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present state, when contrasted with their former, is covered by a darker cloud than any that broods over the fortunes of any other people. Respecting them, the words of the apostle may be reversed and yet be true: “Once were ye darkness; but now are ye light in the Lord.” They were once light, but now darkness; and the saying of our Lord is true of a people, as well as of an individual: “If the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness.” O then, let compassion for their immortal spirits passing into an everlasting state without hope, awaken you to serious thought and earnest desire for the salvation of the Jews.

We do not intend to point out the different ways in which even our youngest readers may be fellow-helpers in this good work. Their parents and older friends are their best directors, and they will act most for their own welfare when they work under their guidance. The more they feel their oneness with their parents and friends in this work, the better it will be, and the less likely to foster the pride which may arise from separate and independent action. Our hope is that the younger members of our Church will manifest a deeper and more general interest in this cause during the year which has just commenced, and seek to promote it by their prayers, by collecting as they may be able, if even but a small sum, in aid of the Society's funds.

Remember, that you owe all which distinguishes you

from poor Heathen children to the instrumentality of the Jews. Your Bible came through them. Your blessed Lord when he took our nature upon him, took it of a Jewish virgin, and he tells

you himself, “ Salvation is of the Jews."


When David was raised to the throne, and reigned as King over Israel, he inquired, “ Are there yet any left of the house of Saul, that I may shew them kindness for Jonathan's sake ? He called to remembrance the love which had been between them whilst Jonathan lived, and for his sake would have done good to the house of Saul, who had persecuted and driven himself

an outlaw from his family and from his country. Shall we not ask, Are there none of the brethren after the flesh of our adorable Lord, to whom we can shew kindness for his dear sake ? O yes, there are millions, eight, perhaps ten millions of them scattered over the wide world, despised outcasts, meeting only with scorn, where they should call forth pity and the exercise of Christian love.

The beginning of another year reminds us that the set time to favour Zion, to fulfil God's purposes, is rapidly approaching. All that is taking place amongst the Jews reminds us of the same truth.

Let these thoughts add to our diligence and encourage us in our work; for the time of Israel's redemption will be a time of mercy to the world. “So the Heathen shall fear thee, and all the kings of the earth thy glory. When the Lord shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory.” (Psalm cii. 15, 16.)



“At length they come, Conducted by his angel to the land

Promis'd to Abraham and his seed."-MILTON. The days of mourning for Moses being ended, Joshua set about his great work of leading Israel over Jordan into the promised land. He sent two spies into Jericho, one of the Canaanites' chief cities, to see what advantage he might take of the place and the people. The spies at length came back, having narrowly escaped with their lives; and reported to Joshua that “the Lord hath delivered into our hands all the land ; for even all the inhabitants of the country do faint because of us.” On hearing which, Joshua bid the host prepare for march, for in three days he would cross the Jordan.

In three days, therefore, he came down from Shittim to the bank of the river, the night before crossing it. And on the morrow, the whole host, being duly exhorted and sanctified, prepared to pass over. It was harvest-time, at which season,

“ Jordan overfloweth all his banks." Through this river, at all times rapid and impetuous, but now more than commonly swollen, this great host had to pass with all their women, their young children, and their cattle. Solemn was the order of their going. Joshua spake unto the priests, saying, “ Take up the ark of the covenant and pass before the people ; and they did so. At this signal, the different tribes removed from their places and followed as they had been commanded : the tribes of Reuben, of Gad, and half the tribe of Manasseh, 40,000 armed men going first, according to their promise; yet, so as that the priests with their sacred brethren were always 2,000 cubits, or rather more than three-quarters of a mile in advance. « And it came to pass, that as

as the feet of the priests that bare the ark were dipped in the brim of the water, that the waters which came down from above stood and rose


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