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Magena etacuates the Easiern l'arts of Italy - General Bellegarde, ise 0:rg reduced the l'altelline, enibarks, with the greater Part of his 47885, on the Lake Como.--Tize French driven from St. Gothard.-Strong Pjuist taken by Jajina, in front of Zurich..- Situation of the Archduke, as Causes çf his Inaclion.- Respective Forces, and Forces of the oppofite ir mies in Switzerland.-Political yeafures of the Allies.-The Elector of Buraria, and t're Duke of It'urtemberg enter into the Coalition.- Plasdf a gorral Attack on the Allies formed at Paris - Particular Plan of Majina.The Aufirians attacked on the whole Extent of their Line.Ard entirely driven from the Cantores of Schaitz and Uri. Tize firf D. rision of the Russian Auxiliary Army arrives at Schaffhausen, and preceeds to Zurich. - Measures taken, by the Archduke, to pop the Progres of the Republicans.The French Army of the Khine paljes that River or several Points.-The Archduke, with his Army, quits Swizerland.- After obtaining some Succelles, obliged to fall back, and return to Mentz.- Tke Allies, on the 25th of September, attacked on the whole of their Line tre Linth and the Limalt.-Zurich surrounded. The Russian General, Korsakaw, who succeeded to the Archduke in the Command of ihe Alc Forces, in Switzerland, retreais. ---Marshal Suzarrow marches from 112 ;, into Switzerland.- His March, Progrejs, and Retreat to the Country of the Grifons, one Series of Battles, or a continued Engagement. - Action et Confiance. --The French, on the 4th and 5th of October, pass the Rhine.Take Pofession of all the Country between the Maine and the Lake. They are compelled to withdraw into the Angle, formed by the Necker and the Rhine, and completely to repass this River.



Situation and Force of the French and Außrian Armies, in Italy, at the Bsdonald, with all his Army, evacuates the Kingdom of Naples.-Crosses the Appenines.-Makes himself Mafier of Modena, Reggio, Parma, and Placentia. -But is defeated in a Series of Battles, on both Sides of the Trebbia, by Marshal Suuvarrow.-Moreau, who had crolled the Appenines, izith a View of drawing near to Macdonald, and gained several Advantages, on the Approach of the Russian Commander, retires to Genoa.-Reduction of the Citadel of Turin. ---Infurrection of the Inhabitants of Tuscany.Macdonald accomplishes his Retreat and Junction with Moreau.-Alexandria and Mantua surrender, by Capitulation.-Cardinal Ruffo, on the Twentieth of June, makes himself Master of the City of Naples.--Complete Deliverance, by the English Fleet, of the Kingdom of Naples.--Military Meafures taken by the new French Directory. The Command of the Army of Italy reflored to Joubert, who puts his Troops in Motion on the Eleventh of August.-Battle of Novi.-- l'ictory long doubtful at las decided in Favour of the Allies.-Enormous Loss on both Sides. Conditional Capilu. iation of Tortona, which falls on the Eleventh of September.-General Suwarrow sels off for Switzerland.--Coni becomes the the fole Object of the Campaign.-March of the Neapolitans and the Aretines againji Rome.. General Garnier, French Commander, in Rome, surrenders the Roman Territory, by Capitulation, to Commodore Trowbridge.--Siege and Capture of Ancona.- And of Coni.Other Places taken hy the Auftrians.-Genoa and its small Territory, the only Poleflion remaining to the French, in Italy, at the Close of 1799.--Ejlimate of the Advantages gained on both Sides in the whole of the Campaign or Campaigns in Germany, Switzer. land, and Italy. --Maritime Affairs.


ginning of 1799.-The French driven, with great Lofs, from the left Benih of the Adige. -Operations of the Auflrians on the Flanks of the French Army.-The French, on the Fifth of April, defeated seith great Lois.Retire to the Mincio. And afterwards to the Criefa.-The Aufrian Gencral, Melas, palles the Mincio with all his Army. -23,000 Rujan Auxiliaries arrive with Marshal Suuurrol', who takes the chief Command of the Troops of the treo Emperors.-Peschiera and Mantua inpefied.Bresia taken by the Allies.-ho inarch to the Oglio, which the French arardon.-lloreau fucceeds in the Command of the French Army to Scherer, who was become the Object of public Alimadverfim.-The Allied Irmy eucamps on the Adda.-Distribution of the French Forces on the River:- Difledged therefrom on the Tuenty-firenih, by Marshal SATYOT. --Buttle of Caljano.--Tire French compelled to fiy touards Vilan.-II kich is eniered by the Auftrians on the Twenty-eighth.Embarrassing Situaties of Moreau..--The Plan he determines to pursue.--Reduction of the Fortrates - Peschiera and Pizzighetone.- Plan of Operations purjud ty Hurra! Seerrou.-Capture of the Cities of Tortona and Turin.-Aloreau palles the Bormida, and retreats towards Coni. Reduction of the Citadels of Milan and Ferrara.-The French driven from Rasenna.-General Mac




Expedition, under the Command of the Duke of York, to Holland.-Obje&t

of this.-Plan of Co-operation between Great Britain and Rusia.-An Armament sets fail from Deal, on the thirteenth of August. Plan of Operations. --Stormy Weather. The British Troops land at Helder. Force opposed to them.-Engagement.-The British Army gains Pofeffion of Helder.Surrender of the Dutch Fleet.Poition and Force of the Eriemy.-- An Action, in which they are defeated, and forced to retire to Alkmaer.- Engagement on the nineteenth of September. --Motives which induced the Drike of York to renew the Attack on the Enemy. --Several Places on the Zuyder-Seul, submit to the British Flag, and the Authority of the Prince of Orange. - The British Army, on the second of October, aitacks the French. IVho are defeated.--Progress of the British drmy to Alkmaer.— The French take Post on the lihmus between Beverwick and the Zuyder-Sea.--The British mored forward to a new Position. The French advance from Beverzoick to meet them.-Engagement. - Night coming on, undecided. The British Troops withdraw from their advanced Position to their former Station at Schugenbrug.- Attacks on the British at Schagenbrug. - Repulsed.-Farther Successes of the Marine Force of the British in the Zuyder-Sea-Sufpenfion of Arms.-Capitulation. The British and Russian Forces return to England.-Meeting of the British Parliament in September. - Its Proceedings.

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The c H A P. XVII.

Births in the Year 1799

Sheriff's appointed by his Majesty in Council

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Result of the year 1796-7, collectively. Revenues-Bengal

£ 5,703,906 Madras

1,996,328 Bombay



Charges - Bengal





902,912 101,190 801,722

Nett revenues of the three Presidencies
Deduct supplies of Bencoolen, &c.


Deduct farther interest paid on debts. Bengal

352,325 Madras

37,040' Bombay



£ 374,875



Nett surplus from the Territorial reventes
Amount sales of imports, certificates, &c.
Amount applicable to purchase of investments, payment of

commercial charges, &c,
Amount actually advanced for purchase of investments, pay-

ment of commercial charges, and in aid of the China in

vestment, At Bengal

£ 1,202,394 Madras

642,048 Bombay

286,913 Benicoolen




Exceeds amount applicable from revenues as before
Cargoes invoiced to Europe in 1796-7, with charges



Result of Estimates 1797-8, collectively, Revenus - Bengal

£ 5,743,849 Madras

2,331,076 Bombay




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Estimated amount, sales of imports, and certificates, &c.


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Amount estimated to be applicable'in 1797-8, to the purchase
of investments, payment of commercial charges, &c.

Amount ffated last year
Amount this year


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Increase of assets from the above increase of debts

the state of the Company's affairs of India is worse by



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