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His blood is all sufficient found

u. To draw the shaft, and heal the wound. 10 What arrows pierce so deep as sin ?

What venom gives such pain within ?
Thou great. Physician of the soul,
Rebuke my pangs, and make me whole.
11 O! if I trust thy soy'reign skill,

And bow submissive to thy will,
Sickness and death shall both agree
To bring me, Lord, at last to thee.


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On Recovery from Sickness."

HEN we are rais'd from deep distress,

our God deserves our fong; We take the pattern of our praise

from Hezekiah's* tongue. 1 2 The gates of the devouring grave

are open'd wide in vain,
If he that holds the keys of death

command them fast again.
When he but speaks the healing word,
20 then no disease withstands;

Fevers and plagues obey the Lord,
#1 : and fly, as he commands.
4. If half the strings of life should break,

he can our frame restore,
And cast our fins behind his back,

and they are found no more.
5 To him I cry'd" Thy servant save,

“thou ever good and just;
“ Thy pow'r can rescue from the grave;

" thy pow'r is all my trust!"
6 He heard, and sav'd my soul from death,

and dry'd my falling tears;
Now to his praise I'll spend my breath,
through my remaining years.


On the fame.
Y God, since thou haft rais'd me up,

thee I'Hextol with thankful voice;
Restor'd by thine Almighty pow'r,
with fear before thee I'll rejoice.

* Isaiah xxxix. 9, &.

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2 With troubles worn, with pain oppress'd,

to thee I cry'd, and thou didst lave'; Thou didst support my finking hopes,

my life did'It rescue from the grave. 3 Wherefore, ye Saints ! rejoice with me,

with me ling praises to the Lord; Call all bis goodness to your mind,

and all his faithfulnefs record. 4 His

anger is but Mort; his love which is our life, hath certain stay; Grief may continue for a night,

but joy returns with rising day ! 5 Then what I vow'd in my distress,

in happier hours I now will give, And strive, that in my grateful verse

his praises may forever live. 6 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

the bleft and undivided Three, The one fole Giver of all life,

glory and praise for ever be.



EAR what thevoice from heav'n declares

to those in Christ who die!
" Releas'd from all their earthly cares,

“they reign with him on high.” 2 Then, why lament departed friends,

or shake at death's alarms? Death's but the servant Jesus sends

to call us to his arms. 3 If sin be pardon'd we're secure,

death hath no fting beside ; The law gave sin its strength and pow'r;

but. Chrift, our ransom, died ! 4 The graves of all his faints he bless'a,

when in the grave he lay; And rising thence, their hopes he rais'd

to everlasting day! Then joyfully, while life we have,

to Christ, our life, we'll fing“ Where is thy victory, O grave ?

“ and where, O death, thy sting?"

CHRIST's Commission to preach the GOSPEL.

St, Matth. Chap. x.
O , ye


Gofweetly the Gospel trumpet found ;

The glorious Jubilee proclaim,

where'er the human race is found. 2 The joyful news to all impart,

and teach them where salvation lies; With care bind up the broken heart,

and wipe the tears from weeping eyes. 3 Be wise as serpents where you go,

but harmless as the peaceful dove, And let your heav'n taught conduct show

that ye're commission'd from above. 4 Freely from me ye have receiv’d,

freely, in love, to others give;
Thus thail your doctrines be believ'd,
and, by your labours, finners live.

The fame COMMISSION, from St. Mark, xvi.15,&c

and from St. Matth. xxviii. 18, &c.
O preach my Gospel, faith the Lord,

“bid the whole earth my grace receive;
Explain to them my sacred Word,

“ bid them believe, obey, and live! 2. “I'll make my great commiffion known,

“ and ye shall prove my Gospel true, “By all the works that I have done,

“and all the wonders ye shall do. 3 “Go heal the sick, go raise the dead,

“go cast out devils in my Name; “ Nor let my Prophets be afraid,

“though Greeks reproach, and Jews blaspheme. 4 “While thus ye follow my commands,

“ I'm with you till the world shall end; “ All pow'r is trusted in my hands;

