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Tucker was to be considered as a Peruvian. Preceding the receipt of this Tucker resigned, and our flag happily escaped the indignity.

An act of hostility, by a neutral ship of war, is an act of war; and the officer who directs it, is liable, not to the injured parties, but to his own government.




President Lincoln's Proclamation of Blockade has been repeatedly discussed in the foregoing pages, in respect to its internal effect. But the external effect of that proclamation should also be kept in mind. That proclamation had the effect to constitute both the blockaders and the blockaded, belligerents, and all other parties neutrals, and clothed each with all the rights and duties of belligerents and neutrals respectively. By it, the United States gained what they could not have gained by a mere municipal closing of the southern ports, the right to stop and search vessels on every part of the high seas, to divert them, if necessary, from their original destination, and to confiscate their cargoes when contraband. It is well known to the present editor that President Lincoln and his astute secretary of state acted with reference to these considerations, in issuing the proclamation of blockade, as the British Government did in issuing their much-misrepresented Proclamation of Neutrality.

Since the War of the Southern Rebellion closed in 1865, the peace of Europe has been disturbed by three important wars, and a fourth war in that

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