Decisions of the War Department Board of Contract Adjustments, Volume 1

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Halaman 667 - Unless a different intention appears, the following are rules for ascertaining the intention of the parties as to the time at which the property in the goods is to pass to the buyer.
Halaman 302 - An Act to Provide relief in cases of contracts connected with the prosecution of the war, and for other purposes...
Halaman 667 - Where there is an unconditional contract for the sale of specific goods, in a deliverable state, the property in the goods passes to the buyer when the contract is made, and it is immaterial whether the time of payment or the time of delivery, or both, be postponed.
Halaman 340 - It shall be the duty of the Secretary of War, of the Secretary of the Navy, and of the Secretary of the Interior to cause and require every contract made by them severally on behalf of the Government, or by their officers under them appointed to make such contracts, to be reduced to writing, and signed by the contracting parties, with their names at the end thereof...
Halaman 841 - The Secretary of War is the regular constitutional organ of the President for the administration of the military establishment of the nation ; and rules and orders publicly promulgated through him must be received as the act of the Executive, and as such be binding upon all within the sphere of his legal and constitutional authority.
Halaman lxiii - An Act to provide further for the national security and defense by encouraging the production, conserving the supply, and controlling the distribution of food products and fuel...
Halaman 249 - States for its use, he shall, if he ultimately receives a patent, have the right to sue for compensation in the Court of Claims, such right to compensation to begin from the date of the use of the invention by the Government.
Halaman 333 - No interest shall be allowed on any claim up to the time of the rendition of judgment by the Court of Claims, unless upon a contract expressly stipulating for the payment of interest...
Halaman 417 - Chitty as the result of the cases, and his authorities support the statement, "that agreements in restraint of trade, whether under seal or not, are divisible; and, accordingly, it has been held that when such an agreement contains a stipulation which is capable of being construed divisibly, and one part thereof is void as being in restraint of trade, whilst the other is not, the court will give effect to the latter, and will not hold the agreement to be void altogether.
Halaman 662 - If the written draft is viewed by the parties merely as a convenient memorial, or record of their previous contract, its absence does not affect the binding force of the contract; if, however, it is viewed as the consummation of the negotiation, there is no contract until the written draft is finally signed.

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