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the splendid actions of Buonaparte, and artifices that governed their ge-
notwithstanding his victories in Pied- neral conduct.
mont, was, early in 1799, as we By their influence in the assem-
have seen, superceded, in the com- blies, the most distinguished and
mand of the army of Italy, by the zealous of their partizans were ap-
minister of war, the peculator pointed lecretaries to the different
Scheerer. The admiral Bruix, pa- committees or commissions of the
rading, with a large fleet, between councils. Thele, in general, found !
Toulon and Brest, and Brest and means of bringing over a majority
Toulon, afforded to many reasons to agree to whatever was proposed.
for fufpecting that its equipment But, whenever they experienced
was intended for no other purpose any difficulty, or serious opposition,
than that of a chain of peculation they applied for new mellages from
from the directory to the dock-yard. the directory, of a more peremp-
There was no meanness or misde. tory and menacing nature, which
meanor, or act of injittice and op- never failed to reduce opposition to
pression fo great, but that a nume- filence.
rous part of the nation thought In order to avoid the odium at-
their rulers capable of it. While tending the imposition of fair and
the battalions were greatly deficient necessary taxes, they had recuurle
in their complements of men; enor- to rapine, whenever they had any
mous exactions of money kind of pretext for its commission:
made, for the maintenance of nume- in which rapine they were cordi-
tous legions, on paper. The priva- aily íupport-d, even by the council
tions, mileries, and distrelies of the of five hundred, who bore fome
armies abroad; multiplied instances analogy to the Britis house of com-
of corruption on the part of the go- mons, and were the more immedi-
vernment at home; arbitrary im- ate representatives of the people :
prisonments and sequestrations, and though their schemes were someumes
justice and injustice, bought or told; vigorously opposed in the council of
all these circumstances produced a elders. Thus, when they found that
general odium against the directory, a proposed tax on salt would not go
which foon proved an overmatch down, and the deficit was but im-
for all their means, great as they perfectly fupplied by a tax on doors
were, of maintaining their sway by and windows, they fell upon the
influence and corruption.

poflellions, movcable and immoveIt is not permitted, by the limits able, of the protestant clergy of of our plan, to follow the directory Allace. It was remonlirated in through that variety of measures vain that these were fecured to the they took, from day to day, for the clergy by treaties between the forinternal government of France, and mer lovereigns of Allaceand France. the support of their own authority. The porelhons of the proieliant We thall only state a few facts, clergy, it was laid, belonged origi which, however, will be sufficient nally to the catholics; that tran!to give some idea of the principles actions between princes and people



The council of the ancients, or two hundred and fifty, too, emerated crizirally from the voice of the people, not as in Britain, from the appointmen: of a king or other citief.


did not alter the nature and origin Sieves, at that time French ambarof things; that liberty and equality fador at the court of Berlin. It fhould prevail throughout the whole scarcely falls within the province of French republic; that the Luthe general history, on the most diffusans, who had their ministers, fu- live plan, and certainly not within periors, consistories, and even ca- our design, to be more particular nons, formed a state within a state, in an account of the political conwhich was absurd; that the inter- fusions and changes of an unsettled ests of individuals ought not to be and capricious government, agitaput in competition with that of the ted by lo many individual interests, public, &c. It was decreed as a pallions, and vices. It is not worth law, that all donations and esta- while to mark the relative pohtions blishments, founded either by Lu- of particles of mistler tost about in therans or Calvinists, whether for a whirlwind. Suffice it to say here, the fupport of divine worthip, 're. what has already been observed, Jigious orders, or even for hofpi- that the new rulers, on their entals, or other charitable purposes, trance into office, had recourse to were national property,

the use and renown of arms. Stil, The discomfiture and defeats that however, while the voice of the every where attended the French jacobins was for war, contribuarmies, in the early part of 1799, tions, and conscriptions, the cry united with a general contempt and of the best part of the nation was deteftation of the executive go- personal safety, the preservation of vernment, awakened the courage property, and peace. In this alwith the hopes of the jacobins, and ternative, menacing on the one threatened the moderate and peace. hand, a return of the royalists able part of the nation with a revival (which must take place, if the coof the system of terror. While a alesced powers Mould not be regeneral infurrenction prevailed in fitted with vigour and effect, and the western departments, a coalition the system of terror, with all the of parties was formed at Paris burthens of war, on the other, the against the directory, whole power French nation, with admiration and was overthrown by the election of regret, called to their remembrance, a new third of the legislature, and, the hero who, without conscripon the eighieenth of June, by the tions of men, or contributions of appointment of their successors. money from France, led on the

