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cuate Capua.-Where they are succeeded by the French Garrison.-Digatis
faction of the Directory uith Championet.The Royal Family of Naples et
Palermo.- Regency appointed, at Naples, in his Absence.-Championet's
Vindication of his conduct to the Directory.—Communication betren
Championet and the Mfalcontents of Naples.-Violent Fermentation in da
ples.-Content between the Royalists and Revolutionists.-Retreat of the
Viceroy.--Escope of General Mack to Championet.-Total Disorganisation
of the Neapolitan Army.-1 jafjination and Rapine.-Naples assaulted by
the French Army.-Obflinately defended by the Lazzaroni.- tomentary
Cessation from mutual Slaughter. - Improved by Championet.-!l'iné
Professions of Humanity and Respect for St. Jannarius drap On the
Lazzaroni to the Side of the French.Miracles.-Adrertisement, by the
Archbishop, to the Citizens of Naples.- Proclumation of Champiciet.-
Edict of the Provisionary Government of the Neapolitan Republic - Under
impofing Forms and Names in the Hunds of the French General -Cratria
butions - Trophies of Victory and Ambassadors fent from Naples to Paris.
- The whole public and much of the prirate Property of Naples clared, bu
the Directory, for the French Vation.Civil Commissaries fent for the
Purpose of taking Pc Dession of this.-Ordered, by Championet, in quit
Naples.-The Decree of the Directory, on the subject of Neapolitar

: Pria
perty, annulled by a Counter-Decree issued by the General.-Indignatuma
the Directory.4 Decree for arresting Championet with other Goes
rals, and trying them for Disobedience.- Another for bringing Pering,
accused, by public Fame, of Robbery or Dilapidation, to Trial hy a ciuto
Martial.— Thejë Trials prevented by new Struggles and Changes at Paris.
- French Incasion of the fmall Republic of Lucca.-Factions there.-Re
volution. And Contributions.


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Meeting of the British Parliament.-Speech from the Throne.-Debates

thereon in both Houfes.- Army, Nasy, and other Esiimates.-Supplies -
Jays and Means-Taxes.- New Measure of Finance. -Rudan Sunfidy.
-Debates.-Eulogy on the Russian Emperor.-India Budget.- drenced
Bills for the Redemption of the Land-Tax.- Motion by Mr. Tierney, for
the Prevention of any Negociation that might prevent a Peace.- Superior
of the Habeas-Corpus-A8.-Conrer fation relating to the Treatment of
Persons confined in the New State Prison,



Medlines for the external Defence and internal Tranquillity of the Briti

Siate.- Motion against any Negociations that might present or impede :
Negerictim for Peace.-- Negatired. Bills for continuing the Sirenin
of Halvas Corpus.--Digression to the State Prijon in Cold-Bath-Fields.




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Treaty of Campo Formio suddenly formed. —Di fregarded ad mifrufted by
both Parties - Military Preparations.-General Jourdun receives Orders

to begin the Campaign. -Immenfe Scale on which liar is now curried
on.-Forcc and Position of the French and the Imperial Forces. ----Plans of
the French.- Situation and Views of the Aufirians. ---The French Army
occupies Manheim.--Inys the Palatinate under Contribution. And ad-
Vuinces into Suabia.

-Contributions there also. ---Jourdan appointed Com-
mander-in-chief of the Armies in Germany ard Switzerland. Pofitions of
the suflrians in the Country of the Grisons and in the Voralberg.---- Maj

fena simmons General Aufsenberg, and attacks him at the fame Tiñe.-

And takes him, with the greater Part of his Troops.---The French Mafiers

of Chur, and almost all the Valley of the Rhine.--Plan of the French to com-

plete the Conquest of the Country of the Grisons:-Mulena repulsed in the

Voralberg with much Loss.-The French General, Lecourbe, seizes on the

Upper and Lower Engadine.-The French General, Defolles, atracks and

gains the Pof at Bormio. The Army of the Archduke Charles passes the

Lech, and advances in Suabia.--11ovenients and Poflions taken by the

Auftrian and French Armies. - Battle between the Auftrians and French

The French defeated, and forced to repass the Rhine.-The Austrians in

Pollefion of almost all Sumbia.



