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An Act to incorporate the Trenton Improvement Company.


Sec. 1. Be IT ENACTED by the Council and General As. Names or sembly of this Slate, and it is hereby enacted by the au

1 Corporatore. thority of the same, That Edwin A. Douglass, Joseph C. Potts, Morean Delano, William P. Sherman, and William H. Potts and their associates and successors are hereby made and 'created a body politie and corporate in law, by the name of Style of in"The Trenton Improvement Company," for the purpose of corpora promoting the manufacture of such articles as are not prohibited by the laws of this state, and for that purpose may buy, rent, take and hold, or otherwise become seized and possessed of, all such lands, tenements and water power, and other real and personal estate in the city of Trenton, as lie along the stream called Petty's Run, as may be necessary and useful for the purpose aforesaid, and the same may improve and use, or sell, let or otherwise dispose of, as they shall deem Proviso proper : Provided, that before crossing any of the streets or alleys of said city with their works, the said company shall first procure the consent of the common council, of said city, and said company may sue and be sued, may have and use a common seal, and make such by-laws for their regulation and government as they see proper: provid d, the same are not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of the United States or of this State. .

Sec. 2. And be il enacted, That said company shall have power to raise by subscription from time to time, a capital stock of two hundred thousand dollars, which shall be deem- Amount o ed personal estate, aud be transferable upon the books of said

capital stock. company, and Morean Delano, William P. Sherman and Joseph C. Potts, or any two of them may open books and take subscriptions for capital stock first giving two week's notice previously in a newspaper published at Trenton, of the time, Books to be place and object of said meeting, and the stockholders at a

? opened for meeting to be called in like manner after stock is taken as aforesaid, may proceed to elect by a plurality of those present or legally represented, such directors, officers and agents, as may be deemed necessary for conducting the affairs of the company.

Sec. 3. And be it enacted, That said corporation shall not go into operation until one-fourth of the capital stock sub. Company

when to go scribed as aforesaid shall be first paid in gold or silver coin, or current bank notes, and an affidavit or affirmation thereof, tion. shall be made by a majority of the associates named in the

first section of this act, and filed in the office of the secretary of this state.

Sec. 4. And be it enacted, That no part of the capital stock paid in shall at any time, or upon any pretence whatever be

divided amongst the stockholders for dividends, and no diviCapital stock dend shall be made or paid, except from the actual profits : vided.

and each stockholder shall in the election of directors, have one vote for each share of stock he holds in said company.

Sec. 5. And be it enacted, That no part of the capital

stock shall be withdrawn or refunded to the stockholders, Capilal stock until all debts and liabilities of the company are fully paid, not to be and in case of any violation of the provisions of this or the withdrawn.

preceding section, the president, directors and stockholders of said corporation, shall be personally liable in their own estate jointly and severally for all debts previously contracted then

unpaid. Directors to See. 6. And be it enacted, That in the month of May, anmake annu. nually, the directors shall submit to the stockholders a written al stateraent. statement under oath or affirmation, of the amount of capital

stock paid in, and the amount of all existing debts against the company, and no dividend shall be declared or paid to the stockholders when such payment would render the company insolvent, and the debts of the said corporation shall at no time be suffered to exceed the capital stock aetually paid in, and in case of any violation of the provisions of this section, the president, directors and stockholders shall be personally liable in their own estate, jointly and severally, for all debts of the company previously contracted and then unpaid.

Sec. 7. And be it enacted, That no part of the capital Restrictions. stock or any of the funds of the said corporation, shall at any

time during the continuance of this charter be used or employed directly or indirectly in banking operations, or for any

purpose whatever inconsistent with the provisions of this act. Act may be Sec. 8. And be it enacted, That it shall and may be law: amended. ful for

ful for the legislature at any time to alter or repeal this act.

Passed March 13, 1844.


A SUPPLEMENT to the act entitled, “An act to regulate the

selling of grain," passed the sixteenth of Frbruary, eighteen hundred thirty eight.

Sec. 1. Be it ENACTED by the Council and General As. sembly of this state, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That from and after the passage of this act, the bushel of Indian corn in the county of Salem, in this state, shall consist of fifty-five pounds, instead of fifty-six pounds, as provided in the act to which this is a supplement.

Passed March 14, 1844.

An Act to provide for the establishment of Public Schools in

the township of Nottingham, in the county of Mercer.

