to thy voice: cause me to hear it *.

O thou my bride, that lov'ft to haunt
The gardens of my grace,

And folemn inns where ev'ry faint
Delights to fee my face.

I'm pleas'd thou careful' keep for me
The orchards of my love,
Until thy nobler manfion be
The Paradife above.

The faints, all thy companions dear,
To focial worship bent,

Are glad thy graceful words to hear,
And to thy voice intent.

Take this occafion in thy walk
To caufe me to be heard;
Make me the fubject of thy talk,
My name to be rever'd.

And while they to my voice give ear,
Caufe me to hear it too,

By flying pots of frequent pray'r:

Full freedom I allow.

I'll joy how oft I hear from thee,

Until the parting skreen,

And range of hills, 'twixt thee and me,

No more fhall interveen.

The CHURCH's Words.

Verfe 14. Make baste †, my Beloved, and be thou like to a roe, or to a young bart, upon the mountains of Spices.

'Ah, Lord! communion with thee now

Is fweet, but quickly o'er :

We must not part but with a view

To meet again in glore.

*Or, cause me to be beard.

+ Heb. Fly away.

Mean-time, let ftill fresh news from thee (My foul from floth to purge) Effect thy hearing oft from me,

As thou art pleas'd to urge.

But, O make hafle to bring me home,

To that delicious place,

Where fears and doubts can never come,
Nor clouds to vail thy face.

Fly like a youthful hart or roe,
On fpeedy wings of love:
I languifh while I fin below,
And long to fing above.

'Tis good, indeed, to tafte thy grace,

In gardens here below;

But better far to fee thy face

Above, where fpices flow.

Thefe balmy heights thy glory fills,
Till the refreshing day;

But hafte, my Love, upon the hills;
Love cannot bear delay.

Thy fecond coming muft be dear,
O my Belov'd, to me;

For, when thou fhalt with clouds appear,

I'll then be like to thee.

Thy foes that awful day may hate,
And view with fearful grudge;
But, free of dread, I long, I wait;
My Love will be my Judge.
I ardent pant with refilefs eyes,
To fee thee face to face;
No less than glory can fuffice
The appetite of grace.
My months are ages of delay,
Each minute flowly wears;
Till thy fwift chariot roll away

Thefe rounds of tedious years.

No balfam can remede my fore,
Till Jefus, from on high,

Shall cleave the ftarry plains, and o'er
The cryftal mountains fly.

Roll days and years out of the way
Between my foul and thee

O hafte the confummation-day;
AMEN, fo let it be




Book I. Confifts of OLD TESTAMENT SONGS; or, SONGS on feveral Select Paffages in the Old Testament.


Part I. Comprehends fourteen POEMS upon fuch Paffages of Scripture as the Author has verfified from Genefis to Job.

Part II. Contains JOB's HYMNS; or, an hundred thort POEMs, upon the fame Number of select Parts and Paffages of that Book. Part III. A NEW VERSION of the Song of Solomon, in eight Chapters.

Part IV. Contains twenty-one POEMS, felected from Ecclefiaftes, Ifaiah, and Jeremiah.

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Part V. A Short PARAPHRASE upon the Lamentations of Jeremiah, in five Chapters.

Part VI. Comprehends fix POEMS, felected from the Minor Prophets.

BOOK II. Confifts of NEW TESTAMENT SONGS; or, SONGS on feveral Select Parts in the New Teftament.


Part I. Containing feventeen SONGS felected from the Four Evangelifts.

Part II. Comprehends twenty-four SONGS felected out of the different Apoftolical Epiftles.

Part III. Confifts of fixteen SONGS extracted from the Book of the Revelation.

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