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That glad thou mayft, when drops are gone,

Joy in the fpacious fea:

When incomes fail, then ftill upon

Thy Hufband keep thine eye.

But can't thou look, nor moan thy ftrait,

So dark's the difinal hour?

Yet as thou'rt able, cry, and wait
Thy Hufband's day of pow'r.

Tell him, though fin prolong the term,

Yet love can scarce delay:

Thy want, his promife, all affirm,
Thy Hufband must not ftay.


CHRIST the Believer's enriching Treafure.

KIND Jefus lives, thy life to be

Who mak'ft him thy refuge;

And when he comes, thou'lt joy to see
Thy Hufband fhall be judge.
Should paffing troubles thee annoy,
Without, within, or both;

Since endless life thou'lt then enjoy,
Thy Hufband pledg'd his truth.
What won't he, ev'n in time, impart
That's for thy real good?

He gave his love, he gave his heart,
Thy Hufband gave his blood.

He gives himself, and what should more?
What can he then refuse?

If this won't pleafe thee, ah! how fore
Thy Hufband doft abuse!

Earth's fruit, heav'n's dew, he won't deny,
Whofe eyes thy need behold:
Nought under nor above the sky

Thy Hufband will with-hold.

Doft loffes grieve? Since all is thine,
What lofs can thee befal?

All things for good to thee combine *,
Thy Husband orders all.

Rom. viii, 28.

Thou'rt not put off with barren leaves,
Or dung of earthly pelf;

More wealth than heav'n or earth he gives,
Thy Hufband's thine himself.

Thou haft enough to ftay thy plaint,
Elfe thou complain'ft of eafe;
For having all, don't fpeak of want,
Thy Hufband may fuffice.

From this thy ftore, believing, take
Wealth to the utmost pitch:
The gold of Ophir cannot make,
Thy Husband makes thee rich.
Some flying gains acquire by pains,
And fome by plund'ring toil;
Such treasure fades, but thine remains,
Thy Husband's cannot fpoil.


CHRIST the Believer's adorning Garment.

EA, thou excell'ft in rich attire


The lamp that lights the globe ;

Thy fparkling garment heav'ns admire,
Thy Hufband is thy robe.

This raiment never waxes old,

'Tis always new and clean:
From fummer-heat and winter-cold,
Thy Husband can thee fcreen.
All who the name of worthies bore,
Since Adam was undreft,

No worth acquir'd, but as they wore
Thy Hufband's purple veft.

This linen fine can beautify

The foul with fin begirt.

O blefs his name, that e'er on thee
Thy Hufband spread his skirt.
Are dunghills deck'd with flow'ry glore,
Which Solomon's outvie;
Sure thine is infinitely more,

Thy Husband decks the sky.

Thy hands could never work the dress,

By grace alone thou'rt gay.

Grace vents and reigns through righteousness, Thy Hufband's bright array.

To fpin thy robe no more doft need

Than lilies toil for theirs ; Out of his bowels ev'ry threed

Thy Hufband thine prepares.



CHRIST the Believer's Sweet Nourishment.

'HY food conform to thine array,


Is heav'nly and divine;

On pastures green, where angels play,
Thy Hufband feeds thee fine.

Angelic food may make thee fair
And look with chearful face;
The bread of life, the double fhare,
Thy Hufband's love and grace.
What can he give, or thou defire,
More than his flesh and blood?
Let angels wonder, faints admire,
Thy Hufband is thy food.
His flesh the incarnation bears,
From whence thy feeding flows;
His blood the fatisfaction clears,
Thy Hufband both beftows.
Th' incarnate God a facrifice,
To turn the wrathful tide,
Is food for faith; that may fuffice
Thy Hufband's guilty bride.

This ftrength'ning food may fit and fence

For work and war to come;

Till through the croud, fome moments hence, Thy Hufband bring thee home:

Where plenteous .feafting will fucceed

To fcanty feeding here;

And joyful at the table-head

Thy Hufband will appear.

Then crumbs to banquets will give place,

And drops to rivers new:

While heart and eye will face to face
Thy Hufband ever view.


Containing the MARKS and CHARACTERS of the Believer in CHRIST; together with fome farther Privileges and Grounds of Comfort to the Saints.

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Doubting Believers called to examine, by Marks drawn from their Love to him and bis Prefence, their View of bis Glory, and their being emptied of Self-righte oufness, &c.

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OOD news! but, fays the drooping bride,
Ah! what's all this to me?

Thou doubt' thy right when fhadows hide
Thy Hufband's face from thee.

Through fin and guilt thy fpirit faints,

And trembling fears thy fate:
But harbour not thy groundless plaints,
Thy Hufband's advent wait.

Thou fobb'it, O were I fure he's mine,


This would give glad'ning eafe;"

And fayft, Though wants and woes combine,
Thy Hufband would thee pleafe.

But up, and down, and feldom clear,
Inclos'd with hellifh roots;

Yet yield thou not, nor fofler fear:
Thy Hufband hates thy doubts.
Thy cries and tears may flighted feem,
And barr'd from prefent ease:
Yet blame thyfelf, but never dream
Thy Hufband's ill to please.

Thy jealous unbelieving heart

Still droops, and knows not why;

Then prove thy felf, to eafe thy fmart,
Thy Hufband bids thee try.

The following queftions put to thee,
As fcripture-marks, may tell
And fhew, whate'er thy failings be,
Thy Husband loves thee well.



RT thou content when he's away;
Can earth allay thy pants?

If confcience witnefs, won't it fay,
Thy Hufband's all thou wants?
When he is near (though in a cross),
And thee with comfort feeds:
Do thou not count the earth as drofs,
Thy Hufband all thou needs?
In duties art thou pleas'd or pain'd,
When far he's out of view?
And finding him, think'st all regain'd,
Thy Hufband's always new?

Though once thou thought'ft, while Sinai mift
And darkness compafs'd thee,
Thou waft undone; and glorious Chrift

Thy Husband ne'er would be:

Yet know'st thou not a fairer place,

Of which it may be told,.

That there the glory of his grace
Thy Hufband did unfold?

Where heav'nly beams inflam'd thy foul,

And love's feraphic art,

With hallelujahs, did extol,

Thy Hufband in thy heart?

Couldft then have wifh'd all Adam's race
Had join'd with thee to gaze;
That, viewing fond his lovely face,
Thy Husband might get praife?

Art thou disjoin'd from other lords?
Divorc'd from fed'ral laws?
While with moft loving gofpel-cords
Thy Hufband kindly draws?

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