Chinese Big Business in Indonesia: The State of Capital

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Routledge, 14 Feb 2008 - 192 halaman
The disintegration of Indonesia's New Order regime in 1998 and the fall of Soeharto put an end to the crude forms of centralised authoritarianism and economic protectionism that allowed large Chinese conglomerates to dom- inate Indonesia's private sector. Contrary to all expectations, most of the major capitalist groups, though damaged considerably

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Appendices 145
power configurations of state
Chinese big business andthestate before
the conglomerates and the end of the
the survival of theconglomerates 86
towards a new accommodation 114
the state of capital 139
Notes 148
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Christian Chua works for Deutsche Bank, Germany, and lectures at the Humboldt University Berlin and the University of Frankfurt.

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