The New Timon: A Romance of London

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H. Colburn, 1846 - 200 halaman

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Halaman 53 - Muse forbid !) the boon Of borrowed notes, the mock-bird's modish tune, The jingling medley of purloin'd conceits, Outbabying Wordsworth, and outglittering Keates, Where all the airs of patchwork-pastoral chime To drowsy ears in Tennysonian rhyme...
Halaman 34 - all must die !" Then rush to pleasure, action, sin once more, Swell the loud tide, and fret unto the shore. And o'er the altered scene Calantha's eye Roves listless — yet Time's Great the passers by ! Along the road still fleet the men, whose names Live in the talk the Moment's glory claims. There, for the hot Pancratia of Debate Pass the keen wrestlers for that palm, — the State. Now, " on his humble but his faithful steed...
Halaman 37 - Nor gout, nor toil, his freshness can destroy, And Time still leaves all Eton in the boy ; First in the class, and keenest in the ring, He saps like Gladstone, and he fights like Spring...
Halaman 3 - ... wheels ; The lean grimalkin, who, since night began, Hath hymn'd to love amidst the wrath of man, Scared from his raptures by the morning star, Flits finely by, and threads the area bar ; From fields suburban rolls the early cart ; As rests the revel, so awakes the mart. Transfusing Mocha from the beans within, Bright by the crossing gleams the alchemic tin, — There halts the craftsman ; — there, with envious sigh, The houseless vagrant looks, and limps foot-weary by.
Halaman 37 - One after one, the Lords of Time advance; Here Stanley meets — how Stanley scorns ! — the glance. The brilliant chief, irregularly great, Frank, haughty, rash, the Rupert of Debate ; Nor gout nor toil his freshness can destroy, And time still leaves all Eton in the boy.
Halaman 84 - Alone ! — that worn-out word, So idly spoken, and so coldly heard ; Yet all that poets sing, and grief hath known, Of hope laid waste, knells in that word — ALONE ! " Who contemplates, aspires, or dreams, is not Alone : he peoples with rich thoughts the spot. The only loneliness — how dark and blind ! — Is that where fancy cannot dupe the mind ; — Where the heart, sick, despondent, tired with all, Looks joyless round and sees the dungeon...
Halaman 181 - Thou ask'st why Christ, so lenient to the deed, So sternly claims the faith which founds the creed ; Because, reposed in faith the soul has calm ; The hope a haven and the wound a balm ; Because the light, dim seen in Reason's dream, On all alike, through faith alone, could stream. God...
Halaman 38 - Next cool, and all unconscious of reproach, Comes the calm "Johnny who upset the coach."* How formed to lead, if not too proud to please, — His fame would fire you, but his manners freeze. Like or dislike, he does not care a jot; He wants your vote, but your affection not; Yet human hearts need sun, as well as oats, — So cold a climate plays the deuce with votes.
Halaman 6 - And low the form, tho' lightly shaped the limb ; Yet life glowed vigorous in that deep-set eye, With a calm force that dared you to defy; And the small foot was planted on the stone Firm as a gnome's upon his mountain throne ; Simple his garb, yet what the wealthy wear, And conscious power gave lordship to his air. Lone in the Babel thus the maid and man ; Long he gazed silent, and at last began : — "Poor, homeless outcast — dost thou see me stand Close by thy side — yet beg not? Stretch thy...
Halaman 29 - was not mirth, for mirth she was too still ; It was not wit, wit leaves the heart more chill; But that continuous sweetness, which, with ease, Pleases all round it, from the wish to please.

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