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6,555,116 5,946,468

Receipts on sale of Company's goods, estimated at
Actually amounted to
Receipt less than estimated.
Charges and profit on private trade, estimated at
Actually amounted to


196,000 115,808

Less than estimate



Balance at close of year 1797-8, expected to be against the

Actual balance in consequence of issue of bonds, of aid by

loans, and of smaller payments for freight, &c. than ex

pected, was' in favour Making the balance of calla better than estimated



ESTIMATES, 1798-9. Receipt for sales of Company's goods


After calculating on a payment to the bank, amounting to

800,0001. and a large fum for freight, without reckoning an
increase of capital, issue of bonds or loans, the balance
against the Company, on 1st of March, 1799, expected to be 1,318,937

In March, 1797 .
In March, 1798

7,918,559 7,288,692


Allets at home and afloat on the ist of March, 1797
Ditto on the 1st of March, 1798

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Adding increase of assets to the above decrease of debt, the

state of affairs at home appears better


Balance in China last

in favour

£ 279,250 Ditto this year against


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£ 2,143,455 Decreale of debts at home


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The increase of debt, or the general state of the the Com

pany's concerns, is, in this view, more than at the close Add charges of four flips from Bombay, arrived in time

for insertion in the home account

of the last year



The total then is

£ 413,920


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Account of the Import of foreign Wheat into the Port of London, frang 1781 10 1792

187 Prices of Stock for 1799

188 Total Value of Imports into Great Britain from 1785 to 1798

189 The like of Exporis in the same Years

ibid, Mieteorological Table, for 1799 Annual Bill of Chrijlenings and Bhırials

191 Supplies granted by Parliament for the Year 1799

192 Taxes imposed in 1799








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201 Nefage from the King to the House of Commons, Jan. 22. The like, March 1

ibid, Protest againfi ar Union ceith Irelarid, April 11

ibid, Meinige jrom the King to the House of Commons, June 6

20-1 Protest against the Treason-Forfeiture-Bill, July 4

20,5 The like, against the Militia-Reduction-Bill, July 12

ibid, The King's Speech to both Houses, on closing the Seffion, July 12 207 The like at the Meeting of Parliament, Sept. 24

203 Protest against the Militia-Service- Extenfion-Bill

210 Declaration by the King of Great Brituin, and the Emperor of Rugia, in ad

211 dition to the Treaty of Dec. 1798 Convention beta ech lis Britannic Majesly, and the Emperor of all the Rul fias, June 22

212 Copy of a Letter from the Right Honourable the Earl of Mornington, to the Court Directors of the Eali India Company, Murch 20

216 Copy of a Letter from Tippor Sultauri, to the Executive Directory 293

234 Copy of Articles of Engagement proposed by Tippoo to the Directory Letter from Dubuc to the Rajah of Travancore, liiniler at Aleppo. 295

ibid. Letter from Dubiio lo Tippoo Suliam Proclamation by the British Commissioners for the Affairs of the Myfore at Seringapatam, June 24, 1799

293 Speech oj the Lurd-Lieutenant at the Meeting of the Irish Parliament.

239 January 22 The like, on proroguing the Parliament Decree of the Prince o Brazil, de laring himself Regent of Portugal,

2:2 Mefjuge of the French Executive Direciury to the Councils

213 Treaty of Commerce beiucci. the French and Helvetic Republics dhejlage from the Executire Directory to the Councils

15 Explanatory Decree of the Executive Directory Mejage from the Executive Directory to the Councils

ind. Proclamation of General Buonaparle, mev. 10

152 Letter, from the Miinijler jor Porcign Ifairs, to the Foreign Republic

253 Proclamation of the Confils to the French

2016 Fritive

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Notice of the Consulate respelling the English Prisoners of 3 i

France Official Documents which preceeded the Conventions ftipulating tirse E

ation of Egypt, by the French, but which Contention was nerer carried in

Effed Imperial Aulic Decree to the Diet of Ratisbon, July 12 Treaty of Alliance between the Emperor of Germany, and the King of

