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county, conditioned to provide a suitable room for hold- Room 10 hold ing courts for the use of said county for the term of three Courts. years, the whole to be free of charge to the county, and to be entered of record in the register's office of said county. But it is hierein further provided, that unless such dred and bond, duly executed, sliall be thus recorded on or before the first. Jonday of March next, the county seat shall be and remain as now established by law ; and the supervisors of said county shall be hereby authorized to provide a building for the temporary holding of such courts until county buildings shall be prepared at Building to be the county seat; and such building, thus provided, (a cer- Movided. tificate of such fact being recorded in ile office of tie clerk of the board of supervisors of said county) shall be deemed to be the court-house of said county.

§ 7. All appeals to be taken in the manner provided Appeals when by law, froin the decisions of the probate court of the and low taken district composed of the counties of Sheboygan and Manitouwoc shall be made and returned to the district court of Brown county any law to the contrary notwithstanding.

§ 8. Froin and after the first Monday of March next, the county of Marquette shall be organized for county Marquette or. pirposes, and the first election for county oficers in said anzed for

county purpo. county shall be held on the first Tuesday of April next, at the house of S. W. Beall, the place appointed by law for holding the annual town meeting and thie returns of the election of such county officers shall be made to the iown clerk of the town of Marquette, who is bereby allthorized to canvass the same and to issue certificates of election.

§ 9. Such election shall be conducted in all respects Elections in as the law requires for conducting town meetings and it how hiel'. shall be the duty of the clerk of the board of supervisors of Fond du Lac county to post np notices of such election and also of the town ineeting of the town of Mar

rette at two or more places in such county ten days at least before the day of such meeting.

§ 10. The several towns in the counties of Calumet and Marquette, and the county of Sheboygan, shall annually pay to tlie treasurer of Fond du Lac com'y eight Per rent. to bo per centum of all taxes, except school house taxes, levied paid for ex. therein, to assist in defraying the expenses of courts. And it is hereby made the duty of the collectors of the several

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What to be taxed.

Poll list.

towns in the counties aforesaid, and of the collector of the county of Sheboygan, to collect and pay such per centage to the treasurer of the county of Fond du Lac, on or before the first Monday of January, in eaclı year; and the receipt of such treasurer sliall be a nod and sufficient roucher for such amount in settlement with the treasures of his own proper town or county; and the collectors of such towns and counties sliall be liable to the county of Fond du Lac, under their oficial bonds, for the payment, as aforesaid, for the per centage herein mentioned.

§ 11. From and after tlie first Monday of Marchi next, all assessinents that shall be made in the county of Fond du Lac for the purpose of raising taxes, shodl embrace improvements on real estat-, in addition to the property now liable by law to taxatio:).

$ 12. Tlie clerks of the boards of county supervisors of the counties of Calumet and Marquette, and the clerk of the board of commissioners of Sheboygan county, shall be required to forward to the clerk of ile board of supervisors of Fond du Lac connty, on or before the first Monday of April west, a certified copy of the poll lists of the last annual election, and the board of supervisors of the county of Fond du Lac, is liereby required to meet at the clerk's office in said county on some day prior to the first day of May next, for the purpose of preparing a list of jurors, and taking any other ineasures necessary to carry out the provisions of this act. $ 13.

The vierks of the several towns in the conntie's of Fond du Lac, Calumet and Marqnelle, and the clerk of the board of commissioners of Sheboygan county, shall post up notices of the election of slieriff' for such county at the proper places, at least ten days prior to the said day of election.

§ 14. All that portion of Lake Winnebago lying soll!h of a direct line drawn from the point where the southern boundary of the Brothertown Reservation enters said lake on the east to the town line between towns sixteen and serenteen on the west side of said lake, is herehy inade a part of the county of Fond du Lac.

$ 15. The legal voters of the county of Winnebago, shall on the day of the annual town meeting in April next, vote for or against tlie annexation of said courts, to the county of Fond du Lac for judicial purposes, and if a inajority of such votes sball be in favor of such adnexation,

Elections of


Votes to an. nex part of Winnebago.

the clerk and moderator of such town meeting shall make return of such vote to the clerk of the board of supervisors of Fond du Lac county, within ten days after the day of such meeting, and the said clerk shall record such returns in the said supervisors oftice, and when so recorded the said county of Winnebago shall be deemed to be attached to the county of Fond du Lac, and be subject to all such provisions of law as pertains to the other counties hereby attached to the county of Fond du Lac; any law to the contrary notwithstanding, and it is hereby provided, that if a najority of the legal voters of the counties of Wajority of Sheboygan and Marquette, shall in like manner on the vulcs to decide first Tuesday of April next, vote against the annexation of sail counties to the county of Fond du Lac, then the provisions of this act so far as the said comties are con- ' cerned, shall be of no eff-ct, and they shall remain as now attached to the county of Brown.

