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Notice of the Consulate respecting the English Prisoners of War in

255 Official Documents which preceeded the Convention, fipulating the Esacie

ation of Egypt, by the French, but which contention as nerer carried into Effeat

ibid. Imperial Aulic Decree to the Diet of Rati/don, July 12

257 Treaty of Alliance between the Emperor of Germany, and the King of the Tuo Sicilies

259 Conclufum adopted by the Diet of Ratisbon, Sept. 7

201 Note from the French Minifiers, at Rafladt, to the Deputation of the Empire

22 Subfiance of the Emperor's Anfwer, relative to the March of the Rujan

Note of the French Minifiers to the Deputation of the Empire, Jan. 31 ibid.
Note of the French Minifiers to the the Minister of the King of Hungary and

ibid. Note of the French Minißers, declaring their Determination is lecze Rafiadt

264 The Executive Directory of the French Republic to all people

, and to all Go.

. 206 Imperial Aulic Decree to the German Diet, respecting ihc late Calasirophe near Rasadt

268 Conditions of the Treaty of Union between the Country of the Grisons and

the Heiretic Republic

270 Note, transmitted by the sublime Porie, to the Ambasador, from the Republic of Holland

271 The Vinifiry of the Sublime Porte to the French army in Egypt itid. Note sent to the Spanin Vinifer, ordering him to leave Confiantinople, 272 Proteft of the King of Sardinia against the Conduct of the French, in driving him from his Dominions

275 Acknowledgment of the new Pope by Louis Xviii.

. ibid.
Ediêt of the Emperor of Ruffia respecting Hamburgh
Proclamation of General Siaraff to the Inhabitants of Lucern and "St.

Manifesto addrelled to the Roman Nation on the Approach of the combincan

Note sent to all the foreign Minifers at Petersburgh.

276 Extract of an Order from St. Petersburgh, directed againf Denmark 277 Ukase of the Emperor Paul to the Senate of Hamburg

. itd. Treaty of Alliance between Rusia and Portugal

. ibid. The like between Ruffia and Sueden

282 Declaration made by the Emperor of Russia to the Alembers of the Germ:62 Empire

237 Declaration of War ly the Emperor of Ruffia against Spain

ibid, Answer of the King of Spain to the Nlanifesto of the Emperor of Ruffia, 288 The Mirifier Plenipotentiury of the Batarian Republic, to the French Minijiet for Foreign Affairs

289 Å Proclaniation by the Prince of Orange A

294 Proclamation




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Proclamation of Sir Ralph Abercrombie to the Dutch

295 Melage from the President of the United States of America to the Senate, 296 Speech of the President to both Houses of Representatives, Dec. 3

298 Secret Articles of the Treaty of Campo Formio


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Egyptian Mode of taking Repafs; from Sonnini's Travels

304 Munners and Address of the Emperor Joseph II. from Wraxall's Correspondence

ibid. Account of the Gaol of Philadelphia, and of the Laws of Pennsylvania, with reSpect to the Punishment of Crimes; from Weld's Travels

305 Character of Jezzar, the celebrated Pacha of Acré; from Brown's Travels, 308 Of the Manners of the Inhabitants of Dár-Fur; from the same

310 Some Iccount of Bondou and its Inhabitants, the Foulahs; from Park's Travels

312 Account of the Mainottes, the Descendants of the ancient Lacedemonians; from Taylor's Travels

314 Biographical Anecdotes of the late Tippoo Sultaun ; together with an Account

of his Revenue-Establishment of his Troops, &c. from the Afiatic Annual Register

316 Memoirs of the life of Chiarles Berns Wadarom; by Helen Maria Williams

322 Life of Saulsure, the Naturalip

326 Memoirs of the celebrated Ajironomer, Le Monnier Memoirs of the late Pope Pius VI. Character and Manner of the Life of General Washington ; from Weld's Travels

344 Sketch of the Life of the late William Seward, Esq.

346 Character of the Rev. Clayton Cracherode

347 Memoirs of Robert Merry, Esq.

349 Memoirs of the Rev. Dr. Tucker

350 Anecdotes of the late Admiral Earl Flowe

354 Anecdotes of the late Mr. Bacon

359 Anecdotes of James Burnell Lord Monboddo





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On a submarine Fores, on the enfiern Coast of England, by Joseph Correu de

Serra, L. L. D. F. R. S. and A. S. from the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

367 Description of the mountainous Part of the Province of Taurida; from Mr. Tooke's Vicw of the Russian Empire

373 Account of the Ice Fox; from the same




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An Account of the Pearl-Fishery in the Gulph of Nlanat, in Harcs cd

