Propaganda and Persuasion

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SAGE, 2006 - 422 halaman
Propaganda and Persuasion, Fourth Edition is the only book of its kind to cover a comprehensive history of propaganda and offer insightful definitions and methods to analyze it. Building on the excellence of the three previous editions, the Fourth Edition has been revised, updated, and expanded. Authors Garth S. Jowett and Victoria O'Donnell provide a remarkable and cogent understanding of persuasion and propaganda, including rhetorical background, cultural studies, and collective memory.

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What Is Propaganda and How Does It Differ From Persuasion?
Propaganda Through the Ages
Propaganda Institutionalized
Propaganda and Persuasion Examined
Propaganda and Psychological Warfare
How to Analyze Propaganda
Propaganda in Action Four Case Studies
How Propaganda Works in Modern Society
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Garth Jowett is Professor of Communications at the University of Houston. He obtained his Ph.D. in history and communication from the University of Pennsylvania. He has served as Director for Social Research for the Canadian government's Department of Communication and has been a consultant to various international communication agencies. He has been widely published in the area of popular culture and the history of communication. His book Film: The Democratic Art (1976) was a benchmark in firm history. His other publications include Movies as Mass Communication; Children and the Movies: Media Influence and the Payne Fund Studies; and his forthcoming 5th edition of Propaganda and Persuasion with Victoria O'Donnell. He is on the boards of several communication and film journals.

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