Social Indicators, Volume 1

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The Division, 1973
Introductory material and statistical tables on 11 topics, e.g., public safety, social participation, and use of leisure time. Appendixes include sources used and glossary. Index.

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Halaman 24 - Preschool children: Inability to take part in ordinary play with other children. School-age children: Inability to go to school. Housewives: Inability to do any housework. Workers and all other persons: Inability to work at a job or business. 2. Persons limited in amount or kind of major activity performed...
Halaman 169 - ... dividends or interest on savings or bonds, income from estates or trusts or net rental income; (6) public assistance or welfare payments; (7) unemployment compensation; (8) Government civilian employee or military retirement, or pensions, or veterans...
Halaman 60 - Assault with intent to kill or for the purpose of inflicting severe bodily injury by shooting, cutting, stabbing, maiming, poisoning, scalding, or by the use of acids, explosives, or other means. Excludes simple assault, assault and battery, fighting, etc.
Halaman xiii - It contains a collection of statistics selected and organized to describe social conditions and trends in the United States.
Halaman 132 - ... all those who were not working but who had jobs or businesses from which they were temporarily absent because of illness, bad weather, vacation, or labor-management dispute, or because they were taking time off for personal reasons, whether or not they were paid by their employers for time off, and whether or not they were seeking other jobs.
Halaman 171 - The index provides a range of poverty income cutoffs adjusted by such factors as family size, sex of the family head, number of children under 18 years old, and farm and nonfarm residence.
Halaman 133 - On the whole would you say you are satisfied or dissatisfied with your standard of living? Sat Dis. No opinion 1973 71 27 2 1963 77 22 1 On the whole would you say you are satisfied or dissatisfied with your family income?
Halaman 25 - School-age children: Not limited in going to school but limited in participation in athletics or other extracurricular activities. Housewives: Not limited in housework but limited in other activities such as church, clubs, hobbies, civic projects, or shopping.
Halaman 203 - How Important do you feel It is to lock your doors when you are going out of the house for just an hour or two? Would you say it Is very important, somewhat important, not very Important, or not at all important?
Halaman 62 - A household includes the related family members and all the unrelated persons, if any, such as lodgers, foster children, wards, or employees who share the housing unit. A person living alone in a housing unit, or a group of unrelated persons sharing a housing unit as partners, is also counted as a household.

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