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In that part of his address which referred to the sufferings of the Jews, the Doctor said :• When I visited Meshed, in 1831, I found there 230 families of Jews, the cleanest and most interesting of any throughout Persia. They did not, however, occupy their time in the study of the prophets, but in reading the Persian writers. Two years and a half ago, I found, to my great sorrow, that the whole of them had apostatized and become Mahomedans. The cause of the change was this :- -Six or seven years ago, a poor Jewess, who had a bad hand, asked the advice of a Mahomedan physician, who told her to kill a dog and dip her hand in the blood. She did so, and it happened to be just at the time of Bairam, one of the Mahomedan feasts, when they offer a sacrifice. One Sayeed, i. e., one of the descendants of Mahomed, the prophet, assembled the Mahomedans in the great mosque of Imam Resa, at Meshed, and exclaimed, “ People of Mahomed, the Jews have sacrificed on the holy day of Bairam a dog, in derision of our religion. I therefore shall only pronounce two words, which will tell you what you have to do, and these two words are, “Allah daad.'”. The meaning of these two words is, “God has given !” Upon this thousands of Mussulmans rushed to the houses of the Jews, shouting, “ Allah daad !” burnt, destroyed, and plundered their houses, and killed thirty-five of them! The rest of the Jews, smitten with consternation, to save their lives, cried out, “ There is God, and nothing but God, and Mahomed, the prophet of God !” A few good old men, however, exclaimed, “Hear, Israel I the Lord our God is one Lord I The

law of Moses is truth, and the prophets are truth!” and immediately their heads were struck off! The anniversary on which the Jews were massacred, is now called by the Mahomedans, as well as by the Jews of Meshed, “ The year of Allah daad !” that is, the year in which the Jews were given into the hands of the Mussulmans ! I lived in one of the houses of these poor Jews, where they in secret worship the God of their fathers in their own way. It was on the Day of Atonement, when most of them, especially their women, fasted the whole day. The poor Jewesses tell their children, “ Never forget that you are of the seed of Israel, and remeniber the day of Allah daad !" The Mahomedans suspecting them, have established a regular Inquisition, like the Inquisition in Spain, against these poor apostates. In some letters I brought from them for Sir Moses Montefiore, they state their great desire to leave Meshed, and to go to Jerusalein. I saw one of those poor Jews, Rakhmim by name, who on the day of “ Allah daad” apostatized, but soon after became mad, and runs now about in the streets of Meshed, and continually exclaims, “ Allah daad !” He tears every cloth they give him, and exclaims, “ Allah daad !" I asked him why he did not dress himself ? His answer is, “ Allah daad! Allah daad !” . He went about on the day of Ramazan, when all the Mahomedans fast, but with a piece of bread in his hand. The Mahomedans look at him, and ask him, “Why do you eat?” His answer is, “ Allah daad !” when they leave him alone; for the Mahomedans never strike or kill a mad man. I said one day to him, “Rakhmim, if I give you pew clothes, will you wear them ?”

“Oh, yes,' he answered, “I will wear what Mullah Joseph Wolff gives me !" Three days afterwards, I saw him, and observed that he had torn the new clothes. I asked him why he had torn them ? " Allah daad! Allah daad !” was his answer. Now, my dear friends, I tell you all here, “ Allah daad !” God has given the Jews of Meshed into your hands; you can certainly do a great deal for them, to bring them out of this misery ! and to bring them to the Lord Jesus Christ ! If you do, then really it will be “ Allah daad," “God has given," in the best sense of the word.'

MISSIONS TO THE JEWS. For many hundreds of years Christians neglected to preach the Gospel to the Jews. They cared not for their souls, and suffered them to live and die without trying to teach them the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yet we find fault with the unbelief of this people, and express our surprise that they continue to reject the truth declared in the New Testament.

Our Saviour commanded that his Gospel should be preached amongst all nations, but they who called him Lord did not obey this command, and this nation, whom God chose as

peculiar people," was treated as if the glad tidings were not intended for them, and as if our Lord had said, All nations except the Jews.

This people have very especial claims upon us. They are the only nation whom God our heavenly Father chose as his own. He called Abraham and set him and his children apart for a blessing to the whole earth ; and His memorial

his own

unto all generations is, that He is the God of A braham, of Isaac, and of Jacob. As he was their God when he first elected them,-when they were oppressed in the cruel bondage of Egypt,—when freed from the rod of the taskmaster, and the iron tyranny of the proud oppressor Pharaoh, they sang to the Lord who had triumphed gloriously : as He was their God when he carried them through the wilderness when, having destroyed their enemies, he planted them in the goodly and pleasant land which he had promised to their forefathers---established the kingdom under his servant David, and in the peaceful reign of Solomon filled the Temple, which he had raised in beauty and glory, with his awful presence: as He was their God then, in the days of their national greatness, even so' now in all their afflictions he is their God, and will be, though they know him not; for it is written, “I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.”

Now this nation, more than any other, have Christians neglected. We have pitied blind idolaters—we have had no pity for the Jews. To the Gentile, first, Christians sent forth the missionary and the Bible ; but the poor untaught Israelite at our very doors, a nation of unbelievers, living in Christian countries, they passed by, almost entirely. Whilst it was our duty to care for the Heathen, surely it was at least equally our duty to seek the good of the Jews. We have begun to do this, and though late in the discharge of duty, it is a subject of great rejoicing that labourers are sent forth into this part of the wide field of the world, that schools are established for Jewish children, that the Word

of God is freely circulated, and also that other means are adopted to make known to them the truths of salvation.

We shall give every month some accounts of Missionary work amongst the Jews in different parts of the world, and beg our youthful readers, whilst they praise God for what he has done, to pray earnestly that he would raise up and send forth a far larger number of faithful men, who shall go forth to seek the lost sheep of the house of Israel. We will begin at Jerusalem.


Jerusalem is the most interesting city, both to the Christian and the Jew. It is also the most important place as a Missionary station, not so much on account of the number of the Jews who live there, as because every thing which is done there is made known to their brethren throughout the world. We hope to give our young friends a history of Jerusalem, and full accounts of the establishment of our Mission there. We now give some particulars, which we are sure will interest them,

There are more than five thousand Jews in Jerusalem ; and they have several synagogues, in which they meet to worship God. These synagogues are used also as schools, We should imagine that in the boly city there would be a sufficient supply of Old Testament Scriptures for the Jews; but this is not the case. The Rev. Missionary Ewald says, in a letter from Jerusalem, “There is still a great want of Scriptures amongst the Jews in the Holy Land, and consequently a great want of scriptural knowledge. You know that the synagogues in this country

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