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Page. An act to change tho names of Richard H. Smith, Mary

D. Smith, and Francis M. Smith, of the county of Cam

den, An act to authorize Andrew Brown to build, maintain, and

keep in repair a dock or wharf in front of his lands, in the

township of Middletown, in the county of Monmouth, ib. An act to incorporate the Alleghany Mining Company, 126 An act to incorporate the Somerville and Easton Railroad Company,

128 An act to incorporate the Hudson Manufacturing Company,

136 A further supplement to the act entitled, “ An act incorpo

rating Jersey City," passed the twenty-second of February, A. D. eighteen hundred and thirty-eight,

138 An act to authorize Calvin Tomkins to build and keep in

repair docks, wharves, and piers upon and in front of his own lands, in the township of Shrewsbury, in the county

of Monmouth, An act to change the time for the collection of taxes

in the township of Belleville, in the county of Essex, 139 An act for the relief of Mary Garon, of the county of

An act to repeal the act entitled, “An act to incorporate

the Mechanics Bank of Paterson,” passed February the
twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and thirty-two,

ib. An act for the relief of Hester Reeves, of the county of

An act for the relief of Zelica Dare, widow of Eli Dare,

deceased, of the county of Cumberland,
Supplement to an act entitled, “ An act concerning land-

lords and tenants,” An act respecting the estates of nonresident wards, 143 An act to authorize the chosen freeholders of the coun

ties of Essex, Passaic, and Burlington to convert part of the jails in said counties into work-houses,

144 An act to authorize the freeholders of Cumberland county

to make a draw in the bridge over Cedar creek, in said county,

145 A supplement to an act entitled, “An act concerning tres

passes by swine,” passed March fifteenth, seventeen hun dred and ninety-eight, A supplement to an act entitled, “An act relative to the

laws of this state, the proceedings of the Tegislature, and the distribution thereof, and of the laws of the United States," approved April sixteenth, eighteen hundred and forty-six,



ib. 162

Page An act to authorize the inhabitants of the township of Jef

ferson, in the county of Morris, and the inhabitants of the township of Mansfield, in the county of Warren, to vote by ballot at their town meetings,

147 An act for the relief of Elizabeth Stark, of the county of Morris,

149 A supplement to “ An act to regulate fees,”

150 An act to incorporate the Haddonfield and Camden Turn

pike Company, A supplement to an act entitled, “ An act concerning inns

and taverns," approved April seventeenth, eighteen hundred and forty-six,

158 An act to extend the term of office of the surveyors of the highways in the county of Gloucester, .

159 An act to incorporate the Great Falls Manufacturing Company of Passaic county,

160 An act to incorporate the Atlantic Steamboat Company of ..

New Jersey,
An act to change the name of Edmund Bryant Jones to

Edmund Shaw Jones, of the county of Burlington, 164 A supplement to an act entitled, “An act for the better se

curity of mechanics and others erecting buildings, and furnishing materials therefor, approved February the sixteenth, eighteen hundred and forty-seven,

165 A further supplement to the act entitled, “ An act to esta

blish and confirm the charter rights and privileges of the borough of Elizabeth," passed the twenty-eighth of November, seventeen hundred and eighty-nine,

166 An act to authorize Harvey Shaw, Benajah Tomlin, junior,

Robert Baymore, junior, Ezra Norton, and others, to build, repair, maintain, and keep up a bridge over Goshen creek, in the Middle Township, county of Cape May,

New Jersey, An act making an appropriation for furnishing and conducting the State Lunatic Asylum,

167 An act to extend the time for completing the Belvidere Delaware Railroad,

169 A supplement to the act entitled, “ An act relative to the bo

rough of Princeton," passed the fourth of November,

eighteen hundred and forty-two, An act to encourage the establishment of mutual savings associations,

172 An act to authorize the building of an additional wing to the state prison,

173 An act to provide compensation to the state directors of the

Delaware and Raritan Canal and the Camden and Amboy Railroad and Transportation Companies,


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A supplement to the act entitled, “ An act for the esta-
blishment of work-houses in the several counties in this
state," passed the twentieth of February, seventeen
hundred and ninety-nine,

An act to provide for the assessment and collection of
taxes in the counties of Camden and Gloucester,

An act to raise by tax the sum of twenty thousand dollars, 177
An act to defray incidental expenses,





Relative to the officers and army of the United States in

Authorizing treasurer to pay Augustus S. Barber balance

due him for printing the Votes and Proceedings for the
year eighteen hundred and forty-six,

Relative to the accounts of John Engle, a trustee, on behalf

of the state, of the estate of John G. Leake, deceased, ib.
Relative to the extension of slavery in any territory which

may be annexed to the United States,
Relative to the distribution of the Revised Laws of this

Authorizing the governor to present swords to Jersey offi-

cers, who have distinguished themselves in the Mexican

For the payment to Thomas Neal, of a reward due him for

apprehending a fugitive prisoner,
Providing for publishing a third edition of Gordon's map of
New Jersey,

For additional compensation to the commissioners for re-

pairing state house, building public offices, &c.,
Authorizing the sale and conveyance of certain premises in
Paterson, now owned by the state,
Authorizing repairs to be made on state arsenal,
Authorizing the transfer, by the treasurer, of certain bonds

and mortgages to the trustees of the school fund,
Relative to the journal of the two houses,
Authorizing the treasurer to borrow money,



Administrators of Thomas Cocks-act respecting, 120. BUR
Aitkin, William-act to confirm will of,

Alleghany Mining Company—act to incorporate, 126
Allen, C. G.-authorized to build dock,

American Mutual Fire Insurance Company-supplement

to act to incorporate,
Appropriation for furnishing State Lunatic Asylum-act

to provide for,
Army in Mexico-joint resolution relative to,

Arsenal—joint resolution to authorize repairs to,

Assessment and collection of taxes-in the township of

in Camden and Gloucester counties,

Atkinson, Anna-act for relief of,
Atlantic township—act to set off,

Steamboat Company-act to incorporate, 162



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Barber, A. C.-treasurer authorized to pay balance to, 188
Belvidere and Delaware Railroad-act to extend time for
completion of,

Belleville—act to change time for collecting taxes in, 139
Berdun, Henry—act for relief of,

Boon, G. T.and others authorized to build dock,

Bonds-treasurer authorized to transfer certain,

Borough of South Trenton-supplement to incorporate, 116

of Princeton-supplement to act relative to, 168
Bridgeton-act respecting public schools in,

Bridge over Cedar creek-act to authorize making draw in, 145

over Goshen creek-act to authorize building of, 166
Brown, A.--authorized to build dock,
Burlington Steam Power Company—act to incorporate, 113


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