A Warning to Wives: Or, The Platonic Lover: A Novel, Volume 3

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Halaman 237 - ONE more Unfortunate, Weary of breath, Rashly importunate, Gone to her death ! Take her up tenderly, Lift her with care ; Fashioned so slenderly, Young, and so fair...
Halaman 105 - In this state, as we are told by one who well knew the perversities of human nature, " trifles light as air Are confirmations strong As proofs of Holy Writ." Hence it is not to be wondered at, if certain recent events in our Church, of considerable importance in themselves, have had that importance greatly magnified, have been viewed with eyes which could not help discolouring and distorting them, and have produced an excitement far beyond their real significance.
Halaman 238 - Whilst the wave constantly Drips from her clothing; Take her up instantly Loving, not loathing. Touch her not scornfully; Think of her mournfully; Gently and humanly; Not of the stains of her; All that remains of her Now is pure womanly. Make no deep scrutiny Into her mutiny Rash and undutiful; Past all dishonour, Death has left on her Only the beautiful Still, for all slips of hers, One of Eve's family; Wipe those poor lips of hers, Oozing so clammily.
Halaman 237 - Still, for all slips of hers, One of Eve's family — Wipe those poor lips of hers Oozing so clammily. Loop up her tresses Escaped from the comb, Her fair auburn tresses; Whilst wonderment guesses Where was her home? Who was her father? : Who was her mother? Had she a sister?
Halaman 310 - ... of the Fernleighs. The young girl little knew with what a strong effort of self-control he restrained his deep joy at having her home again ; she little knew how restlessly and anxiously he had looked out for her coming, and waited and listened for her ; she knew not that she was the joy of his heart and the delight of his eyes ; she had not yet learnt what a warm, loving heart was hidJen by that cold, grave manner.

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