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14. Essays in a series of Letters on the following subjects: On a man's

writing memoirs of himself. On decision of character. On the application of the epithet Romantic. On some of the causes by which evangelical religion has been rendered less acceptable to persons of cultivated taste. By John FOSTER, author of the “ Glory of the Age," &c. Sixth American from the eighth London edition, with additions and improvements by the author. Boston. James Loring. 1839.

The title of this work is all the passport it needs to public favor. A commendation from us of Foster's Essays cannot be desired by any of our readers. It is more to our purpose to say that the new edition is neat and elegant. The paper, type and the form of the book are as they should be.

15. Historical Collections ; being a general collection of interesting

Facts, Traditions, biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, &c., relating to the History and Antiquities of every town in Massachusetts, with geographical descriptions. Illustrated by 200 engravings. By John WARREN BARBER, author of Connecticut Historical Collections, Elements of General History, &c. pp. 624. 8vo. Worcester. Dorr, Howland & Co. 1839.

The character of the work corresponds with its title. Consisting as it does of miscellaneous facts relating to each town in the State, it is both interesting and, in its way, instructive. A book of this kind, being rather a collection of curiosities than a connected history, serves a rational and not uninportant end. Not professing any particular acquaintance with the special history of these towns, we cannot of course judge of the accuracy of the various details here presented. The work has the appearance of being executed with industry and judgment; and we doubt not it will furnish a welcome entertainment for the winter evenings of many an inhabitant of the Bay State. 16. The Southern Baptist Preacher ; Or Sermons by living Baptist ministers in the South. Edited by WILLIAM H. STOKES. Washington, Ga. 1839.

The first number has reached us just in time for us to give its title and a word or two from the introduction.

“In presenting this, the first number of the SouthERN BAPTIST PREACHER to the public, we can not so much say what we bave done, as what we desire to do. As we have already stated in our Proposals, so we now repeat, it is our purpose to stir up our brethren, if possible, to an effort to contribute something towards a Southərn Baptist Literature; to bring into some durable form, a few memorials of our elder brethren, who by the course of nature must soon leave us; and last, though not least, we are not without hope that in this way, we shall be able to do some good by scattering knowledge, and increasing a spirit of reading."

This number contains a sermon on Phil. 3: 8, by the venerable Jesse Mercer, of which, for want of time, we can now give no further notice.





JOHN D. PARRIS, Bangor, Me., Aug. 29. THOMAS ATKINSON, Irwinton, Ala., July | R. M. PRENTICE, Norwich Village, Chen27, aged 40.

ango Co., N. Y., Sept. 18. AUGUSTUS O. Bacon, Walthourville, Ga., D. Rounds, Nantucket, Aug. 17. July 3, aged 23.

"Nelson D. SANDERS, New Orleans, La., John Bush, Indiana, Aug. 24.

Jan. 12. John Ford, Pickins Co., Ala., June 5, Richard SATTERFIELD, New Orleans, La., aged 52.

Jan. 12. OLIVER T. Hammond, Irwinton, Ala., | Henry A. Smith, Burlington, N. Y., Aug. Sept. 6, aged 26.

15. Thomas T. Harris, Green Lawn, Va., James A. B. STONE, Gloucester, Mass., Aug. 25, aged 52.

Nov. 13. John R. PRICE, Buckland, Mass., Oct. 19, Thomas Taylor, Manchester, lil., Aug. aged 28.

12. Nichols JOHNSON, Fiskville, R. I., Aug. STEPHEN Van Huser, Bristol, Ontario 20, aged 45.

Co., N. Y., Aug. 29. Philip Mathews, Prince Edwards Co., HEAVLIN WARD, Lyons, N. Y., Sept. 18. Va., Aug. 10.

David R. Williams, Bangor, Me., Aug. JOHN SMITH, Carrolton, Ill., Aug. 6.

29. GEORGE WHITWELL, Crawford Co., Pa., Isaac WOODBURY, Haverhill, Mass., Nov. Aug. 19. ORDINATIONS.

CONSTITUTION OF CHURCIJES. Cyrus Barker, Newport, R. I., Sept. 3.

At Jackson, Miss., May, Imlah G, BARKER, Newton, Mass., Aug.

At Lake Co., Ia., May.

At Triana, Ala., June 2. ABChibald BENNET, Norwich, Vt., June

At Sangerville, Me., June 10. 15.

At Lexington, Ia., June 16. Y BLACKMAN. Villanou via. N. Y.. | At Little Missouri, Schuyler Co., Ill., June June 23. Joseph B. BREED, Lynn, Mass., Sept. 24.

At La Salle, III., June 21. ROSWELL CHENEY, Girard, Pa., Oct. 8.

At Tuscaloosa, Ala., June 22. William P. Cool, Belfast, N. Y., June 27.

At Jacksonville, I., June 22. William DICKENS, Middletown, Conn.Sept. | A!

At Wethersfield, N., June. 18.

At Clinton, Ohio, June.
J. SEWALL Eaton, Hartford, Ct., Nov. 13. | At Mount Moriah, Clark Co., Me.
SAMUEL W. Field, North Yarmouth, Me.,

At Rock Creek, Menard Co., III.
Oct. 3.

At Jones Co., Ga., July 6. David P. FRENCH, Sullivan, N. H., Sept.

| At Wyconda, Clark Co., Me., July 6. 5.

At La Beouff, Erie Co., Pa., July 8. EDGAR H. Gray, Freeport. Me.. Oct. 30. | At Mount Pleasant, M., July 20. JONATHAN H. GREENE, Cavendish, Vt.,

At Carlisle, N. Y., July 29. Aug. 15.

At Sugar Creek, Tazewell Co., III., Aug. 4. PELATIH HANSCOM, South Hampton, N. | At Middlebourne, Va., Aug. 12. H., July 5.

At West Point, Ohio, Aug. 18. John Johnson, Charleston, Me., Oct. 8. | At Tremont, Rockland Co., N. Y., Aug. INCREASE Jones, Pittsford, Vt., July 25. ASA MARSH, Jeffersonville, Ia., Sept. 2

At Richville, N. Y., Aug. 28. Elias L. MAGOON, Newton, 'Mass., Aug. At Lyons, N. Y., Sept. 18.

SULLIVAN A. MAXIM; Palmyra,Me.,Oct. 29

John McCoe, Northfield, Mich., July 11. In Canton, Ct., Aug. 22.
A. L. McLellan, Piqua,'o., Oct. 15. In Edgartown, Mass., Sept. 6.
John McQUESTOR, Macon Co., Ala., July In Keene, N. H., Sepi. 17.

In Gloversville, N. Y., Sept. 18.
CYRUS MINER, North Stonington, Ct., In Addison, Me., Oct. 2.
Aug. 22.

| In Dexter, Me., Oct. 30.


16., Salle

[blocks in formation]


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