Conversion of Small Business Enterprises to War Production, Volume 1

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Halaman 243 - Accordingly, contracts for standard or other items which involve relatively simple production problems shall be placed with concerns, normally the smaller ones, which are less able to handle the more difficult war-production problems.
Halaman 1 - Service"), which shall be headed by a Director who shall be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate for a term of four years.
Halaman 254 - June 30, 1952, except for purposes of liquidation, unless its life is extended beyond such date pursuant to Act of Congress...
Halaman 85 - Our task is hard — our task is unprecedented — and the time is short. We must strain every existing armament-producing facility to the utmost. We must convert every available plant and tool to war production. That goes all the way from the greatest plants to the smallest — from the huge automobile industry to the village machine shop.
Halaman 2 - In which a small-business concern or group of such concerns has been certified by or under the authority of the Administration to be a competent Government contractor with respect to capacity and credit as to a specific Government contract...
Halaman 152 - Overtime is paid for all work in excess of 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week and for Saturdays and Sundays worked.
Halaman 152 - An eight and a half (8}) hour period less thirty minutes for meals on the employee's time. Pay for a full shift period shall be a sum equivalent to eight (8) times the regular hourly rate with no premium.
Halaman 253 - The Chairman of the War Production Board shall have power, and he is hereby directed, whenever and to the extent that he determines such action to be necessary — (1) to make, or arrange with the Bureau of the Census or such other governmental agency as may be possessed of the necessary personnel and facilities for the making of, a complete...
Halaman 11 - ... Secretary of the Navy, the Director of the Procurement Division of the Treasury, and all other officers of the Government having procurement powers are directed to accept such certification as conclusive, and are authorized to let such Government procurement contract to such concern or group of concerns without requiring it to meet any other requirements with respect to capacity and credit.
Halaman 199 - Memorandum for: The Chief of the Air Corps; the Chief, Chemical Warfare Service; the Chief of Coast Artillery; the Chief of Engineers; the Chief, National Guard Bureau; the Chief of Ordnance; the Quartermaster General; the Chief Signal Officer; the Surgeon General.

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