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—or— The Pioneer Residents of the Old Town of Pompey, THIs Book . —IS— Most AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATED:


That the Bright and Shining Example of their Fathers and Mothers


May be ever their Guiding Star through the
Voyage of Life.

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The undersigned committee, appointed to supervise the publication of the proceedings at the Re-Union of the former residents of Pompey, have felt, and upon inquiry have found, that a simple history of that day’s proceedings is not all that will be expected at our hands. We have accordingly obtained, by considerable effort, material for a more extended book. In the following pages will be found, not only the re-union meeting, including speeches, toasts, &c., but also an historical sketch of the town of Pompey, and short biographical notices and reminiscences of some of the prominent and early settlers, to which we have added a directory of the names, post-office address, occupation, &c., of as many of her distinguished men and women as we have been able to obtain, with a brief mention of their public life.

The publication of this volume has been long delayed, hoping that we might be able to give biographical sketches of many more early citizens of Pompey than will be found in the following pages. Our efforts for the last year and a half in reference to this book, have been directed to this end. Notwithstanding our appeals repeatedly made through the press, and personal applications to the descendants of the fathers of old Pompey, the absence of many sketches we had hoped to obtain is annoying to us, and will be painfully manifest to all acquainted with the names to which we refer. While our desire has been to produce such a volume as would meet the approbation of all, we are sensible that many things worthy of remembrance have been omitted.


For the production of the volume as it is, we have cheer

fully given our services, and hope that it may prove a pleas

ant visitor at the fireside of Pompey’s children wherever

they may be, and a source of lasting happiness to us all.


HoMER D. L. SweFT.

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A desire seems simultaneously to have possessed the minds of many of the Sons of Pompey to revisit the home of their childhood, and very naturally this desire was communicated to others only to find a hearty response. Some time during the year 1870, Hon. IIoratio Seymour, Hon. William G. Fargo, Hon. E. C. Litchfield, Leonard Jerome, Esq., Dr. Lucien B. Wells, and others, having expressed a very strong desire that a meeting of former residents of Pompey should be held, Dr. L. B. Wells, of Utica, communicated by letter with E. Butler, Esq., of Syracuse. The following is Dr. Wells' letter:

- UTICA, July 10th, 1870. DEAR SIR :—A few days since, meeting Gov. Seymour, he stated to me that ho had been urgently solicited by W. G. Fargo, of Buffalo, to have a movement initiated for a reunion of former residents of the town of Pompey. The Governor expressed the same desire and promised to be present on such occasion, and requested me to write to some of my friends who may feel an interest in the matter. From your extensive acquaintance in Pompey, and in Syracuse, where so many families reside who were former residents of Pompey, I have taken the liberty to present the subject for your consideration, earnestly desiring that this proposed reunion shall take place at no distant day. Respectfully Yours,

- L. B. WELLs. To Ebenezer Butler, Esq., Syracuse. .

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