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Portage, act to divide,
Racine, towns organized in,
Rock, towns organized,
Sauk, act lo re-locale county seat,
Sheboygan county organized,
St. Croiz, act relating to,

pay expenses of courts,
Walworth, towns organized in,
Waukesha established,

Washington, township government established,
Courts, proceedings in supreme and district,
CORPORATIONS, act authorizing proceedings against,
DAMAGES for territorial roads, how assessed,

awarded by courts in certain cases,

39, 40

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DANE COUNTY organized for township government,

first town meeting when and where held.
clerk and treasurer to hold over,
boundaries of towns in,
towns enjoy rights of other towns.
school district No. 4 to levy tax,

school district No. 16, to levy tax,
DARLING, MASON C., appropriation for speaker,
Davis, R. T., appropriation for labor,
Dean, E. B., jr. appropriation for stationery,
DELAPLAINE, Geo. P., appropriation for private secretary,
Dewey, Nelson, appropriation for president,
DELEGATES, to form constitution, how apportioned,

when elected,
sheriffs to give notice of election,
who may vote for delegates,
votes for, how canvassed, &c,
certificates of election how given,
where and when delegates to meet,
per diem and mileage of delegates,

how certificates for, to be certified, Divorce, of John J. Driggs,

sentence to states prison, cause of,

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District Courts, proccedirgs in,

time of holding in 2d district,
Sheboygan attached to 3rd district,
when held,
Columbia attached to 2d district,
when held,
to hear religious societies for sale of their

real estate,
DODGE COUNTY, township government established in,

first town meetings when held,
how organized,
clerk and treasurer to hold over,
duiy of treasurer,

actio divide,
DRIGGS, John J., act for relief of,
Dragoons requested to be stationed at Fort Crawford,
DUNHAM, O. S., appropriation for chairs,




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Eastman Bex C., appropriation for secretary,

ELECTION Districts, act concerning,

24, 25
of delegates when held,

qualification of voters,

penalty for illegally voting,
challenges how made,

oath of electors.

general annual, whicn held,

poll to be kept open until sunset,

of county and other officers, how contested, 13, 44
ELKHORN, school district 5 in town of, lo renew tax warrant, 87
ELMORE, A. E, appropriation for interest,

ErisCOPAL PROTESTANT CHURCH, powers of wardens and

EXPENSES of laying territorial roads how paid,

of Legislature, act to provide for (see appropriation) 209

FERRY, granted to J. F. Chapman across Mississippi,
FILLMORE, JOHN S., appropriation for newspapers,


FOND DU LAC county authorized to levy special tax,

64 towns organized in,

45, 46 act to organize school district No. 1 in town of, 97 corporate powers given,

97 tax allowed,

97, 100 officers chosen,

97 superintendents appointed, and their powers, 98 scholars in school, who they are,

98 meeting how called,

98 tax how levied,

99 compensation of collector,

99 act submitted to vole of electors,

99 no religious creed allowed,

100 Foor, W. H., appropriation for teaming, FORFEITURE OF CONTRACT under act for improvement of Grant river at Polosi,

63 of charter by Lisbon and Milwaukie plank road company,

60 of charter may be decreed by court of chancery, 85

of charter of bridge across Peccatonica, 111 FOX AND WISCONSIN River, memorial for improvement, 228


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GENEVA, act to vacate street in village,

94 GOODELL, NATRAN, appropriation for teaming,

197 GOODHUE, JAMES M., appropriation for newspapers,

213 GOVERNOR to issue proclamation to delegates,

9 - to make apportionment of members of Legislature, 25 Goza, Tros. J., appropriation for labor,

211 GRANT River, act to provide for the iniprovement of, 61 commissioner appointed, and his duty,

61, 64 to make report,

63 qualification,

62 contract let to lowest bidder,

62 how paid, or forfeited,

63 appropriation of money for work,

63 receiver of money, compensation for services, 63 GRAND KAKALIN, road from, to Lake Winnebago,

64 GUILD, LORING, appropriation for newspapers, Grilion, Henry, appropriation for labor,



HALE & HOPKINS, appropriation for stationery,
HAMILTON, JEMISON, authorized to build bridge,

may collect toll for passing,
penalty for damages io,
county may purchasc bridge,

forfeiture of charter, how worked,
HARDELL, RICHARD, appropriation for witness,
HEMPSTEAD, W., appropriation for charges on boxes,
HEWETT, A. J., appropriation for sheriff's fees,
HILLER, Cynus P., appropriation for clerk,
HOLT, David, jr. appropriation for posimaster,
HUBBARD, ADELBUT H., name changed to Bishop,
HYER, N. F., authorized to select university lands,

212 110 110 110 111 111 190 197 190 213 210 201 107



61 INTEREST ON TERRITORIAL Bonds, auditor not to issue warrants for without aslidavit,

152, 195 INDIANS, memorial for extinguishment of title,

222 lowa, act to divide county of,

41 elcctors to vote for division of,

42 qualifications of voters,

42 debt how appropriated,

43 county scats how sclected,

41 act to pay certain money to,

95 ISHAM, ELISHA, appropriation for fireman,



JACKSON, M. M., fees of aticrney general,
JANESVILLE, dam across the Rock river at,
JENKINS, J. Doran, appropriation for clerk,
JEFFERSON, act to divide the county of,

act to organize towns in,
JUSTICES OF THE PEACE, vacancies in, how filled,

10 continue in office when new towns

are organized,
actio rcvive action of replevin,

192 116 213 48 53 26







KELLOGG, L. F., appropriation for supreme court clerk's fees, 189 for interest on bord,

194 for clerk,

210 KELLOGG, W. W., appropriation for taking testimony,

189 KNAPP, J. G., appropriation, attorney fees,

191 for clerk,

213 L Larkin, CHARLES H., appropriation for clerk,

212 La Pointe COUNTY to pay Crawford certain expenses 39 La Fayette County established,

4) land for county seat purchased, notices to be given of land entered, 42 may borrow money, electors to vote for or against,

42 LIBRARY, appropriation for,


213 Ligur House at Sauk Harbor,

221 at Grassy Island, Lien, act to authorize persons having, to pay taxes on lands, 53 what shall constitute,

53 notice of payments made under such lien to be recorded, 53 money paid becomes a part of lien,

53 LISBON AND MILWAUKEE Plank Road COMPANY incorporated 57 powers of incorporation,

.58 liinit of stock,

58 duty of commissioners to receive subscription, 58 when instalments shall be paid,

58 how road shall be construcied

58 commencement and end of road, where, route how determined,

58 commissioners who aro

59 rates of toll established,

59 who exempt from,

59. toll gatherer's power in collecting tolls,

59 penalties for trespasses to road,

60 qualification of votes in company,

60 gates for collecting tolls where placed,

60 damages in the construction of road how assegsed, 60


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