Whereas the inhabitants of the township of Nottingham, in Preamble.

the county of Mercer, have petitioned for a law to authorize them to raise by taxation a certain sum of money for the purpose of supporting public schools, therefore,

Sec. 1. BE-IT ENACTED by the Council and General As. sembly of this state, and it is hereby enacied by the author-ity of the same, That the taxable inhabitants of the township of Nottingham, in the county of Mercer, be and they hereby Township, are authorized to raise at their annual town meetings, any sum Loremo

authorized of money not exceeding six hundred dollars for the support ney for sup. of common schools in the said township, which money order- port of ed to be raised as aforesaid shall be assessed, levied and col- Schools. lected, as other state, county and township taxes are assessed, levied and collected.

Sec. 2. And be it enacted, That the said inhabitants of the said township of Nottingham, shall at their annual town Trustees, meetings, elect five persons inhabitants of said township, as their po

l and duties. trustees of common schools, for the said township, who shall hold and exercise their office for one year, from and after their election; and the said trustees, shall have the entire charge


and control of the public schools within the said township, shall have full power to receive from the township collector, and other township officer or officers, all moneys collected for common school purposes or belonging to the school fund or securities therefor, and shall appoint one of their number as treasurer who shall give satisfactory security to his co-trustees for the faithful performance of all his duties as such treasurer and who shall hold and exercise the said office of treasurer, subject to such rules and regulations as shall be inade by said trustees; and the said trustees, shall exhibit to the said inhabitants of said township at their annual town meetings a full and correct statement of the sums of money by them received and from whom, and how the same has been expended, the number of schools under their charge, and the number of scholars taught therein, and of all their proceedings as trustees as aforesaid, and shall perform all other acts and duties appertaining to the trustees for common schools in this state.

Sec. 3. And be it enacted, That in the event of the sum

of money, appropriated by the state to the said township for Auscasment support of the public schools therein, and the sum of money may be made raised therefor by the inhabitants of the said township as in case deli

aforesaid, being together insufficient for the support of the said cieney.

schools, then the trustees elected as aforesaid, may assess upon each scholar, such sum of money not exceeding one dollar per quarter as may be found necessary; Provided, that the said trustees may remit the whole or any part of said assessment upon such scholar or scholars, as circumstances may in their opinion require.

Sec. 4. And ie it enacted, That all acts and parts of acts Harls of sarmer ac's coming within the purview of this act, and being repugnant repealed. thereto, be, and the same are hereby repealed, so far as they

relate to, or concern the said township of Nottingham.

Passed March 15, 1844.


An Act to defray incidental expenses.

Sec. 1. BE IT ENACTED by the Council and General Assembly of this State, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That it shall be lawful for the Treasurer of this State to pay to the several persons hereinafter mentioned, the following sums, viz:

To Alexander G. Cattell for stationery, postage and indexing rules and proceedings of the 68th General Assembly, one hundred twenty-one dollars and seventy-eight cents.

To W. A. & J. H. B. Green, for coal, twenty-seven dollars.

To Halsey Canfield, for work, cleaning and repairing Council Chamber, and rooms, two dollars.

To Staten Jeffers, for glass and glazing, seventy-five cents.

To Phillips & Boswell, nine dollars, for paper, and printmg twelve quires circular No. 1.

To Silvester Vansickel, for finishing two chairs for office of Secretary of State, three dollars and seventy-five cents.

To Jonathan S. Fish, for coal, twenty-seven dollars.

To B. S. Disbrow, for large case for government weights, nine dollars and fifty cents.

To Phillips & Boswell, for printing, as per bill, sixty-five dollars.

To Sherman & Harron, for advertising public laws, orders of the Supreme Court and advertising for proposals for a site for a sate lunatic asylum, thirty-five dollars and ninety cents. - To Alexander G. Cattell, to services and expenses as speeial messenger appointed by the governor to carry reprieve lor R: Keen, Cumberland county, ten dollars.

To Wm. Pearson, to locks and work on State House three doilars and eighty-seven and a half cents.

To Elias Philips for tumblers, eighty-one cents..

To Hunt & Anderson, to repairs for State House, seven dollars and seventy-five cents, to · Jonathan S. Fish, to ten tons coal forty-five dollars.

To C. Faussett, to putting up pipes for heaters, six dollars.

To William Napton, for tile brick, lime and charcoal, twenty-seven dollars seventy-two cents.

To John Milledge, for two cords hickory wood and sawing, thirteen dollars and fifty cents.

To Lydia Rossell, for sealing press, stand, &c. for clerk's office of Supreme Court, and sealing paper cutter, twentyseven dollars.

To President and Directors of the Trenton Water works, for water twelve months, ten dollars.

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