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Number of coffee, sugar, and tobacco plantations, cattle ranches, and cattle..

Discussion of results.

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Proportion of those living together by mutual consent to total population
Proportion of illiterates to total population..........




Population classified by sex, race, and nativity, by provinces....


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Sugar machinery, "Central Caracas," province of Santa Clara


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Class in the corridor of the "Royal College," Habana..


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Supervisor and enumerators, province of Puerto Principe.
Supervisor and enumerators, province of Santa Clara.........



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Washington, August 25, 1900.

SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report of the census

of Cuba:

In the early part of July, 1899, I received instructions from the Hon. Russell A. Alger, Secretary of War, to prepare a "memorandum" for a census of Cuba. In August, immediately after your arrival in Washington, this "memorandum" was submitted to the Director of the United States Census, Hon. W. R. Merriam, the Assistant Director, Dr. F. H. Wines, and Mr. William C. Hunt, chief statistician. After consultation with the War Department it was decided that a census covering the field of inquiry usual in the United States was not expedient for Cuba, in view of existing conditions; that the schedules should be limited to population, agriculture, and education, as the three subjects of most importance; that the general plan of the United States census should be followed; and that, to save time, the schedules and other blank forms necessary for the enumeration of a population estimated at 1,600,000 be printed at once. The estimated cost of taking the census on this basis, together with a statement of the amount disbursed, will be found in Appendix XXI. As the Senate Committee on Cuban Relations, of which Senator O. H. Platt is chairman, will publish an itemized statement of the expenditures, they are omitted, to avoid unnecessary repetition.

It was proposed in the "memorandum" that the census be taken under the supervision of the Military Governor of the island by certain Cuban officials, assisted by officers and enlisted men of the United States Army, but as the census was primarily for the benefit of the Cubans, and as the work would demonstrate in some measure their capacity to perform an important civil duty, it was decided by the Secretary of War that the offices of supervisors and enumerators should be filled by Cubans, and that the field work should be performed by them, under the supervision of an experienced officer of the United States census, so that when the enumeration should be completed it would be a census of Cubans by Cubans.

No decision could have been more fortunate, and, coupled with the proclamation of the President, in which the census was declared to


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