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By whom, and when, was Harvard College founded ?

Have many persons, of great eminence in church and state, received their public education in this institution ?

What tends to the honor of God, the promotion of the christian religion, and the great benefit of the Union ?

By the Constitution what are ratified and confirmed unto the President and Fellows of Harvard College, and their successors forever?

What more than these ? All gifts, grants, &c.

Who are successors to those, who were Overseers of Harvard College, before the present constitution was adopted ?

Who with them constitute the board ?

May the Legislature make alterations in the government of this University?


What are necessary for the preservation of the rights and liberties of the people ?

On what do these depend ?

In all future periods of this Commonwealth, what shall it be the duty of Legislatures and Magistrates to do? To cherish the interests

in the towns. - What are they to encourage?



What if a person has been convicted of bribery or corruption in obtaining an election or appointment ? :

In all cases where sums of money are mentioned in this Constitution, how shall the value be computed ?

Is it in the power of the Legislature to increase the qualifications, as to property, of persons to be elected to office ?

In what name shall all commissions be?
By whom shall they be signed, and attested ?
What seal shall be affixed to them ? .

In what name shall all writs be, which are issued from the Clerk's office in any of the courts of law ?

Under what seal shall they be ?

What test shall they bear ? and by whom shall they be signed ?

Do the laws, which were used, approved, and practiced on in this state, before the present Constitution was adopted, still remain in full force ?

How shall the benefit of the writ of Habeas Corpus be enjoyed in this Commonwealth ?

May it be suspended by the Legislature ?
For how long time?

In making and passing all acts, statutes, and laws, what shall the enacting style be ?

What shall be done with this form of government? and what shall it be?

To what books shall printed copies of it be prefixed ?
In this Constitution is provision made for amendments ?
By whom, and when was it amended!


Under what circumstances shall a bill or resolve not become a law ?

Who have authority to erect and constitute city governments in corporated towns ? What may they grant to the inhabitants ? Such powers

at such meetings. How many inhabitants must be in a town, before it can have the privileges of a city government?

What must be done by the inhabitants, before these privileges can be granted to a town ? Who may annul all by-laws made by a city government ?

Who may rote in the election of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Senators and Representatives? Every male citizen

this Commonwealth. Who beside ?

By whom, and in what manner, shall Notaries Public be appointed ?

How many years shall they hold their offices ?
By whom, and how, may they be sooner removed?

In case the office of Secretary, or Treasurer of this Commonwealth shall become vacant during the recess of the General Court, what shall be done ?

How shall a Commissary General be-nominated, appointed and commissioned ?

How may all commissioned militia officers be removed: from office ?

In the election of Captains and Subalterns of the militia who shall have a right to vote ?

What shall every person, chosen or appointed to any office, do, before he shall enter on the duties of his office ?

What is the language of the oath required ?
Must a Quaker use the same language ?
What variations may he make ?

Shall any other oath, declaration, or subscription, be: required of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Counsellors, Senators, or Representatives ?

Who shall not at the same time hold the office of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, or Counsellor, or have a seat in the Senate or House of Representatives?

What exceptions ?

Who shall not hold their offices, after being elected members of Congress, if they accept that trust?

How shall their acceptance of such trust be deemed ?

May Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas hold any other office under the government of this State ?

Can this Constitution be amended again?
What method must be taken ?


How many years since this Constitution was adopted ? What causes have rendered some parts of it almost useless ? When was the State of Maine separated from this State ?

* Fully to answer a few of these questions, the pupil must have access to books, usually found in libraries of Civilians.

Into how many parts is the Government of Massachusetts divided ?

Who compose the Legislative department ? the Executive ? the Judicial ?

What officers are annually chosen ?

What offices may not be filled by the same persons more than five years in succession ?

What officers hold their offices during good behavior ?

The commissions of what officers become void in seven years from their respective dates ?

Into how many districts for choosing Senators is the State divided ?

How many Colleges are there in this Commonwealth ?

Why is particular provision made for Harvard College, while nothing is said of the other two?

In this State has a Commissary General ever been appointed ?

Is the Constitution easy to be understood ?

What is the meaning of the expression, bail on mean process ? writ of Habeas Corpus ?

Is the government of this State subject to any higher human power ?

Why is it highly important, that the sons of Massachusetts should study the Constitution, as a classic ?

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