History of the Shumate Family, Kentucky Pioneers

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McDowell Publications, 1992 - 798 halaman
Jean de la Chaumette (ca. 1660-c. 1728), a native of Rochechouart, France, married a woman whose name is now unknown ca. 1690. After her death, he married Elizabeth Bouvet, a widow (died ca. 1715) in 1695. The second marriage may have taken place in England, where Jean, a Huguenot, had fled. They had four sons. The family emigrated to Martinique, where Elizabeth died, then Jean and three sons moved to Stafford County, Virginia, in 1720. The spelling of the surname was altered to "de la Shumate," then "Shumate;" other variations also exist. Many descendants remain in Kentucky, with others in Illinois, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and other states.

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