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Page. Àu act to regulate the collection of moneys,

155 A further supplement to an act entitled “An act to incor

porale the Elizabeth-Town and Somerville Rail Road Company," passed the ninth day of February, A. D. eighteen hundred and thirty one,

ib. An act to raise by Tax the sum of Forty Thousand Dol

lars, A supplement to the Act, entitled "An act to create the

County of Hudson,” passed February twenty-second,

one thousand eight bundred and forty, . An act lo establish a new township in the county of Mercer, to be called the township of Hamilton,

162 Supplement to an Act entitled “ An act to prevent frauds

by incorporated companies," passed February sixteen, eighteen hundred and twenty-nine,

164 A supplement to the act entitled “An act incorporating

the inhabitants of townships-designating their powers, and regulating their meetings," passed the twenty-first

day of February, seventeen hundred and ninety-eight, 165 An act to authorize Nathan Auten, of the county of Som

erset, to sell certain real estate, An act to defray Incidental Expenses,

167 An act to enable the Owners and Possessors of the Mea- .

dow and Marsh Lands adjoining the creek commonly called Crom kill, in the county of Hudson, lo erect and maintain banks, dykes, dams and water works suffi

cient to prevent the tide from overflowing the same, 171 An act to authorize the sale of certain real estate whereof

Ann Wbite, late of the county of Monmouth, deceased, died seized,



JOINT RESOLUTIONS. Treasurer authorized to borrow certain sums of money, 12 Authorizing payment of fees to G. D. Wall and G. Wood, , ib. Authorizing the purchase of a Library for State Prison, 179 Respecting Tariff,

ib. Relative to the New Jersey Rail Road and Trans. Co. 180 Respecting Camden and Amboy Rail Road and Delaware and Raritan Canal,

181 Respecting State Lunatic Asylum,

182 Authorizing Governor to transmit copies of Law Reports

and Journals of the Legislature to the Executive of

each State and Territory, . . Authorizing the Treasurer to borrow money,



ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of deeds taken by Josiah Atkinson,

Esq.-act to confirm, .
Administrators of Abel F. Randolph authorized to con.

vey real estate,
of Anthony Woodward authorized to convey

real estate,
of Anthony Woodward authorized to convey

real estate to Moses Ivins,
of John Johnsoti, authorized to execnte contract

for sale of real estate,
of C. E. Mercelis, authorized to execute contract

for sale of real estate,
Adjournment of County Courts-act to authorize,
Allen Robert-Pension granted to
Assessment and collection of taxes in the township of

Newton, in the county of Sussex-act to

provide for,

in the townsbip of Paterson-act to provide for, 140
Auten Natban authorized to sell certain real estate, 165

Baird Rei dec'd-Guardian authorized to sell real estate of 81
Banks-Commercial of New Jersey, Charter of renewed 75

An act to provide for the resumption and contin-

uance of specie payments by
Barnegat Bay-act lo regulate fishing with seines in 53
Beneficial Society - Washington of Salem, act to incorpo

Society, Vincent-town-act to incorporate,
Society of Bordentowo-act to incorporate,
Association Union Temperance of Camden, N.

J.-Act to incorporate,
Association Relief of Lower Penn's Neck-act
to incorporale,

Society Moorestown-act to incorporate, 138

Society Jefferson of Salen-act to incorporate,
Bills Daniel-real estate of authorized to be sold,
Boughoer Sebastian-Pension granted to
Bridge Carpentersville Delaware-act to incorporate,
Bink-Morris County-act to reduce capital slock of 129
Bridges over North branch of Neversink river-Chosen

Freeholders of Monmouth county authorized
to build,





Page. Bridge Trenton City-act lo incorporate,

119 over Salem Creek-Chosen Freeholders aut hor

ized to build,
Buzby Hannah-act for relief of Executors of,

Camp Aaron-Pension granted 10,
Camden & Amboy Railroad & Delaware & Raritan Ca.
nal-Joint Resolution respecting,

