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N the years 1888-1892 William A. Taylor, of Columbus, collected the

data for a book of reference which he copy-righted under the name

of the Ohio STATESMEN AND HUNDRED YEAR Book, and of which the state ordered printed an edition of 7,500 copies for free distribution. A revision under the name of Ohio STATESMEN AND ANNALS OF PROGRESS in two volumes was undertaken by Mr. Taylor in 1896-1898 which was bought,—both manuscript and copyright-by the State of Ohio in March, 1898, and an edition of 9,500 copies ordered printed for free distribution.

The present volume has been compiled (under the provisions of S. B. No. 355. O. L. vol. 94, p. 303) as an enlargement and revision of the edition of 1892, and is based on official records found in Acts of Congress, Congressional Records, Journals of the Territorial Government and of the General Assembly of Ohio, and official records and publications of the state, verified wherever possible by comparison with the best obtainable writings of men who helped to make the early history of the state and territory. The name HUNDRED YEAR BOOK which was discarded in the issue of 1898-99, has been retained in this edition because it has become a familiar name by which to express the general idea of the book and also for the reason that it is the specific name used in the copyright purchased in 1898 and in the law directing this edition to be issued. To similar publications on the part of the states of Michigan, Indiana, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania the editor is indebted for much valuable assistance in deciding upon the ground plan of this compilation, although the abundant data which crowd the history of Ohio in her first century of statehood are but inadequately represented in the contents of this book. An effort has been made to use the space at the writer's command to the best advantage, but, after all is done, it is a matter of regret that much has, of necessity, been omitted that would be acceptable to those into whose hands the book will fall. It has been a labor con amore.

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Columbus, June 1901.

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The illustrations found herein have been procured for this edition by private generosity which was appealed to in the absence of any public provision therefor. The cuts and maps are believed to be of historical value.

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