The French pass the Rhine.---Positions of the Anfrians in the Country of the

Grifons, and in the Voralberg. - Complete Conquest of the Country of the

Grisons, by the French.--The Auflrians, under the Archduke Charles,

pass the Lech, and advance into Suabia.---- Nearly the whole of which falls

into their Polesion.The French fall brick to Stock-Ach and Engen.-


forced to repass the Rhine.Make themselve Masters of the Vallies of the
Inn. --The Inhabitunts of the Tyrol take up Arms against the French,
toho, being defeated, are obliged to evacuate that Country: ---Proclamation of
the Archduke Charles to the People of Switzerlarid.-Maffena appointed
Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the Rhine, the Danube, and of 06-
servation - Breaking up of the Congress at Rafiadt.--Infult offered to
Bernadotte, French Ambasador, at Vienna. ---Conferences ai Seitz,
Apaffination of the French Deputies to the Congress at Raffadt.-Generat
Siluation of the Allies. The French are entirely driven out of the Country
v the Grisons, and the Austrians take Poft on the left Bank of the Rhine.

LI 2


-Mageula eratuates the Easiern l'arts of Italy - General Belizgarde, is. org reduced the Valtelline, embarks, uiin the greater Part of his Arre, on the Lake Como.-Tize French driven from St. Gothard.-Strong Profesion taken by Jafona, in front of Zurich.

Situation of the Archduke, ad Causes of his Inaclion.--Respective Forces, and Forces of the oppre år mies in Switzerland.-- Political Veasures of the Allie:.-The Elezca Bararia, and the Duke of 1'urtemberg enter into the Coalition.Plaza a gonoral Attack on the Allies formed at Paris. - Particular Plan of Majina.The Aufirians attacked on the whole Extent of their Line.Arid entirely driven from the Cantors of Schwitz and Uri. The fra D:rision of the Rufjian Auxiliary Army arrives at Schaffhausen, and proceeds to Zurich.-Measures taken, by the Archduke, to flop the Progres of the Republicans.—The French Army of the Rhinc pages that Riser of several Points.-The Archduke, with his Army, quits Switzerland.- After obtaining some Successes, obliged to fall back, and return to Mentz. - The Allies, on the 25th of September, attacked on the whole of their line the Linih and the Limatt.Zurich surrounded.--The Russian General, Korjakaw, uho fucceeded to the Archduke in the Command of the Alin Forces, in Switzerland, retreats. ---Marshal Sucarrow marches from lla's, into Switzerland.-His March, Progrejs, and Retreat to the Country of the Grifons, one Series of Batiles, or a continued Engagement.--Adrion et Constance.The French, on the 4th and 5th of Odober, pass the Rhine.Take Pofession of all the Country between the Maine and the Lake. They are compelled to withdraw into the Angle, formed by the Necker and the Rhine, and completely to repass this River.



Situation and Force of the French and Aufrian Armies, in Italy, at the Bea

ginning of 1799.-The French driven, with great Loss, from the left Bank cf the Adige.- Operations of the Anfrians on the Flanks of the French Army.--The French, on the Fifth of April, defeated teith great L s.Retire to the Mincio. And afterwards to the Criefa.-The Aufrim Gencral, Melas, palles the Mincio with all his Army. -23,000 Rujan siuxiliaries arrive with Marshal Suuurrou, who takes the chief Command of the Troops of the two Emperors.-Peschiera and Viantua invefed.Brescia taken by the Allies.-hino march to the Oglio, which the French apar.don.-llorcau succeeds in the Command of the French Army to Sch'erer, who was become the Object of public Alimadversion. -7 he Allied Army encamps on the Adda.-Distribution of the French Forces on the River:-Difledged therefrom on the Twenty-fezenih, by Marshal SucatTOK. --Battle of Caljano.--Tire French compelled to fiy towards Milan.-II kich is entered by the Austrians on the Twenty-eighth.-Embarrassing Situatie of Moreau. --The Plan he determines to pursue.-Reduction of the Fortrees