April, 1797, by Henry). Le Beck, Esq. from the Afatic Researches, fi Extract of a Journal to the Peak of Teneriff, by M. M. de Lamas Moriges; from La Pérouse's Voyage round the World

S Account of the Corbirear, ani African Bird, from Valliant's Natural Hig

of the Birds of Africa Djcription of a l'olcanic ljund, recently formed in the Vicinity of leeland, in

Captain l'an Louenhora



the same

Lip of Patents granted in the Year 1799
Experiments and Obfervations on various kinds of Alanures, by John

dleton, Esq. from the Transactions of the Society for the Encouragement

Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce,
On preserving Seeds in a State Al for Vegetation, by John Sneyd, Ej?. fra

26 D«feription of an easy Method of cleaning and bleaching Prints of all kinds,

by G. Fubbrcni, from Brugnatelli's Annali di Chimica Description of a Liquor for discovering in Ilines the Prejence of such lietas

as are injurious to Health, by Dr. llachneman, from the Journal on the Art of cleaning Ivoolten and other Cuiks, hy M. Chapłal, from its

Bulletin des Sciences
Experiments and Observations on the glutinous Part of Iheat, by 11. IoT,

from Memoires de l'Intitut National
Experiments made with a liew to ascertain the Truth and Importance of Dr.

Hunter's Opinion, respecting the Food of Plants, by Major Thomas I clinze from the Letters and Papers of the Bath and West of England Society, 413





Temple of Dendera, in Egypt, from Sonini's Travels

416 Singular Tenure of the Manor" of Wichner, from Shate's Hijery of Stej

Inquiry whether Ilerodotas ras acquainted with the River Joliba, by Promo

Jefior Heeren, of Gottingen
Priparations made by the French for inording Englard, in the Thirteenth

and Fourteonth Century, from Bingraphiana
Account of the Theaire oj Saguntum, tranjiated from the Latin


121 437


Ofc Proje Style, introducrd hy Addifrn and his Contemporaries, from the

434 Tansactions of the Royal Irish Academy





Propriely in Females, from Asrs. More's Strictures on Female Education, 436 Female Senfibility, from the same

437 Miscellaneous Thoughts, by Montesquieu

439 Thoughts on Education, from Sezard's Biographiona

412 Account of Elizabeth Woodcock, who remained buried in the Snore', without Food, for Eight Days

4.46 Defence of the City, in a Letler to the Editor

4.48 A Letter from the Pepper-box to the Sall-box

449 The Unirerfality of Genius


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Ode for the New Year, 1799, by 11. J. Pye, Esq. i
Ode for the King's Birth-Day, by the same
Horace's Ode to Thaliarchus, tranfiuted by Miss Sezard
A Peruvian King to his Son, by the same
Berjes on his own Birth-Daij, by C. J. Fox, Esq.
A Negro Song, by the Dutchess of Devonshire
Epilogue to the Play of Pizarro
Song in Pizarro, by R. B. Sheridan, Esa.
Pizarro, an excellent new Swig
Ode to the German Theatre, by the late vir. Seward
Extrall from Campbell's Pleasures of Hope
The Hopes of Lore, from the jame Poom
Apofirople to the Poets of the Age, from the Arui Jacobin
Simplicity ; or the Curate, by Peter Piridar
Verses, writien by Lord Ilervy, during a Pit of Sickness

453 454 456 457 ibid. ibid. 458 460 ibid. 462 403 409 466 469

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Account of Books for 1799.


A Voyage round the Il'orld, in the Years 1785, 86, 87, and 83, by J. F.

G. de la Pérouje, edited by M. L. A. Milet Mureau, translaied from the French, 3 Vols. 8vo. with a Allas, 1799.

472 Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa, performed under the Direction

and Patronage of the African Asociation, in the years 1795, 96, and 97, by Mungo Park, Surgeon ; with an Appendix, containing Geographical Illustrations of 4/rica, by Major Rennel, Ho. 1799.

489 Travels in Africa, Egypt, and Syria, from the Year 1792 to 1799, by. IV. G. Browne, 4to. 1799,

496 The Works of Sir William Jones, in 6 Vols. 170. 1799.

500 Afatic Researches; or, Tranjuctions of the Society inftiluted in Bengal, for

inquiring into the Hilory and Antiquities, the Arts, Serenees, and Literature, of Ajia, Vol. 5, printed perbalim jrom the Calcultu Edition, Cuo. 507

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T. Burton, Printer,
Little Queen-street.

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