Research Methods in Second Language Acquisition: A Practical Guide

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Alison Mackey, Susan M. Gass
John Wiley & Sons, 12 Des 2011 - 326 halaman
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Research Methods in Second Language Acquisition: A PracticalGuide is an informative guide to research design andmethodology in this growing and vibrant field. Utilizing researchmethods and tools from varied fields of study including education,linguistics, psychology, and sociology, this collection offerscomplete coverage of the techniques of second language acquisitionresearch.

This guide covers a variety of topics, such as second languagewriting and reading, meta-analyses, research replication,qualitative data collection and analysis, and more. Each chapter ofthis volume offers background, step-by-step guidance, and relevantstudies to create comprehensive coverage of each method. Thiscarefully selected and edited volume will be a useful text forgraduate students and scholars looking to keep pace with the latestresearch projects and methodologies in second languageacquisition.


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Formal TheoryBased Methodologies
Instructed Second Language Acquisition
How to Design and Analyze Surveys in Second Language
How to Carry Out Case Study Research
How to Use Psycholinguistic Methodologies for Comprehension
How to Research Second Language Writing
How to Do Research on Second Language Reading
How to Collect and Analyze Qualitative Data
Data Coding Analysis and Replication
Coding Qualitative Data
How to Run Statistical Analyses
How to Do a MetaAnalysis
Why When and How to Replicate Research
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Alison Mackey is Professor of Linguistics and Head of the Applied Linguistics Programs at Georgetown University. She has published ten books, including Conversational Interaction in Second Language Acquisition (2007), and more than 50 articles and book chapters on second language learning by children and adults.

Susan M. Gass is University Distinguished Professor and Director of both the English Language Center and the Second Language Studies Ph.D. Program at Michigan State University. She has published widely in the field of second language acquisition, including Second Language Acquisition: An Introductory Course with Larry Selinker (2008), and has served as the president of AAAL and of AILA.

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