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An Acount of the Pearl-Fi/hery in the Gulpk of Vanar, in March and

April, 1797, by Henry J. Le Beck, E;9. from the Afatic Researches, 376 Extract of a Journal to the Peak of Teneriff, by M. M. de Lamanon and Níoriges; from La Pérouse's Voyage round the World

S97 Account of the Corbireau, an African Bird, from Valliant's Natural History of the Birds of Africa

339 Description of a l'olcanic Island, recently formed in the vicinity of leeland, by Captain L'an Loxenhorn


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Lip of Patents granted in the Year 1799

996 Experiments and Obfervations on various kinds of slanures, by John Mid

dleton, Esq. from the Transactions of the Society for the Encouragement of

Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce,
On preserving Seeds in a State fit for Vegetation, by John Sneyd, Ejq. from

404 Defcription of an eafy Method of cleaning and bleaching Prints of all kinds

, bu G. Fubbroni, from Brugnatelli's Annali di Chimica Description of a Liquor for discovering in lines the Presence of juch Aletals

as are injurious to liealth, by Dr. llachneman, from the Journal de On the Art of cleaning Woollen and other Cloths, by M. Chaptal, from ike,

Balletin des Sciences
Experiments and Obrations on the glutinous Part of Iheat, by 11. Timmer,

yrum Vlemeires de l'Institut National
Experiments made with a tiew to ascertain the Truth and Importance of Dr.

Hunter's Opiniin, rejpecting the Fond of Plants, by Major Thomas Belleza from the Letters and Papers of the Bath and Il est of England Society, 413

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Temple of Dendcra, in Egunt, from Sonini's Travels
Singular Tenure of the Manor" of i'ichner, from Shau's Hijory of Staf-

Inquiry whether llerodotas vas acquainted with the River Jolika, by Pro-

jefor Heeren, of Golling in Priparations made hy the French for inciding England, in the Thirteenth

und Four te ont's Century, from Bingrazphiana acourit is the Theaire y Sag urtum, traz ated from the Latine




CC Pravè Style, introduced by adding and his Contemporaries, from the
Tucions of the Royal Irin fotony



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Propriety in Females, from Isrs. More's Strictures on Female Education, 436 Female Senfibility, from the same

437 Miscellaneous Thoughts, by Montesquieu

439 Thoughts on Eeucation, from Seward's Biographiana

412 Account of Elizabeth Woodcock, who remained buried in the Snore', zeithout Food, for Eight Days

4.16 Defence of the City, in a Letler to the Editor

418 A Letter from the Pepper-box to the Salt-box

179 The Universalily of Genius



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Ode for the New Year, 1799, by 11. ). Pye, Esq. i
Ode for the King's Birth-Day, by the same
Horace's Ode to Thaliarchus, translated by Miss Servard
A Peruvian King to his Son, by the same
Verjes on his own Birth-Day, hy C. J. Fox, Esq.
A Nigro Song, by the Dutchess of Deronjhire
Epilogue to the Play of Pizarro
Song in Pizarro, by R. B. Sheridan, Efi.
Pizarro, an excellent new Sing
Ode to the German Theatre, by the late

ur. Seward
Extract from Campbell's Pleajures of Il«pe
The Hopes of Love, from the jame Pom

A pofirophe to the Poets of the Age, from the Anni-fucobin
Simplicity; or the Curate, by Peter Piridar
F'erses, written by Lord Ilervy, during a lit of Sickness

453 454 456 457 ibid. ibid. 458 460 ibid. 402 463 469 466 469 470

Account of Books for 1799.

A Voyage round the Il'orld, in the Years 1785, 86, 87, and 83, by J. F.

G. de la Pérouje, edited by W. L. A. Milet Mureau, tranfated from the
French, 3 F'ols. Sro, táith a Allas, 1799.

472 Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa, perforined under the Direction

and Patronage of the 1frican 4/jociation, in the Years 1795, 96, and 97, by Mungo Park, Surgeon ; with an Appendix, containing Geographical Illustrations of 4/rica, by Major Rennel, 480. 1799.

489 Travels in Africa, Egypt, and Syria, jrom the Year 1792 to 1799, by. Il. G. Browne, 4to. 1799,

496 The Works of Sir William Jones, in 6 1 o.s. 440. 1799.

500 Apatic Rejvarches; or, Tranjuctions of the Society infiiluted in Bengal, for

inquiring into the Fisiory and Antiquities, the dris, 8:299, and Literature, of Ajin, l'ob. 0, printed perbulim jrom the Culcuitu Eunion, &vo, 507

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