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M. M. Jackson, Attorney General's fees, 192
L.F. Kellogg, clerk's fees and interest, 189, 194
W.W, Kellogg, taking testimony, 189
J. Gillet Knapp, attorney's fees,

191 Morgan L. Martin, taking testimony, 189 Alexander Mitchell, interest,

199 Abner Nichols, teaming,

197 John W. Pixley, interest,

194 Abel Rasdall, teaming,

197 Alonzo Raymond, sheriff's fees,

189 Le Grand Rockwell, clerk's fees,

189 George D. Ruggles, teaming, Andrew Schofield, interest,

194 Wm. N. Seymour, justice's fees,

199 W. R. Smith, Adjutant General,

198 Moses M. Strong, attorney's fees,

193 Horatio N. Wells, attorney's fees,

200 E. V, Whiton, attorney's fees,

196 C. S. Wright, printing,

190 APPROPRIATIONS, (Legislative) to J. Brisbois, clerk, 209 Wm. A. Barstow, clerk,

212 John A. Brown, newspapers,

212 Beriah Brown, newspapers,

211 Wm. W. Brown, clerk,

212 Elisha Burdick, clerk,

212 Darwin Clark, labor,

209 Julius T. Clark, clerk,

212 Ebenezer Clewett, labor,

210 Mason C. Darling, speaker,

210 R. T. Davis, labor,

213 E. B. Dean, stationery,

210 George P. Delaplaine, private secretary, 212 Nelson Dewey, president,

210 0. S. Dunham, chairs,

213 Ben C. Eastman, secretary,

210 John S. Fillmore, newspapers,

211 W. H. Foot, teaming,

209 James M. Goodhue, newspapers, 213 Thomas J. Goza, labor,


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Loring Guild, newspapers,

211 Henry Gullion, labor,

210 Hale & Hopkins, stationery,

212 Cyrus P. Hiller, clerk,

213 David Holt, postmaster,

210 Elijah Isham, fireman,

210 J. Doran Jenkins, clerk,

213 La Fayette Kellogg, clerk,

210 J.G. Knapp, clerk,

213 Charles H, Larkin, clerk,

212 J. L. Marsh, newspapers,

211 Simeon Mills, printer,

209, 210, 213 Thomas McHugh, clerk,

213 Stephen McHugh, chaplain,

213 Robert Moore, labor,

211 John Myett, labor,

211 H. L. Page, candles,

209 John Ramsdall, clerk,

210, 213 S. L. Rood, stationery,

209 Morritz Schæffler, printing,

212 George B. Smith, clerk,

212 John Y. Smith, salary and clerk bire, 212 Law Library,

213 Wm. R. Smith, secretary,

210 Rufus Spaulding, chaplain,

213 Superintendent of Territorial Property, 213 Martin G, Vanbergen, labor,

210 S. M. Vanbergen, wood,

211 Philo White, newspapers,

212 E. M. Williamson, clerk,

212 William D. Wilson, newspapers,

213 W.W. Wyman, newspapers,

213 ARMORY provided in capitol,

220 ASSESSMENT of real estate cannot be reduced by affidavit, 47 of personal property may be reduced,

47 ASSHIPPUN, town of, organized,

20 AZTALAN, boundaries of town,

43 B BANK OF MINERAL POINT, examining committee,


BARK RIVER, town of, organized,

53 BAXTER DANIEL, appropriation for interest,

189 Resolution of seltlement,

221 BEATY, GEORGE, appropriation for interest,

194 BEAVER Dam, town of, organized,

20 BELOIT COLLEGE, act to incorporate,

103 funds how applied,

104 location in town of Beloit,

103 powers of corporation,

103 trustees,

104 religious tenets not necessary to students, 105 BENNETT, GEORGE, appropriation for interest,

189 BENTON & GARFIELD, appropriation for stationery,

208 BIRD, A. A. appropriation for sheriff"'s fees,

290 money paid to, by Danc county,

196 Bishop, ADLEBUT H. act to change name of

201 BLACK HAWK, town of, organized,

45 Boom across Wisconsin river by A. Brawley,

113 BOTKIN, A., appropriation for auditor's salary,

192 BRADFORD, town of, organized,

45 BRAWLEY, A., lo cons:ruct a boom across the Wisconsin river, 113 Bridges, in city of Milwaukee,

100 across Peccatonica river,

10 BRISBOIS, JOSEPH, appropriation for clerk,

209, 210 BROWN, BERIAH, appropriation for newspapers,

211 BROWN, Jony A., appropriation for newspapers,

212 BROWN, W. W., appropriation for clerk,

212 from canal fund,

217 BURNETT, town of, organized,

21 BURDICK, ELISHA, appropriation for clerk,


Calumer County, act to levy a special tax,

64 CANAL LAND9, memorial relative to, relative to even sections on grant,

235 funds arising from sale of lands,

216 CARROL COLLEGE, act to incorporate,

114 name of Prairieville academy changed, 114 powers and duties of trustees,



banking prohibited,

207 books of subscription when and where opened, 203 book of company to be exhibited,

: 206 capital liaited,

202 commissioners to open books, and their duty, corporators and general powers,

201 debis how collected,

203 embezzlement by officers punished,

206 officers how removed,

207 powers of company,

202 president and directors elected and their powers, 204 repeal of charter allowed,

207 secretary of corporation, and his duty,

207 share to have a vote,

203 may be forfeited.

205 stockholders to have votes,

203 liable for debts of corporation, 205 $20,000 to be paid at commencemeat,

207 Census, act to take,

6 blanks to be furnished to census takers,

B compensation for taking census,

8 governor to appoint persons to take census,

to apportion delegates to convention, list to be furnished to secretary of the Territory, 6 oath of census takers,

6 returns to be made by assistants,

7 to be made to secretary of Territory,

7 penalty for not making, or false,

7 duplicate fled with register of deeds,

7 secretary of the Territory to furnish abstract to gov'r, & when census to be taken,

7 who enumerated,

7 CHANCERY, proceedings in, against corporation, may grant injunction againsi,

86 niay decree sale of real estate of religious societies, 90 CHAPMAN, JAMES F., grant to keep ferry across Mississippi river,

128 CHIPPEWAY, boundaries of couniy defined,

38 to pay certain expenses to Crawford,




CHARTER of corpopation may be decreed forfeited in chancery, 85
Clark, DARWIN, appropriation for labor,

CLERK of supervisors in Fond du Lac county, his duly, 46
CLEWETT, EBENEZER, appropriation for labor,

COLLEGE, Beloit, incorporated,
Carrol, incorporated,

COLUMBIA county organized,

boundaries established,

county seat submitted to electors,

first election held in April,

forms part of second judicial district,

duty of county commissioners,

justices of the peace to post notice of election, 78
time of holding courts fixed by judge,

writs, &c, in Portage county, how prosecuted, 78

shall pay proportion of the debts of Portage, 79
COLLECTOR OF TAXES, five per cent. for advertising lands

po fee unless lands are sold,

CONTESTING ELECTIONS of county and other officers, 13
CONOVER, S. S., a ppropriation for constable's fees,

COUNTIES, Calumet authorized to levy a special tax,

Chippeway to pay expenses of courts,

boundaries defined,

Columbia organized,

Crawford, boundaries defined,

Dane organized for township government, 28
Dodge, act to divide,

Fond du Lac, towns organized in,
Iowa, act to divide,

Jefferson, towns organized in,

act to divide,

La Fayette established,

La Pointe to pay expenses of courts,

Milwaukee, act to divide,

Montgomery established,

Marquette to levy a special tax,

votes of the election in 1845 to be canvassed, 47


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