vf Peschiera and Pizzighetone.--Plan of Operations pursued ty Joriha! Sucrrou.—Capture of the Cities of Tortona and Turin.-- Aloreau pafies the Bormida, and retreats towards Coni.- Reliction of the Citadels of Milan and Ferrara.- The Frenci driven from Ravenna.---General Mae


donald, with all his Army, evacuates the Kingdom of Naples.-Croses the Appenines.-Makes himself Mafier of Modena, Reggio, Parma, and Placentia. But is defeated in a Series of Battles, on both Sides of the Trebbia, by Marshal Suwarrow. --Moreau, who had crossed the Appenines, kith a View of drawing near to Macdonald, and gained several Advantages, on the Approach of the Russian Commander, retires to Genoa. ---Reduction of the Citadel of Turin.- Insurrection of the Inhabitants of Tuscany.Maodonald accomplishes his Retreat and Junction with Moreau.Alexandria and Mantua surrender, by Capitulation.-Cardinal Ruffo, on the Twentieth of June, makes himself Master of the City of Naples.-Complete Deliverance, by the English Fleet, of the Kingdom of Naples.- Military Meafures taken by the new French Directory. The Command of the Army of Italy reflored to Joubert, who puts his Troops in Motion on the Eleventh of Auguft.-Battle of Novi.- l'ictory long doubtful at last decided in Favour of the Allies.-Enormous Loss on both sides. Conditional Capiluiation of Tortona, which falls on the Eleventh of September.-General Suwarrow sets off for Switzerland.--Coni becomes the the sole Object of the Campaign.-March of the Neapolitans and the Aretines against Rome. General Garnier, French Commander, in Rome, surrenders the Roman Territory, by Capitulation, to Commodore Trowbridge.-Siege and Capture of Ancona. —And of Coni. ---Other Places taken by the Austrians.-Genoa and its small Territory, the only Pollezion remaining to the French, in Italy, at the Clofe of 1799.--Estimate of the Advantages gained on both Sides in the whole of the Campaign or Campaigns in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.-Maritime Affairs.


c H A P. XVI.

Expedition, under the Command of the Duke of York, to Holland. -Obje&

of this.-Plan of Co-operation between Great Britain and Rusia.--An Armament sets fail from Deal, on the thirteenth of Augufl.- Plan of Operations. --Stormy Weather.— The British Troops land at Helder. Force opposed to them.Engagement. The British Army gains Podelion of Helder.---Surrender of the Dutch Fleet. -— Position and Force of the Eriemy. --- An Action, in which they are defeated, and forced to retire to Alkmaer.- Engagement on the nineteenth of September.-Motives which induced the Drike of York to renew the Attack on the Enemy. -Several Places on the Zuyder-Seu, submit to the British Flag, and the Authority of the Prince of Orange. --The British Army, on the second of Odober, attacks the French.-IVho are defcated. ---Progress of the British Army to Alkmaer.---The French take Poft on the Ijinmus between Beverwick and the Zuyder-Sea.--The British moved forward to a new Position. The French advance from Beverwick to meet them.-Engagement.-Night coming on, undecided. The British Troops withdraw from their advanced Position to their former Station at Schugenbrug.– Attacks on the British at Schagenbrug.-Repulfod.--Farther Succcfjes of the Marine Force of the british in the Zuyder-Sea.- Suifpenfion of Arms. - Capitulation. The British and Russian Forces return to England.-Meeting of the British Parliament in September. - Its Proceedings. 1

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