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publish the same in such manner as they shall see fit, or as the by-laws shall have prescribed ; and the sum to be paid by each member, shall always be in proportion to the original amount of the deposite note, or notes, and shall be paid to the treasurer within thirty days next after the publication of said notice, and if any member shall for the space of thirty days after the publication of said notice, neglect or refuse to pay the sum assessed, upon him as his proportion of any loss as aforesaid ; in such case the directors may sue for and recover the whole amount of his deposit note, or notes, with costs of suit, and the amount thus collected shall remain in the treasury of said company, subject to the payment of such losses and expenses as have accrued, or may thereafter accrue, and the balance, if any remain, shall be returned to the party from whom it was collected, on demand, after thirty days from the expiration or cancellation of his, or her policy.

Sec. 12. And be it enacted, That whenever, and as often as Members may be as it shall happen that the whole amount of the funds of the said sessed in case company, and of the sums due on the deposite notes held by of deficiency. it, shall be insufficient to pay the whole loss occasioned by

any fire, the directors shall assess upon, and demand from each member, a further sum, in proportion to the original amount of his or her deposite note, and shall divide the whole amount of the said funds, deposite note and assessment, among the sufferers by such fire, who have been insured by said company, in proportion to their losses and the amounts by them respectively insured, but no assessment of a greater amount than one dollar on every hundred dollars, by the members respectively insured, shall at any time, be made for the loss or damage ocɔasioned by any one fire, and any member who shall pay the whole amount of his, or her deposite note, and of any assessment then made, and surrendered, his or her policy of insurance, shall be discharged from all liability for any loss or damage that may occur after such payment and

surrender. When poli. Sec. 13. And be it enacted, That no policy shall be issued cies may be

de by said company until application shall be made for insurance .ssued.

to the amount of forty thousand dollars at least.

Sec. 14. And be it enacted, That the operations and busi

ness of the corporation shall be carried on and conducted at Place of busi such place in the county of Cumberland as shall be designated ness, by a majority of the directors present, at their first regular

meeting in every year.

Sec. 15. And be it enacted, That at every annual meeting make state of the said company, the directors for the time being, shall ment.

make or exhibit a full and true statement of the affairs and


tors to

business of the said company, for the preceding year, for the Officers of general satisfaction of the members of the said company other compa Sec. 16. And be it enacted, That no officer or agent of any

any nies not to

> hold office in other insurance company, engaged in insuring houses, stores, this. and personal property, against loss by fire, shall hold any office in this company.

Sec. 17. And be it enacted, That this act shall continue in force forty years, subject to be altered, amended, modified or Limitation Tepealed, by the legislature, at any time hereafter, when in "their opinion, the public good may require it

Passed February 23, 1844.

An Act for the relief of Elijah Anderson of the county

of Monmouth.

Sec. I. BE IT ENACTED by the Council and General As. sembly of this State and it is hereby enacted by the authori- $60 per an. ty of the same, That the Treasurer of this state be, and he num. is authorized and required to pay unto Elijah Anderson, Anderson

paid to Elijah of the county of Monmouth, a soldier of the Revolutionary war, or his order, the sum of sixty dollars per annum, during his natural life, in semi-annual payments of thirty dollars each, the first payment to be made the fourth day of March next, and the receipt of the said Elijah Anderson, or his order, shall be a sufficient voucher to the treasurer in the settlement of his accounts.

Passed February 23, 1844.

An Act to incorporate the City of Perth Amboy.

Sec. 1. BE IT ENACTED by the Council and General As. sembly of this Stale, and it is hereby enacted by the au

thority of the same, That the inhabitants of the City of Perth Style of in- Amboy, as the same now extends and is laid out, and their corporation. successors be, and hereby are, forever constituted a body cor

porate in fact and in law, by name, style and title of “The inhabitants of the City of Perth Amboy," and shall at all times hereafter be capable in law, to hold and possess, and at their will and pleasure, to sell and convey lands, tenements, and hereditaments, goods, chattles, and effects; and by the name, and style aforesaid, shall sue and be sued, defend and be defended, in all courts of record, and elsewhere, in all manner of actions whatsoever, and shall make and use a common seal, and the same to alter and renew at pleasure.

Sec. 2. And be it enacied, That the said, "The inhabitants

of the City of Perth Amboy," are hereby absolutely vested Rights and with, and possess all the property, rights, causes of action, and properly estate, whatsoever, both at law and in equity, which at the vested in cor- passage of the act, belong to the present, “ 'The Mayor, Reporation.

corder, Aldermen, and Commonalty of the City of Perth Amboy," and “The inhabitants of the township of Perth Amboy, in the county of Middlesex," as the same are now incorporated: provided, nothing herein shall effect any suit now pending in the name of the said city or township of Perth Amboy.

Sec. 3. And be it enacted, That there shall be hereafter, in Officers. said city, a Mayor who shall be keeper of the city seal; a

Recorder, who, in case of the death, or disability of the Mayor, take oath or affirmation. shall execute the duties of the Mayorality, three Aldermen,

six members of Common Council, one Clerk, one Assessor, Olle Collector, and one Treasurer.