APPROVED, January 22, 1814.

AN ACT to organize the county of Dodge, and

to provide for locating the seat of justice of the


Be it enucleil by the Council and H Juse of Represent ilives of the Territory of Wisconsin: § 1. That from and after the first day of March next, when to lako

cffcct. the county of Dodge he organized for judicial purposes, and shall enjuy all the privilegis of other counties of tiis Territory. Ti shall forin a part of the third judicial distriet, and the courts therein shall be held by the judge of tlie said district.

§ 2. All writs, process, appeals, recognizances, or other proceedings commenced in the district court of Process &c. Jeffersun county, prior to the first day of Marlı next, pururnab c. shall be prosecuted to final judgment, and execution issnied thereon, in the same manner they miglit or could hare been had this act not passed; and esecution on any judgment heretofore rendered in said court shall have the like force and effrct, and may be executed and returned by the sheriff of Jefferson county; any thing in any law of this Territory to the contrary notwithstanding.

how and wlen

Sheriff when § 3. At the special election in said county, hereinafter and how cloc. provided for, the qualitied electors of said county shall

elect a sheriff, whose terin of service shall cominence on the first day of April next, and continue until the first day of January, 1.D 1847.

§ 4. That for the purpose of permanently establishing the seat of justice of the said county, a special election shall be held in the several precincts of the saine, on the third Monday of March next; at which eluction every white male person of the age ofiwenty-one years, who is an actual resident of the said county at the passige

of this act, sliall be entitled to lofte Tlie rotors as aforeConmission. ors tu lo ale

said s:all elict one commissioner in earl of the seseral scul ui Justicc. precincts of the county, who shall be a resident of the site,

and shall be elected by the said precinct; and the voters as aforesaid of the county shall elect one commissioner, who shall be a resident of the county; making fire in all, and they, or a greater part of them, shall forn a board of commissioners for the purpose of establishing the seat of justice of said county.

§ 5. The commissioners elected in pursuance of this Conmission. ors when an act, shall mert it the house of Major Prait, in said county, where to meet. on the second Monday of April nixt, and after having

taken an oath or aflirmation to fait fuily and honestly discharge the duties conferred upon then, shall proceed to locate the seat of justice of said county at such place as they may deei vost convenient for the present and future population of the said county, and th y shall make a full report of all their doings to the clerk of the board of county commissioners on or before the first Monday of July next.

§ 6. The said commissioners are authorized to purMay purchase chase of the United States, or of any individual, in the land.

name of and for the use of the said county, and quantity of land not exceeding one quarter section, which land shall be the point selected by them for the seat of justice of said county; and they are authorized to borrow, for the purpose of purchasing the same, any sum of money not exceeding two hundred dollars, at a rate of interest not to exceed ten per cent; for the payment of which the

county of Dodge shall be, and hereby is made liable. Shall report

§ 7. So soon as the said cominissioners shall hare

made the location of the seat of justice as aforesaid, it Board.

shall be their duty to make a report of the same to the

to clerk of


clerk of the board of county commissioners of said county, who shall record it, and certify the same to the Gove ernor of this Territory, and he stall thereupon issue bis proclamation declaring the place so selected to be the seat of justice of said county.

$ 8. The said comissioners shall receive for their Compensation services, such reasonable compensation as may be allow- of commis. ed then by the county commissioners of Dodge county.

§ 9. The county commissioners of the said county, May levy a are hereby althorized to levy a tax upon the taxable prop-tax. erty of the said county, of any su not to exceed tlireu bundred dollars, which tax shall be appropriated to the payment of the debt created for the purchase of the lands embracing the seat of justice, and the payment of the expenses of locating the saine, and to no other purpose whatever: Provided, that no tax exceeding three hundreed dollars, shall be leried or expended in said county of Dodge, for the erection of public buildings in said countv, mil the assessment roll of said county shall amount in the aggregate to the sun of three liundred thousand dollars.

§ 10. Until the seat of justice of sail county is establisiest and suitable buildings provided thereat, for the accorninodation of the district court and the offices which by law are now required to be held at the seat of justice Buildings and sliall be lawful fir the county coininissioners to provide, rooins. rooms for bolding the sessions of the district court, at such place or places in said county as they may deem most convenient for its inhabitants; and the said officers may keep their offices at any place in the county.

$ 11. The county coinmissioners shall file in the office shall file with of the clerk of the district court of said county, at least clerk the lo. sixty days before a session of the same, the place fixed upon (by) them for holding the said court; and the place or places so selected shall be deemed, for all intents and purposes, the court-house of the said county for the time being

APPROVED, January 20, 1844.


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