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when held, 16. MARQUETTE

organized for county purposes, 9.

to vote on annexation to Fond du Lac, 11. MINERAL POINT

act to incorporate, 60.
an act to amend the same act, 71,

bank of act amended, 72. MILWAUKIE

to borrow money, 42. NAMES

Tutt, Henry, how changed, 7.
C. E. Hood name changed, 53.

C. M. H. Burgess, name changed, 84.

organized, 4.

to procure certain records of Brown county, 55. RACINE

to borrow money, 41. ROADS

act relating to, 43.
certain roads established, 44.

Mineral Point to Milwaukie, 46.

District No.4 at Janesville to build school house, 5.
Districts to raise taxes, 40.
District No. 1 in Dane county to raise tax, 50.
District No. 1 in Lancaster to lay a tax, 58.
District No. 1 town of Rochester to collect cer-

tain inonies and pay over, 59. SHEBOYGAN

to vote on annexation to Fond du Lac, 11. SAUK COUNTY

organized for Judicial purposes, 26. STATE GOVERNMENT

question submitted, 5. SUPERVISORS-

annual meetings of, 31. SOUTHPORT

to raise money, 47.
village of incorporated, 49.
to discontinue street, 85.
J. Lake to build wharf, 85.


on lands how punished, 29. TOWNS

in several counties how set off, 33.
concerning the town of Nemahbin, 56.
concerning Geneva, 72.
Sharon, for relief of, 86.

A BILL in relation to certain county officers in

St. Croix county. Be it enacteil by the Council and Ilouse of Representatives of the Territory of Visconsin.

§ 1. That all duties required by law to be performed by Sheriff's in relation to elections are hereby authorized and required to be performed in the county of St. Croix, by the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners of said county, and the performance of said duties by the said Clerk shall be as valid and effectual in law as if performed by the Sheriff.

§ 2. The proceedings of the Clerk of the board of County Commissioners of said county of St. Croix in opening the returns and making abstracts of thic votes polled at the last clection in said county for coumty oficers, with the assistance of only one Justice of the Peace instead of two as required by law is hereby declared to be as legal, binding and valid, as though the said Clerk bad taken to his assistance, two Justices of the Peace; and the several persons to whom certificates of election for county officers in said county have been given, are hereby declared to be duly elected to said offices.

§ 3. The county of St. Croix shall constitute a probate district and the jurisdiction of the Judge of Probate for said district shall be co-extension with said county.

§ 4. Philip Aldrich is hereby appointed Judge of Probate for said probate district, and he shall hold' his office until the first Monday of January, in the year eighteen hundred and forty-five and until his successor is duly elected and qualified.

$ 5. There shall be elected at the general election to be held on the fourth Monday of September next and biennially thereafter, a Judge of Probate for said district in

pursuance of the provisions of an act entitled "An act to provide for the election of Sheriff's, Judges of Probate and Justices of the Peace," approved March 25th, 1843; and so much of said act as conilicts or is inconsistent with this act or any part of it is liereby repealed.

§ 6. The qualifications, rights, liabilities, powers and duties of the Judge of Probate, appointed by this act and

hereafter to be elected according to its provisions, shall be the same as prescribed by law for Judges of Probate in the other counties of the Territory.

$ 7. That the official acts of the said Philip Aldrich as Judge of Probate performed by liim since the first Monday of June last shall in no wise be affected for the reason that the said acts were performed by liim after the time limited by law for the expiration of bis office, but all such official acts and erery proceeding of said Philip Aldrich as such Judge of Probate are hereby declared to be as legal and valid as though the time limited by law for the termination of his office had not expired when the said official acts were performed and said proceedings were had. I certify that the within originated in the Council.

BEN C. CASTMAN, Secretary. We hereby certify that this bill passed the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin on the 27th day of January A. D. 1844, that it was report. ed by the Joint committee on enrollment as correctly enrolled, signed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and President of the Council, and reported by the said committee to the two Houses as having been by them presented to the Governor for his approval on the 27th day of January A. D. 1844, aforesaid ; that the Legislative Assembly adjourned on Wednesday the 31st day of January 1844, sine die, and that the same was not returned by the Governor to either House.

Secretiry of the Council

. JOHN CATLIN, Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives. I, Geo. R. C. Floyd, Secretary of Wisconsin Territory, did receive the above bill from John Catlin upon the 25th day of April, desiring the same to be placed among the laws. I upon this day handed the same to Mr. Wyınan for publication.

GEO. R. C. FLOYD, Secretary. April 26, 1814.




Joint Resolutions and Memorials

Passed by the Fifth Legislative Assembly,

At the Annual Session,






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