Child Care in Context: Cross-cultural Perspectives

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Michael E. Lamb, Kathleen J. Sternberg, Carl-Philip Hwang, Anders G. Broberg
Psychology Press, 2 Jan 2014 - 562 halaman
Child care is an integral part of the web of influences and experiences that shape children's development. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach that covers both historic and economic contexts, this unique book characterizes child care in 18 countries on five continents. Specific historical roots and the current social contexts of child care are delineated in industrialized as well as in developing countries. To increase the depth of crosscultural analysis and integration, commentators from countries and disciplines other than the authors comment on the issues raised in each chapter.

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The Contributors
Onthe History Current Status
A PoliticalCultural Perspective on Day Care in the Netherlands Italy
Parental Versus Nonparental Child Carein the Early YearsFroma Speaking Swiss Perspective French
Comparisons of the Patterns of Child Care in Some European Countries
Day Care in the United Kingdom in Historical Perspective
History of Child Care in the United States Before 1950
Child CareintheEnglishSpeaking Countries with Reference to Australia
Past Present and Future
Day Care in the Peoples Republic of China
Israel China andJapan ShingJen Chen
Early Childhood Care and Education in Cameroon
Sociocultural Origins and Developmental
African DimensionsofChild Care and Nurturance

The Modern
Day Care inCanada
Similar History Similar Markets Similar Policies Yield Similar Fixations
Child Careinthe AngloSaxon Mode
Child Care in Brazil
The Shaping of ChildCare Policies
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