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the peninsula into an island although there is an abun. dance of water in the Slough for all boats that navigate the river. Yet as there is no passage from it to the River at its upper end, boats in order to come to the landing are obliged to enter it at its lower extremity, and then return by the same route to the main river, whereas if a passage were cut through the peninsula at the upper end, the Mississippi River would run through the Slough furnishing a channel for boats, going up and down directly past the landing

Your memorialists therefore pray that Congress will donate to the Territory the section of land before mentioned to be disposed of by the Territory for the purpose of improving the navigation of the Grant River Slough, and securing to settlers on it a right of pre-emption to their possessions upon such terms as may be reasonable.

And your memorialists will ever pray, &c.
APPROVED, January 11, 1844.

MEMORIAL for a re-appropriation of certain

monies to complete a Light House on Grassy Island near the mouth of the Fox River.

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States :

The memorial of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Wisconsin, respectfully represents :

That the erection of a Light House at or near the southern extremity of Green Bay is necessary to make the entrance at the mouth of Fox River by boats and vessels, at all times safe and commodious. For several miles below the junction of that river with the Bay, the vessel channel is narrow and circuitous, being hemmed in on either side by extensive flats, difficult to avoid in thick weather or in the night. The construction of a Light on Grassy Island would in a great measure obviate the difficulty, and make the harbor at all times accessible.

An appropriation for that purpose was made by an act of Congress passed July 7th, 1838, which has never been expended as contemplated by the act, but has reverted to the Treasury of the United States. Since the passage

of that act the commerce of Green Bay has been gradually increasing, and the number of boats and vessels arriving and clearing at said point during the last season, is believed to be double that of any previous year. The necessity therefore of such a work is much increased since the date of appropriation.

Your memorialists ask that the sum of four thousand dollars appropriated by act of July 7th, 1838, to construct a Lighthouse on Grassy Island, and which has not been expended, may be re-appropriated to the same object, and your memorialists will ever pray, &c.

APPROVED, December 20, 1813.

MEMORIAL to Congress for the indemnification

of Elbert Dickerson.

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Stales, in Congress assembled :

The memorial of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Wisconsin respectfully shews :

That sometime in the month of December 1839 that a band of Winnebago Indians consisting of about seventy persons and coming from the west side of the Wisconsin river, a region to which the Indian title had not been extinguished, forcibly entered and took possession of the buildings and farm of Elbert Dickerson of Columbus in Portage county in the Territory of Wisconsin on the east side of Wisconsin river, that such possession was retained by the said Indians until some time in March following, during which time they subsisted upon the provisions of the said Elbert Dickerson until the whole was exhausted.

Your memorialists further show that the damage sustained by the said Elbert Dickerson, by reason of such occupation of his farm and consumption of his provisions was very great. The wheat alone consumed by them amounted to twelve hundred bushels, of the value as estimated by six sworn appraisers of nine hundred and seventy dollars.

Believing that under the act of June 30, 1834, commonly called the Indian intercourse act, bis losses would be

refunded, he applied to the War department for redress and compensation.

His application to that department was rejected on the ground that his case did not come within the provisions of that act, and that therefore the department could not issue an order for the payment of the claim out of the Indians' annuity:

Your memorialists therefore recommend the case of this claimant to the favorable consideration of your Honorable bodies, and trust that the guaranty of the United States given in the aforementioned act for the eventual indemnification of persons whose property has in such manner been taken, stolen or destroyed, will be made available for the benefit of this claimant.

APPROVED, January 27, 1844.

MEMORIAL to the Congress of the United States

relative to a United States road from Prairie du Chien to La Pointe on lake Superior.

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, in Congress assembled :

The memorial of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Wisconsin respectfully shows :

That the business of an important portion of this Territory requires the laying out of a road leading from Prairie du Chien to La Pointe on Lake Superior.

Your Memorialists further state, that the proposed road will touch the principal tributary rivers of the Mississippi at points where inills for the manufacture of lumber are now established, and will furnish a communication by land with Fort Snelling and the St. Peters river, now only accessible by water in summer, and by means of the ice of the frozen river in winter.

Your memorialists further suggest, that the increasing importance and value of the copper region on Lake Superior furnishes a cogent reason for the laying out of the road in question; its proposed route being on the natural ridge between the Kickapoo river and the Mississippi, and not varying more than five miles from a due north

course, thereby diminishing the distance between the Mississippi and Lake Superior as at present travelled, more than two hundred iniles.

The liberality evinced by your lionorable bodies in making appropriations for the improvement of roads and harbors in the eastern portion of the Territory, encourages your memorialists to hope that the attention of your honorable bodies will be directed to this interesting portion of our common country, that all constitutional means will be adopted to develope its immense resources, that the power of the general Govern:nent may be brought to co-operate with individual exertion, too feeble without such aid, to overcome the obstacles which nature interposes in these regions to the full developement of their resources.

APPROVED, January 27, 1844.

RESOLUTION concerning a light house at Sauk


Resolved, by the Council and House of Representatives of Wisconsin Territory :

That our delegate is hereby requested to urge upon Congress the necessity of making an appropriation for the purpose of placing a revolving light at Sauk Harbor within this Territory.

APPROVED, January 13, 1844.

RESOLUTIONS relative to the extinguishment

of the Indian title to lands therein mentioned.

Resolved, by the Council and Ilouse of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

That the President of the United States be respectfully and earnestly requested to cause the Indian title to be ex

tinguished to the lands lying north of the Fox river and between the Wolf and Wisconsin rivers.

Resolved, That these resolutions, after being signed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the President of the Council, and approved by the Governor, be forwarded without delay to the President of the United States.

APPROVED, January 22, 1844.

RESOLUTION requiring the Governor to supply

the Wisconsin Dragoons at Mineral Point with


Resolved, by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin :

That the Governor of the Territory be authorized and requested to supply with arms the first troop of Wisconsin Dragoons at Mineral Point if the same can be done from the arins furnished by the United States for the militia of Wisconsin, and that the Captain of said troops of Dragoons upon receiving said arms shall execute to the Governor a bond with two sufficient sureties to be approved by the Governor in such sum as the Governor shall require, corresponding as near as may be with double the value of said arins and their re-delivery to the proper oficer of the Territory or future State, on proper demand made, and the said Captain shall have a right to demand from each person who shall receive said arms

a similar bond.

APPROVED, January 20, 1844.

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