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Can a town of this description, incorporated since the adoption of the Constitution have the same privilege ?

In what case may towns be fined by the House of Representatives ?

For how much travel does the government pay each member?

How shall the members of the House of Representatives be chosen ?

What is requisite to qualify a man to be elected a Representative ?

What if he should cease to be thus qualified ?
When shall the members of the House be annually chosen ?

What body of men is the grand inquest of this commonwealth?

By what body of men shall all impeachments, made by the House, be heard and tried ?

Where shall all money bills originate?
Who may propose or concur with amendments ?

Have the House of Representatives power to adjourn themselves ?

How many members of the House shall constitute a quorum for doing business?

What shall the House of Representatives be? The Judge, &c. What shall they do? Choose, &c.

Whom have they authority to punish by imprisonment ? Every person, not a member, who

of the House. When shall the members of the House not be arrested, or held to bail on mean process ?

In like cases shall the Senate have the same powers ? Shall the Governor and Council have the same authority!

How long may a person be imprisoned for doing harm, or showing disrespect to the General Court ?

In their own way, may the Senate and House try and determine all cases, where their rights and privileges are concerned ?





Shall there be in this State a Supreme Executive Magistrate ?

What is he styled ?
What is his title?
How often shall the Governor be chosen ?

What qualifications are requisite for a man to be eligible to this office ? At the time

Must be be a man of piety ?

What is the method to be adopted in choosing the Governor ? Those persons

the said day. What shall the Secretary do with copies of votes, transmitted to him ?

Who shall examine the votes, and declare the choice made by the people ?

If no choice is made by the people, what must be done? The House of Representatives

declared Gov


What authority has the Governor ?

What power and authority has he with advice of Council ? To adjourn

within the state. When shall the Governor dissolve the General Court ?

What must be done in cases of disagreement between the two Houses in regard to the time of adjournment or prorogation ?

What other full power has the Governor of this commonwealth ? He shall be

annoying this Commonwealth ? Is he entrusted with other


also ? Can he transport, or oblige any of the inhabitants to march out of the limits of the State ?

Is there any exception ?

With advice of Cnuncil has the Governor the power of pardoning offences ?

Will a charter of pardon, before conviction, be availing ?

With the advice and consent of Council what officers may the Governor nominate and appoint ?

How many days must the nominations be made prior to appointments ?

In what manner, and by whom shall the field officers of regiments be elected ?

How, and by whom shall the brigadiers be elected ? Who shall commission them and determine their rank?

What shall the Legislature do concerning the choice of these officers ?

Who shall appoint the Major Generals ?
Who shall commission them?

What, if the men authorized neglect, or refuse to make such elections ?

May a militia officer be removed from his office ? Who shall appoint Adjutants' and Quarter Masters ? Brigade Majors ? Aids ? the Adjutant General ?

Who shall appoint officers of the continental army? of forts and garrisons ?

How shall monies be issued out of the treasury of this Commonwealth and disposed of ?

What exceptions ?

Who shall once in three months, and oftener if requested, give an official account to the Governor of all the property under their care ?

Must they be very particular and distinguishing ? If required by the Governor, what shall the commanding officers of forts do?

What shall boards and public officers do ?

Why is it necessary, that the Governor should have an honorable permanent salary?

Shall the Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court have permanent and honorable salaries also ?

What, if it shall be found, that any of their salaries are insufficient for their support?


Shall a Lieutenant Governor be annually elected?
What shall be his title?

What qualifications are requisite, that a man may be eligible to this office ? How shall he be chosen ?

Who shall be president of the Council ?
Who shall always be a member of the Council !
Is there any exception ?

If the chair of the Governor is vacant by death or otherwise, who shall perform the duties, and exercise the powers of the Governor ?


For what purpose shall there be a Council in the executive part of Government ?

Of how many persons shall it consist?
Who may assemble the Council at his discretion ?

Who may hold and keep a Coụncil for managing the affairs of the Commonwealth ?

In what manner, and from among whom shall the Counsellors be chosen? They shall be - people at large.

Who shall constitute the Senate for the year ?
What rank shall the Counsellors have ?

Counsellors may reside in the same District ? What shall be done with the resolutions and advice of Council ?

By whom may this record be called for ?
What may any member of the Council do?

What, if the office of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor should be vacant by reason of death or otherwise ?

What, if the two Houses are not able to make all the specified elections on the last Wednesday of May ?

What shall be the order of elections ?

How many


By whom, and what officers shall be chosen annually by joint ballot ?

How long time may a man be eligible to the office of Treasurer, or Receiver General ?

Why not?

Where shall the records of the Commonwealth be kept ?

Who may appoint the deputies, and shall be accountable for their conduct ?

In person or by his deputies. what shall the Secretary do?

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In the respective commissions of officers what shall be expressed ?

How long time shall all judicial officers hold their offices ?
What exceptions ?

Who have a right to require the opinions of the Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court upon important questions of law, and upon solemn occasions ?

Why shall the commissions of Justices of the Peace become void in seven years from their respective dates ?

May their comnissions be renewed ?

What shall Judges of Probate of wills, and for granting letters of administration do?



When, and how shall delegates to Congress be chosen ?
When do their services commence ?
Shall they be commissioned ?
May they be recalled at any time?
How shall their places be filled ?

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