The rapacious Rewbel was fiript French to victory, and glory. In of his power by the lot of feceflion. these circumsances, early in OcioTrailhard, Merlin, and Lareveil- ber, Buonaparte landed luddenly at lete Lepaux, were threatened into Frejus, in Provence, like a spirit resignation. Barras remained, and from another world. He as fudreceived for his new colleagues, denly overthrew the revolutionary Gohier, president of the court of work of ten years, and afiumed the revision, and, at a former period, sovereign power over a nation inminister of justice; Roger du Cos, capable of republican freedom, and an ex-legislator, of whom little was the prey of contending factions, alfaid or known; Moulins, a terrorist most equally corrupt, under the or jacobincial general; and the filent, name of chief conful. Ipoculative, and pertinacious abbé




tainment could give the rustic was

found around its walls. The leir Ed. THE rivers and flores along apparent to the throne, the nobility week lo covered with ice, that sons of the first and most distinguillimost of the corn and other vessels ed families in the kingdom, to the were frozen up. The wild fowl number of about two hundiell and collected upon it in great abundance. eighty, honoured his grace with Several accidents happened to per- their presence on this occasion. fous shooting with long guns. The 6th. Turnbull, a soldier, who landlord of the Feathers-inn, at ftands charged with having stolen, Tillingham, Mattered his arm so from the mint in the Tower, two that it was obliged to be immedi- bags of 1000 guineas each, was ately amputated; and lieutenant apprehended, at Dover, by the mala Seave, of the Acute, gun-beat, in ter of a trading vellel, to whom he Bradwell-river, had his face fevere- applied for the purpose of hiring his ly wounded. Both were occasion- boat to carry hini to Calais; and ed by the bursting of their fowling- offered thirty guineas for his palpieces.

sage, Some doubts of the pro4th. His grace John Henry, duke priety of his application arifing in of Rutland, having attained the the mind of the boatman, inducing (wenty-first year of his age on this hiin to fcrutinize the countenance day, it was celebrated with the of his employer, he was struck with greatest festivity, both at Belvoir- his resemblance to the perfon advercastle and Grantham. In the morn- tifed ; in consequence of that idea, ing the bells of Grantham-church he had him secured until he inspected tifhered in the day. Jofeph Law. the advertisement, which leaving rence, efq. commander of the vo- no doubt as to luis being the perlanteer infantry, went, at ten fon, he was searchied in a publico'clock, with his detachment, to house, and on his person, were found Belvoir-caille, where they were 1010 guineas of the year 1798; in reviewed by the duke of Rutland the afternoon of the same day he and the duke of Beaufort, and at was brought to town in the mailone o'clock they fired a seu de joie. coach, and lodged in fase custody. On this day every magnificence

Same day, at half past one o'clock, was exhibited at the castle, and the mansion at Walworth, the pro. every joy which mirth and enter-. perty of the widow of the late theVOL. XLI.



riff Fenn, and inhabited by her of the enemy was 30 guns, and daughter and son-in-law, fir John 280 men. She is the gun-vessel fitted and lady Rose, unfortunately caught out by commissioner Schank, with fire, and in less than two hours was the inclosed plane in the gun-carriburnt to the ground.-On investic ages.-Captain Mortlock is fince gation it appeared, that the old lady dead of his wounds. (Mrs. Fenn) was fitting by the fire, 8th. The lease of Don Saltero's in her bed-room, on the first floor; coffee-house, at Chelsea, was fold

, a coal flew out of the fire and burnt with all the curiofities. This wellthe carpet;, the old lady,, as the known coffee-house was first openthought, extinguished it, but in a ed in the year 1695, by one Salter

, few minutes after it blazed out; and a barber, who drew the attention in her attempt to put it out, her of the public by the eccentricities handkerchief caught fire, which fo of his conduct, and by furnishing alarmed her as to put her in a sense- his houle with a large collection of less state. Sir John and lady Rose, natural and other curiofities, which who had been on a visit to Dover, till now remained in the coffeearrived just in time to witness the room, where printed catalogues destruction of their premises. were sold, with the names of the

7th. An account was received in principal benefactors to the collec. town, from Portsmouth, of the arrival tion. 'Sir Hans Sloane contributed there of the Wolverene gun-vesel, largely out of the superfluities of commanded by captain Mortlock. his own museum.