Sec. 4. And be it enacted, That the Mayor shall, before he Timc& mode enters upon the duties of his office, take and subscribe before of annual the Clerk, the oath or affirmation of allegiance to this State;

and an oath or affirmation that he will, faithfully and impartially, and justly perform all the duties of such office, so far as in him lies; and the other officers, appointed by virtue hereoi, shall in like manner take and subscribe before the Mayor or Clerk, similar oaths or affirmations, which shall be so taken and subscribed within ten days after the election to be held as hereafter mentioned, and shall be filed by the clerk.

Sec. 5. And be it enacted, That the election, in, and for

Oficers to


said city, shall be held on the second Monday of April, and the clerk shall cause public notice of the time and place of holding such annual election, to be set up in five public places in the city, at least one week, previous to the day of such election, and all persons, inhabitants of said city, who now are or hereafter may be qualified to vote at township meetings in the several townships of this State, shall be entitled to vote thereat.

Sec. 6. And be it enacted, That at the next annual elec- oficere to he tion to be held on the second Monday of April next, it shall elected by and may be lawful for the electors of said city to assemble at ballot. the Court House therein, and then, and there, by ballot, and a plurality of votes, to choose from among the citizens residing therein, and entitled to vote at such election, one Mayor, one Recorder, three Aldermen, six members of the Common Council, one Clerk, one Assessor, one Collector, one or more Overseers of the Poor, three or more School Committeemen, one or more Constables, three or more Commissioners of Appeal in cases of taxation, two Chosen Freeholders, two Surveyors of the Highways, who shall continue in office for one year, and until their successors shall be elected and qualified ; and on the second Monday of April, annually thereafter, the electors qualified as aforesaid, shall and may assemble at such place as may be appointed by the City Council, and then, and there in manner aforesaid, elect the said officers for the like term of one year, and till their successors are chosen and qualified.

Sec. 7. And be it enacted, That the poll for the next and each succeeding election shall be opened at the hour of two Mode of cono'clock and closed at the hour of seven o'clock in the afternoon ; ducting cleothe judge of election, assessor and collector of the township of tion. Perth Amboy, shall be the judges of the next election, and the same officers as chosen by virtue of this act, shall be the judges of each succeeding election, any vacancy or vacancies shall be filed in the manner regulating the same in the several townships of this State; the names of all persons voting, shall be written in a Poll Book to be kept by the clerk of the township, at the next election, and thereafter by the city clerk; and the judges shall, after counting the votes for the several candidates, certify the result under their hands and file the same in the office of the clerk.

Sec. 8. And be it enacted, That the Clerk, the Assessor, Duties of of Collector, Judge of Election, Commissioners of Appeal, Cho-ficers. sen Freeholders, Surveyors of the Highways, Constables, and School Committee, shall respectively possess the powers and perform the duties of the like officers of any township of this State, so far as shall be consistent with this act, and the Com


officers of

mon Council shall possess the powers and perform the dut which are now vested in the township committee of any. township in this State, so far as the same are consistent here. with.

Sec. 9. And be it enacted, That the city assessor shall asDuties of as- sess upon persons and property, and the city collector shall sessor and

collect the State and county taxes in like manner as the same, now or hereafter may be assessed, and collected in the several townships, and in case of non-payment of taxes the collector shall return the names of all delinquents to such magistrate as the City Council shall direct to be proceeded with according to law.

Sec. 10. And be it enacted, That all elections hereafter to

be held in the city for officers of the general and State governElections for ments that may be eligible by the people, shall be held there

in, at the place appointed for holding the city election on the General and State Gov

day or days, now or hereafter to be designated by law, for crnment. holding such election, and shall be regulated and conducted

in the same manner as the like elections in the several townships now are or may be subjected to, and conducted, and the judges thereof shall possess the same power, perform the same duties, receive the same emoluments, and incur the same penalties as are imposed on the judges of the like elections in the several townships of this State.

Sec. 11. And be it enacted, That the Mayor, Recorder, Al

dermen and Common Council, shall be vested with the same Duties of

power and duties as are recited in the ninth section of the act Mayor, &c.

incorporating the city of Perth Amboy, passed 21st December, 1784, now in force.

Sec. 12. And be it enacted, That the Mayor, Recorder, Al.., dermen and Common Council, or the major part, of whom the onstitu- Mayor or Recorder shall be one, shall constitute a city coun

cil, which shall have power to meet on their own adjourn. ments, and the whole legislative authority shall be exclusively vested therein, Provided, no ordinance or by-law be passed, altered or repealed without the consent of a majority of all the members thereof.

Sec. 13. And be it enacted, That the City Council assembled, or a majority of them, may license such and so many

tavern keepers within said city, under the same restrictions en as the Court of Common Pleas, may, or can do, and no li

cense within said city, granted by any other court in the county shall be lawful.

Sec. 14. And be it enacted, That the City Council, when Oficers of assembled, shall appoint a President, City Treasurer and Council. such other subordinate officers as to them shall seem neces:


Tavern licences.

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