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Account of a Young Jewess, 12 Jewess, Death of a Young, 270

Conversion of a Jew, Jews, Bible History of, [See Bible 232

History of the Jews.] Addresses at Annual Meeeting- Baptism of, 94, 112

Lord Ashley, 126; Dr. Marsh, Spread of Christianity 127; Bishop of Oxford, 131; amongst, 254 Lord Glenelg,_136; Hon. W. in Rome, 38 63 Cowper, 136; Rev. E. Bicker- in Great Britain, 84 steth, 138; John Labouchere, the Creed of, 61

Esq., 138; Rev. T. Nolan, 139. Services of, 82, 107, 157, Allegory from the Talmud, 15, 180 161

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State of, 262 Augusti, Life of, 174, 199, 224, 245, Life of Augusti, 174, 199, 224, 245, 274

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Frankfort-on-the-Maine Greek Lad, a Christian, 18

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Jerusalem, 46, 86, 89, “I will bless them that bless 236 thee,” 53, 78

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Protestant Church,

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stitution, (with an Engraving,) Jew and his Daughter, 258

147 Jewess, Baptism of, 44

Palestine Place, London, 9
Conversion of, 42, 212 Passover, the, 250


JANUARY, 1847.


By the good hand of our gracious God our young readers, into whose hands this comes, are spared to the commencement of the New Year, and we are desirous of addressing to them a few words to enlist their more earnest and zealous service in behalf of God's ancient people Israel. Many have been contented with hearing or reading respecting them, without acting for them or trying to promote an interest in their behalf amongst their youthful companions. Now we want you all to be engaged in the work of seeking the salvation of Israel.

There are several ways in which you can do this. Even the youngest lamb of Christ's flock, can be taught to remember their pitiable state; and we would say to each of you, if you have not already learned to pray for the Jews, add one sentence to your prayers. Let it be one taken, if you please, from the Word of God, and do not neglect either night or morning, to offer it up to the Lord. The short prayer which we have in view, is to be found in the thirty-first chapter of Jeremiah and the seventh verse; it is this, o Lord, save thy people, the remnant of Israel,

[blocks in formation]

We mention this prayer, because it forms part of the message of the Lord to the nations, and therefore it speaks to all to whom the Word of God comes. The whole verse is, “ Thus saith the Lord, Sing with gladness for Jacob, and shout among the chief of the nations : publish ye, praise ye, and say, O Lord, save thy people, the remnant of Israel.It is thus we would especially have you to seek the good of the Jews.

Then you can speak of them. Your Bible will tell you what they were and what they will be as a nation. It will also tell you better than any other book what they are and what is their state as unbelievers. They do not know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour, nor have they had the means of knowing, excepting in Protestant countries, where their numbers have been small. Even in these lighter portions of our dark world few have cared for or sought them out, to instruct them, and the careless lives of most men, have led them to imagine that there was but little of truth or value in the religion that they professed.

In countries where Popery and not Christianity is the religion of the people, the Jews cannot but Jook upon that which they see on every hand as idolatry. They know that is called the religion of Jesus Christ, and therefore conclude that his religion is idolatry. They are taught, too, a false account of Jesus. Their minds are filled with bitter hatred to his name, even from their childhood. Surely, then, you should pity them as much as the children of the Heathen. There is, indeed, if you regard them as a nation, far more to call forth your pity than in the circumstances of the Heathen. Their

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