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[No. 1.).." AN ACT, To provide for the Assessment and Collection of Taxes.

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Poll tax ISACAS

Seprion 1.. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of .' Representas, of the Srite of Ilirbimui, in General Property taxe dass'in bly co:noneit, Ihat the fooline will persons and pr 147 Vill b4 9 jrt tulisation namely:

First. A poll lar shall be levied on every white male nhabilitli oot inis stale hei weer the ages of i wenty one p and Gry years, wilettiera iriz?I or an allen in the miner her:"111tier provided in this act. Socorid All propriy real or personal of thrinha hi. ,

All real and pogo tents of this Suite wherever it may big or of pl.oli r:sidents and property hewig within ilois Stitle, and not expressly pxeinpol by law, 11xront of 11112-bey ball Dry subject to taxallon, as hereinafter provided by Oruon sen.d uks, bjs all | Tuirl. Tu ter ni real estate” and “ppal proper. 17.asused in this act, s'all for the purposes of lax. Tive term rraler

late defined. tion bio (histrud to include all lands within the State ; Il bowl:wgs and other things erected theoll, or attached or firelikreto. Pr!rth Pörsonal estate," and personal property,

pranortu» (1:0 pero inal es

late. ball for list purposes of taxation be construed an inelule trainwonen,whipo: ill honosobould liinilture, gwls, chattels, ino!ys and 26:1$ and vessela, mio wherever lijev in sy be; all steam hals ships 2010 vessels.

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'or n 1, a!) dobog whether al honor abroad; all moneys whether at inter- in or out of these 88 or 1101; all debis due the persons to buy tin geld whether state, public,

olupit debitors for money

...e che for in or 0111 of ih- State, frun

ma torks, turi ikas, haned. all public stocks and securities; all stocks or in. tarehises, corpo

Test is bornpikes, bridges and ferries, and other franchises r. ion incomo. of corporations in or out of ine Stale; and all income of ..

c. and won of all other property

aut montbed 'y trade, profession or employment, together with all der any hound

S. St


other property of whatsoever kind or description not in. cluded muder the head of real estate,” as defined in the

preceeding defimtion. Prorided that nothing in any part

not of this section contained, shall be so construieri as to mclude waxed nor proper stocks of the Uuited Staies-property paying a lax in any twtaxed in other other Siate, Territory or Country, or income arising from States.

any species of property paying a tax to this state, or from the trade or employment of any artizan or maquel laborer.

Sectioir 2 And be it further enucied, That the follow. Polls and proping properiv aud pous shall be exempt from taxation erly exempt.

mawely: . Ist of U S. & of First The real and personal property of the United mais State, of any States and of this Siale, the real and personal properly of

is, and of St: any county in the State, and of the State Bank and Bank & branches


Second. All lauds owned or sold by the United States, %. within 5 yeart's outil she term or five years from the day of sale slali bave

expired. of literary insti. Third. All property real or personal of any literary, tition-, benevo scientia, neuevoleul, or charitable society or iustirntion, Hent societies in

*** incorporatrd within ibis State, acimally occupied of rised eurporated,

by any such society or instin111101) on by the officers thereof,

for ile purposius for which the same was incorporated.

sex Fourth. All houses of religious worship. and i he pews winin birint and fournirl17p cof the Sime ; also all tombs, burial groinds groinds & rights and rights of burial.

. Fill The polls and property to the value of one Rvvucionary thousand dollars of revolutionary Holdireto $1000

soldiers; and the a. sal a ars Ore an of Suidiers of mount of property 10 W X111p1 Iron exec'11110n1. wlienever war of 1812-14 as the owuer of the same is a soldi? who served in tlie war frasil jsexinipe of 1812 audisit in defence of the United State's. from excution. Lidians exeinpt. Sirih. Tore polls of all Indiaus.

Suventh. The polls and estates of persons win by The aged, infirm reasis of age, infirmity, or poverty, may, in the judg. & ind poor exempt. quent of the assessors be liable to contribute to the public


Eighth. All slaves who may be matic, blind or inLunatie, blindi & sane, or who may froin any other cause die entirely una insane, or unprof- urofuable to their owriers : Provided, that nothing here. jale slaves cx- ! empi.

in contained shall be so construed as to esempt any slave fren taxation, by reason of the intaucy or youtli of such slave


Novalioll furni- Ninth. The household furniture of every person not pure under $200,

Kexceeding two hundred dollars in value-all wearing up fulming resia, liparei, larining a d borrientier itensils, libraries, and the Brais mee in lowls of all me, hinics Decessary to carry on their business, s-toois.& instsit.

practions and all surgical instruments and apparalls belonging ka

well!, Prag

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