Maritime International Law

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B. B. Russell, 1877 - 147 halaman

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Halaman 48 - And whereas it frequently happens that Vessels sail for a Port or Place belonging to an Enemy, without knowing that the same is...
Halaman 56 - ... the verbal declaration of the commander of the convoy, on his word of honor, that the vessels under his protection belong to the nation whose flag he carries, and, when they are bound to an enemy's port, that they have no contraband goods on board, shall be sufficient.
Halaman 77 - Is the intent one to prepare an article of contraband merchandise, to be sent to the market of a belligerent, subject' to the chances of capture and of the market ? Or, on the other hand, is it to fit out a vessel which shall leave our
Halaman 39 - ... be closed ; but, in the event of insurrection, or civil war in that country, it is not competent for its Government to close the ports that are de facto in the hands of the insurgents, as that would be a violation of International Law with regard to blockades.
Halaman 91 - ... copper in sheets, sails, hemp, and cordage, and generally whatever may serve directly to the equipment of vessels, unwrought iron and fir planks only excepted...
Halaman 42 - A blockade must be existing in point of fact ; and in order to constitute that existence, there must be a power present to enforce it." " The definition of a blockade given by the convention of the Baltic powers, in 1780, and again in 1801, and by the ordinance of Congress, in 1781, required that there should be actually a number of vessels stationed near enough to the port to make the entry apparently dangerous.
Halaman 42 - The law of blockade is, however, so harsh and severe in its operation, that, in order to apply it, the fact of the actual blockade must be established by clear and unequivocal evidence ; and the neutral must have had due previous notice of its existence ; and the squadron allotted for the purposes of its execution, must be fully competent to cut off all communication with...
Halaman 91 - In order to regulate what is in future to be esteemed contraband of war. it is agreed that under the said denomination shall be comprised all arms and implements serving for the purposes of war, by land or sea, such as cannon, muskets, mortars, petards, bombs, grenades, carcasses, saucisses, carriages for cannon, musket -rests, bandoliers, gun-powder, match, saltpetre, ball, pikes, swords, head-pieces, cuirasses, halberts, lances, javelins, horse-furniture, holsters, belts, and generally all other...
Halaman 44 - ... particular, it is declared that those places only are besieged or blockaded which are actually attacked by a belligerent force capable of preventing the entry of the neutral.
Halaman 41 - ... right rests in Europe, and the long, explicit, and authoritative admission of it by this country, have concluded us from making it a subject of controversy...

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