Report of the Educational Commission of the City of Chicago

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Lakeside Press, 1899 - 248 halaman

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Halaman 47 - ... which lends energy and inspiration to the whole body. This cannot be secured if there is any lack of authority, and experience amply proves that it will not be secured if there is any division of responsibility. The whole matter of instruction must be placed in the hands of a superintendent of instruction, with independent powers and adequate authority, who is charged with full responsibility. The danger of inconsiderate or improper action by one vested with such powers is, of course, possible,...
Halaman 225 - ... in which the child resides, or of a probation officer of said court, for such period and upon such conditions as said court or magistrate may deem best ; and if, within such period, the child violates the conditions of his probation, such truant officer or probation officer may, without warrant or other process, take the child before the court, and the court may thereupon sentence him or may make any other lawful disposition of the case.
Halaman 125 - ... study and practice in the light of these principles. These principles thus become the norm of educational thought, and their truth is continually demonstrated by subsequent experience. From this time theory and practice should proceed together in mutual aid and support. Most fundamental and important of the professional studies which ought to be pursued by one intending to teach is psychology.
Halaman 224 - ... imprisonment, and for each subsequent offense by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding thirty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. Courts of special...
Halaman 98 - Line augments the center line of lights with two additional lights, one on the north side and one on the south side of the wharf, with the lights 28^ feet apart.
Halaman 30 - Buildings shall have power to appoint as many engineers, janitors and other employees and agents as may be necessary for the proper performance of the duties of his...
Halaman 124 - The college with a preparatory department is, as a rule, an institution of distinctly lower grade than one without such a department. Academic work in normal schools that is of the nature of preparation for professional work lowers the standard and perhaps the usefulness of such a school; but academic work done as a means of illustrating or enforcing professional truth has its place in a professional school as in effect a part of the professional work.
Halaman 235 - The said board shall provide well bound books, at the expense of the school tax fund, in which shall be kept a faithful record of all their proceedings. The yeas and nays shall be taken and entered on the records of the proceedings of the board upon all questions involving the expenditure of money.
Halaman 91 - ... view to obtaining better methods of solving problems in advanced arithmetic. A majority of your committee are of the opinion that formal English grammar should be discontinued in the eighth year, and the study of some foreign language, preferably that of Latin, substituted. The educational effect on an English-speaking pupil of taking up a language which, like Latin, uses inflections instead of prepositions, and which further differs from English by the order in which its words are arranged in...
Halaman 135 - ... place in all elementary school work. By it is secured the training of the hand and eye. Then, too, drawing helps in all the other branches that require illustration. Moreover, if used in the study of the great works of art...

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