Carpentersville Delaware Bridge Co.mAct to incorporate, 57
Centenary fund and Preachers' aid Societyếact to inc. 20
Charges~ certain Incidental ordered to be paid,

167 Chosen Freeholders of the county of Monmouthi author

ized to build bridge over North branch of

Neversink river,
of the county of Salem authorized to build a

bridge over Salem Creek,
Church First Presbyterian at Morristown—act authori-

zing sale of lands of,
First Pres. at Mount Holly—act for relief of, 92
Evangelical Reformed of the city of Trenton,

- Act for relief of,
Methodist Episcopal at Milford corporate name

of altered,
Collection of moneys---act to regulate,

155 Commissioner appointed 10 settle business of R. Jaques,

late Sheriff of Mercer county,
.. to select site for the erection of a State Lunatic

Asylum-act authorizing appointment of, 182
Commercial Bank of New-Jersey, charter of renewed, 75
County Courts-act to authorize adjournment of,

76 Crimes—further supplement to the act for punishinentof, 118 :! : Act explanatory of sup. to act for punishment of, 142 Cumming Theodosia H. and Samuel T. divorced, 76

Dam across Sooys Creek-act lo authorize erection of, 128
Debt imprisonment for--act to abolish,

130 Deławare & Raritan Canal and Camden & Aiboy Rail Road-Joint Resolution respecting,

181 Dilts John, authorized to sell real estate of Thos. Wilson, 64 Divorce-of Sarah Egbert and Elisha Egbert,

of Phebe E. Rork and Jacob Rork,
of Leah Griggs and Reuben Griggs,
of Abram 0. Stiles and Maria Stiles,
of Anna Johnson and John M. Johnson,
of Leon and Judith Helen Maria Souberbielle,
of Louisa Amelia Murray and James Murray,



Divorce-of Nancy Vliet and William Vliet,

of Theodosia H. and Samuel T. Cumming, 76-
of Catharine E. and Alexander C. McLean, .
of Rebecca D. Henry and John Henry,
of Ezekiel Wilcox and Mary Wilcox,
of William Scott and Elizabeth Scott,
of Elizabeth Hand and Richard Hand, :
of Sarah Tilyou and Joseph F. Tilyou,
of Catharine Ryerson and John Ryerson, 118

of Mary Jane Richards and J. O. B. Richards, 144
Dunham S.C. authorized to convey lands of Elijah Robins, 143




Egbert Sarah and Elisha Egbert divorced,

Elections—further Supplement to the act to regulate, 129
Elizabeth-Town and Somerville Rail Road Company-
further sup. to act to incorporate,

Elizabeth—Borough of —Supplement to act establishing

charter rights and privileges of,
Evangelical Reformed Church of the city of Trenton-

Act for relief of,
Executors of Hannah Buzby-Act for relief of,

Fame Fire Company-Act to incorporate,

Fees authorized to be paid to G. D. Wall & G. Wood, Esqs. 12
First Pres. Church of Mount Holly-Act for relief of, 92
Fishing with Seines in Barnegat Bay-Act to regulate, 53
Flalt Jobn W.-Trustee appointed to sell real estate of, 79
Frauds by incorporated companies-Sup. to act to prevent, 164

Government of this State-Act for support of,
Governor authorized to transmit copies of Law Reporty

and Journals of both houses of Legislature to

the Executive of each State and Territory, 184
Griggs Leah and Reuben Griggs divorced,
Guardian of E.Baird & others authorized to sell real estate, 81

Hamilton township in Mercer County Act to establish, 162
Hand Richard and Ann Elizabeth Hand divorced, 99
Hardwick, Knowlton and Independence Mutual Insu-

rance Co--Act to incorporate,
Henry Rebecca D. and John Henry divorced,
Hudson County Mutual Insurance Co.--Act to incorporate, 34

Sup. to Act to create,



Idiots and Lunatics-further supplement to actconcerning, 138

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