I can destroy, and can defend.” 5 He spake, and light shone round his head;

on a bright cloud to heav'n he rode! They to the farthest nations spread

the grace of their ascended God. :

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Showing where to find each Psalm or Hymn by its Beginning

prore; pri 10
PSALMS, (1.0


Page AGAINST all those 45 In deep distress i 184

As pants the Hart 57 In Judab the At length, by certain 97

In thee I put

93 B In vain, O man

70 Behold, O God, 110. Judge me, O Lord, 33 Bless God, my soul 141 Juft Judge of heav'n, Bless God, ye servants, ' 192 I waited meekly

54 D

L Defend me, Lord, 38 Let all the just Deliver me, O Lord, 77 | Let all the lands,

84 Do thou, O God, 74

Let all the lift' ning

Let David, Lord, 191 For ever bless'd 203 Let God, the God 86 For thee, O God, 83) Lord, hear my cry,

80 From lowejt depths 190 Lord, hear my prey'r, :202 From my youth

189 Lord, bear the voice G

Lord, bear the voice 82 Give ear, thou Fudge

72 Lord, let thy juft : 95 God in the great

114 Lord, not to us, 102 God is our refuge 63 Lord, save me, for 7191 God's temple crowns 120 Lord, thou haft Η

Lord, who's the bappy. 26 Had not the Lord,

M Happy the man 56 My crafty foe, with 48 Have mercy, Lord, 68 My God, my God, 27 Hear, O my people ; 104 My soul for belp He's bleft whose fins 41 My soul, infpird He that bas God

127 My soul with grateful 164 How good and


N Hold not thy peace,

115 No change of time ::.. 219 How bless'd are they,

O How bleft is be,


O all ye people, How long wilt

150 come, loud anthems » : 132 How many, Lord, 4 of mercy's never ,'137 How vast muft


O God, my graciousari 81 I'

O God, my beart 14:155 Jehovah reigns,

1340 God, whose former · 156 Jehovah reigns ;

136 | O God of Hofts, 117 I'll celebrate !by

37 10 God, to wbom 130






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i Page






tom Page O God, who haft 79

The Lord unto my Lord 159 O Ifrael's Shepherd II The bleft that 189 O Lord, I am not 190 The wicked fools

71 O Lord, my God, 8 Though wicked men

49 O Lord, my rock, 36 Thou, Lord, by O Lord, our fathers 59 Thy chafi'ning wrath,

52 O Lord, the Saviour

126 Thy dreadful anger, 7 O Lord, that art my 5 | Thy mercies, Lord, O Lord, to my 92 Thy mercy, Lord,

75 On thee, who dwell'st 186 Thy presence why O praise the Lord, for 165 Through all the

43 O praise the Lord in

To bless thy chofen

86 O praise the Lord, and 206. To celebrate thy

10 O praise the Lord with 207 To God I cry'd, 103 Opraise the Lord zeith one 193 To God, in whom

32 "O praise ye the Lord,

To God, our never

113 (ronder thanks, 145 TG God the mighty

194 O render thanks to 148 To God, with

201 O Thou, to whom all 9 To God your grateful

152 "O'Twas a joyful 185 To my complaint, 119 P To my juft plea

is Praise ye the Lord;


God Preserve me, Lord, 199 To thee, Ő God,

IOL Protect me from my

To thee, O Lord,

To Sion's bill

185 Refolu'd to watch

We build with

138 Save me, O God,

When I pour out

138 Since godly men

When Israel by

162 Since I have plac'd 13

When Sion's God 187 Sing to the Lord


Who place on Sion's i Sing to the Lord

When we, our

196 Speak, Oye judges 76 With my whole

197 Sure wicked fools 15

While I the King's

61 T

Whom should I fear, 34 That man is bleft 160 | Why bast thou cast 99 Thee I will bless,

204) Wiih cheerful notes 165 The Heav'ns declare 24. With glory clad, 130 The king, O Lord,

26 With one consent, 137 The Lorth hath spoke, 67 With resiless and

3 The Lord bimself,


Y The spacious earth 31 Ye boundless realms 208 The Lord, the only 64 Ye princes, that

37 The Lord to thy

25're saints and servants

159 To thee,




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