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Maj. Willard A. Doerr, recorder.
Capt. John C. F. Palmer, assistant recorder.
Capt. Floyd G. Whitney, personnel officer.
Lieut. F. W. T. Sterchi, supply officer.
Conson C. Wilson, office manager.



John Garland Pollard, member of board in charge of trial section.
Maj. Chas. S. Miller, executive officer, trial section.
Capt. Edward Anderson, secretary of trial section.

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Group A.-Maj. Lester S. Hill, jr., chief attorney ; Capt. Fannin A. Morgan, as

sistant chief; Joseph E. Cavanaugh; Isaac Diggs; E. W. Wyatt;

T. G. Walsh ; John H. Tabb.
Group B.-Maj. Harry E. O'Neill; chief attorney ; D. F. Fowler, assistant chief;

Capt. Geo. A. Frazer ; Lieut. R. R. Hendon; J. G. Fox; W. C. Par

riott; G. K. Carver ; F. C. Baggarly. Group C.-A. S. Barnes, chief attorney ; G. S. Clarke, assistant chief; Jas. W.

Ballard; 0. L. Bowen; R. R. Richarsdon; Paca Oberlin; A. F.

Thomas; C. T. Bowers.
Group D.-Maj. F. E. Blackburn, chief attorney ; J. W. Bailey, assistant chief;

I. W. Eason ;. Wm. B. Thomas; C. 0. Shaw; W. L. Bainton; J. C.

Carmichael ; Capt. C.TM. Brune.
Group E.-Maj. A. V. Dalrymple, chief attorney ; Lieut. P. H. Marcum, assistant

chief; Capt. C. A. Barnard; H. 0. Acuff; F, D. Waddell; W. J.

Cullinan; E. C. Alvord ; A. G. Robertson.
Group F.--Maj. C. A. Hope, chief attorney ; Capt. Hugh Reilly, assistant chief;

Lieut. R. T. W. Duke; J. R. Sheppard, jr. ; R. J. Downey ; J. D.

Van Wagoner ; J. L. Krupshaw; W. E. Simpson.
Group G.-Maj. R. R. Farr, chief attorney ; Capt. H. H. Harris, assistant chief;

Lieut. Marion S. Tanner ; E. M. Averill; R. S. Ely; W. L. Hopkins;

R. W. Stump; H. K. White.
Group H.-Maj. Frank E. Taylor, chief attorney ; Lieut. Frank B. Lent, as-

sistant chief; Lin. W. Price; Mark Reardon, 3d; R. J. Kennedy;

E. G. Smith; T. B. Benson.
Group 1.-Maj. Wilbur Ryman, chief attorney ; Capt. Roy E. Powell, assistant

chief; B. A. Low; D. E. Rorer; P. B. Woodfin; Thomas J. Wing

field; G. C. Shinn; E. C. Folkes.
Special assignment on cotton linters " cases.-Capt. Claude Hendon.
Technical group.-J. H. McKenna, Engineers, chief of group; Jno. Hartnett, jr.,

chemical auditor; Wm. Linden, acco ant; A. H. N. Ba
countant; J. C. A. Newman, accountant; W. R. Robertson, C. P. A.;
J. T. Elliott, ordnance expert.




Robert L. Henry, board member in charge of Legal Advisory Section ; J. A. Tyson, chief counsel ; Maj. Earl F. Phelps, assistant chief counsel; Hugh C. Smith, assistant chief counsel; W. C. Parriott, counsel; J. C. Carmichael, counsel ; B. M. Price, counsel ; Harold Allen, counsel.



The decisions made by the Board of Contract Adjustment of the War Department may be said to be the interpretations of the law and of the orders and regulations laid down by the Secretary of War for the adjustment of his contracts after the armistice of November 11, 1918. In order that these decisions may be the more easily understood, this preface and the attached orders and circulars are here inserted in the first volume. In many cases where a contract was found by the Board to have been made within the terms of the act of March 2, 1919, the contract was formulated and certified but no decision was written. Hence the great preponderance of decisions here printed which deny relief.

As there was no uniform policy at first in the drawing of disposition clauses in decisions, they have generally been omitted from the printed reports of all cases prior to page 566 of this volume.


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