Two Sicilies Conclufum adopted by the Diet of Ratisbon, Sept. 7 Note from the French Ministers, at Rafadt, to the Deputation of the

Empire Subfiance of the Emperor's Answer, relative to the March of the Raja

Troops Note of the French Minifiers to the Deputation of the Empire, Jan. 31 zood Note of the French Minifices to the the Minister of the King of Hungary

Bohemia Note of the French Minijlers, declaring their Determination to learn

Rastadt The Executive Directory of the French Republic to all People, and to da

vernments Imperial Aulic Decree to the German Diet, respecting thc late Catastrophe

Rasadt Conditions of the Treaty of Union between the Country of the Grisons and the

Helvetic Republic Note, transmitted by the sublime Porte, to the Ambassador, from the Republic of Holland

271 The Nlinifiry of the Sublime Porte to the French Army in Egypt Note sent to the Spanish Minister, ordering him to leave Conjantinople, 279 Protest of the King of Sardinia against the Conduct of the French, in doing him from his Dominions

275 Acknowledgment of the new Pope by Louis Xviii. Edia of the Emperor of Ruffia respecting Hamburgh

274 Proclamation of General Suvaraff to the Inhabitants of Lucern and St. Martin

itide Manifesto addressed to the Roman Nation on the Approach of the combined Armies

275 Note jent to all the foreign Ministers at Petersurgh

976 Extract of an Order from St. Petersburgh, directed against Denmark 277 Ukase of the Emperor Paul to the Senate of llamburg Treaty of Alliance between Rusia and Portugal The like between Rufjia and Sweden

282 Declaration inade by the Emperor of Rusia to the Members of the German

Declaration of War by the Emperor of Rusia against Spain

ibid, Answer of the King of Spain to the Manifesto of the Emperor of Russia, 288 The Minifler Plenipotentiary of the Batarian Republic, to the French Miziler

for Foreign Affairs Å Proclanıation by the Prince of Orange

294 Proclamation



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Proclamalion of Sir Ralph Abercrombie to the Dutch

295 Message from the President of the United States of America to the Senate, 296 Speech of the Prefdent to both Houses of Representatives, Dec. 3

298 Secret Articles of the Treaty of Campo Formio


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Egyptian Mode of taking Repafs; from Sonnini's Travels

304 Munners and Address of the Eniperor Joseph II. from Wraxall's Correspondence

ibid. Account of the Gaol of Philadelphia, and of the laws of Pennsylvania, with reSpect to the Punishment of Crimes; from Weld's Travels

305 Character of Jezzar, the celebrated Pacha of Acre : from Brown's Travels, 308 Of the Manners of the Inhabitants of Dár-Fur; from the same

310 Some Account of Bondou and its Inhabitants, the Foulahs; from Park's Travels

312 Account of the Mainottes, the Descendants of the ancient Lacedemonians; from

Taylor's Travels
Biographical Anecdotes of the late Tippoo Sultaun ; together with an Account

of his Revenue-Efablishment of his Troops, &c. from the Afiatic Annual

316 Memoirs of the Life of Charles Berns WadArom; by llelen Maria

Life of Sanffure, the Naturalis

326 Memoirs of the celebrated Ajiroomer

, Le Monnier Memoirs of the late Pope Pius VI.

333 Character and Manner of the Life of General Wajhington ; from Weld's

Sketch of the Life of the late William Seward, Eją.

346 Character of the Rev. Clayton Cracherode

347 Memoirs of Robert Merry, Esq.

Memoirs of the Rev. Dr. Tucker
Anecdotes of the late Admiral Earl Flowe
Anecdotes of the late Mr. Bacon

359 Anecdotes of James Burnell Lord Monboddo



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350 354


On a submarine Forest, on the enfiern Coast of England, by Joseph Correu de

Serra, L. L. D.F.R. S. and A. S. from the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

367 Description of the mountainous Part of the Province of Taurida; from Mr. Tooke's Vicw of the Ruffian Empire

373 Account of the Ice Fox; from the fame



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