Vice-admiral This veitel failed from the Downs Munden, and other officers who only on Thursday last on a cruize had been much upon the coasts of off the French coast, and on the Spain, enriched it with many curiofollowing day me fell in with two lities, and gave the owner the name large French luggers, one carrying of Don Saltero; fee Tatler, No. Tri guns, and the other 14, and 34, Nichols's edition, where Salhaving on board 140 inen each. tero is ridiculed for his credulity in A very warm action immediately appropriating his pincushion and commenced, which was fultained hats to queen Elizabeth's chamberfor near two hours, during which, maids, &c. In the same light is to the Frenchmen attempted to board be considered a famous relic we tle Wolverene. Captain Mortlock, have seen in the museum of the with bis own hands, lashed one of royal society at Crane-court

, under the French vessels to an iron flav- the name of Pontius Pilate's wife's chion of his own ship, which, how- grandmother's hat, but better calever, unfortunately gave way, and culated to fit mother Shipton or her the enemy got off, and being clofe grandame. Such collections, howin with their own More, they both ever, aided by those of Tiadescant, escaped. Captain Mortlock was Ashmole, and Thorefby, cherithed badly wounded, and the master the infancy of science, and should was likewise wounded, and eight be appreciated as the playthings men, and a seaman and marine of a boy after he is arrived at mangardens of the Palais Royal, now fome French emigrants, and a guard called Egalité, were burnt to the , of marines; he was received by the ground last week. These buildings Ottoman court with all the distinccomprised the Opera de Buffon and tion due to a foreigner in a public the Lycée des Arts, a variety of character. shops, restorateurs, caffés, mena- 12th, Dublin. At a meeting of gerie of wild beasts, &c. which the corporation, and court of D'Oyer were entirely consumed, as well as hundred, at Cork, resolutions, in several handsome busts, statues, &c. favour of an union, have been unawhich were brought from Italy. nimously agreed to; and an address No one has been able to discover to parliament, praying for an adopwhether this fire was occasioned by tion of the measure, ordered to be accident or design; but, from the dif- prepared and presented. ferent reports, it is probable that it This evening, between 9 and 10, broke out in that part of the build- the house of the parish-clerk of St. ing which was occupied as a thea- Andrew, Holborn, in Shoe-lane, tre, and where workmen had been was robbed of the communionemployed, during the night, in plate of the church, and 2001. in making preparations for a perform cath, belonging to the rector. The ance which was to have taken place robbers entered the house by the on the following day. The Palais garret-window, having, it is fupRoyal was situated in the centre of posed, got over the bone-house in Paris, and erected by the duke of the church-yard. In their retreat, 'Orleans, in his own garden, a few they dropped a silver cup and cover, years before the revolution.

killed. The Wolverene hood. mounts only 12 guns, and carries 9th. Paris. The whole range of but 70 mein, and the united force edifices erected in the interior of the



which was found in the church11th. Confantinople. Sir Sidney yard. Smith, minifter-extraordinary from 14th. The corning-mill belonging his Britannic majesty, arrived here to the gunpowder-works of Neilrs

. on the 2d of this month, in the Pigou and Co. at-Dartford, this Tiger, of 84 guns. On the 5th day blew up, hy which unfortunate he had a conference with the Reis accident two men and a boy were Effendi, at which was present Mr. killed. A few of their scattered Spencer Smith, the English ambal- remains were collected together and lador. Among the presents destined interred; but by far the greatest by his Britannic majesty for the part were literally blown to atums. grand leignior, and which fir Sidney One man hod fortunately left the is charged to present, is a perfect mill not more than a minute before model of the Royal George and the explofion took place; and twelve brass field-pieces, three. what, though' fingular, is true, this pounders, with their cassoons con- is the third time he has thus mi. fructed in such a manner as tu beraculously escaped from similar acportable by camels. Sir Sidney .cidents. Smith has this day taken up his reli- 25th. An earthquake was felt dence at the beautiful palace of this day in feveral parts of the deBailes, in which the ambasadors of partment of Finisterre, and appears the Venetian republic formerly to have extended itself to a great lived. He was accompanied by lé- number of other departments. At veral military and naval officers, Nantes the shock was extremely

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