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Şec. 6. And be it enacted, That the said writ of election shall forthwith, after the date thereof, be delivered to the se. Special eleccretary of state, and such proceedings shall be had thereupon, tion, how conand the like notice of such election shall be given, as is pre

ducted. scribed by this act and the act entitled, “ An act to regulate elections," in cases of elections to supply vacancies in the representation of this state in the House of Representatives.

Sec. 7. And be it enacted, That whenever any vacancy shall happen in the representation of this state in the House of

this state in the one f Vacancies, how

of supplied Representatives, the secretary of state shall cause to be made as many copies of the writ of election to supply such vacancy as there are counties in the district in which such vacancy shall happen, and no more; shall certify each of the said copies to be true and correct, under his hand, and shall cause one of such copies to be delivered to the clerk of each county in the said district.

Sec. 8. And be it enacted, That this act shall go into effect Act, when to immediately on the passage thereof, and that all acts and parts take effect. of acts coming within the purview of this act, and contrary thereto, be, and the same are hereby repealed.

Passed November 10, 1842.


RESOLVED, by the Council and General Assembly of this State, That Josiah Harrison, of Camden, be employed to print Printers of Re. sixteen hundred copies of the Law Reports; that Edward ports and Laws. Sanderson, of Elizabethtown, be employed to print sixteen hundred copies of the Chancery Reports; and that David F. Randolph, of New Brunswick, be employed to print sixteen hundred copies of the Laws; that they print the same in as condensed a form as a proper execution of the work will admit, on large octavo pages, trimmed, and in other respects corresponding with those heretofore printed, and be paid therefor twenty-seven dollars per sheet, each. That Augustus S. Bar- Priaters of

Votes and Pro ber, of Woodbury, be employed to print the Votes and Pro- ceedings and ceedings of Assembly, and index to the same; and that Sam- Journal.

decution of print the same sixteen

uel P. Hull, of Morristown, be employed to print the Journal of the Proceedings of the Legislative Council and of JointMeeting ; and that they each print thirteen hundred copies thereof, respectively, at nineteen dollars per sheet, in a form so condensed, in all suitable respects, as to be equivalent, in the diminution of bulk and cost, to a reduction of twelve and a half per centum on the prices paid for printing the same last year, and in other respects to correspond with those heretofore printed.

Passed November 10, 1842.









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As act authorizing trustees to sell and convey certain real

estate whereof Maria Mullany died seized.

in the colighteen byen Children, R. M. Mul

hany, ands B. Mullanna Maria Mulhven childrend thirty, de

WHEREAS Maria Mullany, late of Bergen Point, in the town

Preamble. ship of Bergen, in the county of Hudson, in or about the month of October, A. D eighteen hundred and thirty, departed this life intestate, leaving seven children, viz : Mary B. Mullany; Jane Anna Maria Mullany, James R. M. Mullany, Elias B. Mullany, Andrew J. Mullany, John R. B. Mullany, and Erena Arrietta Mullany, of whom four, viz: Mary B., Jane Anna Maria, James R. M., and Elias B., have arrived at full age, and the other three are still minors; and whereas the said Maria Mullany was, at the time of her death, under and by virtue of the last will and testament of her deceased father, Elias Burger, seized in her own exclusive right of a certain farm at Bergen Point, in the township and county aforesaid, of about thirty acres, which by the terms of said will, upon the decease of the said Maria, immediately descended to, and became the property of her said children, as by reference to the said last will and testament of Elias Burger, deceased, duly made and published, and bearing date on the first day of March,

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