Letters of Madame de Sévigné to Her Daughter and Her Friends, Volume 6

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Halaman 209 - ... speaking of Talbot's exploits in Paris, 1640, writes: The English physician has promised the king, Louis XIV., in so positive a manner, even on the forfeiture of his life, to cure his Highness, the Dauphin, both of his vomiting and his fevers, that if he should fail, I believe on my conscience they would throw him out of the window ; and on the other hand, should his predictions prove as true in this case as they have...
Halaman 150 - Mais, si sur votre front je puis me voir un jour, La plus humble des fleurs sera la plus superbe.
Halaman 214 - Les vers que tu nous dis , Oronte, sont les miens: Mais quand tu les dis mal, Ils deviennent les tiens. Ad Flaccum, liv.
Halaman 178 - Mdlle. de Scudery has just sent me two little volumes of conversations ; it is impossible that they should not be good, now that they are not drowned in a great romance.
Halaman 220 - I don't know whether you have heard that the beautiful Fontanges is in a convent, not so much to spend the holy days there as to prepare herself for the voyage to eternity.
Halaman 331 - ... an account of their methods of healing. They first bathed the wound with " arquebusade water"; then, she says, " I do not know whether the cure is performed by sympathy, but the wound is gradually growing better as the herbs with which it is dressed, and which are afterwards buried, rot in the ground. I was inclined to laugh at this, but the Capuchins tell me that every day they experience good effects from this practice.
Halaman 299 - With joy to your sympathetic powder ; it is indeed a divine remedy ; the wound has noW changed its aspect, and is, in a manner, dry and healed : in short, if, by the assistance of this powder, which God has sent me by your hand, I can once more walk about, as I used to-do, yott may say to yourself, with certainty, My mtither is perfectly well.
Halaman 304 - Lorraine. it, since k is not expected that the cure should be instantaneous, provided it be effected at last.
Halaman 333 - ... the capuchins snatched her from the jaws of death ; it was really worth hearing : you will say, perhaps, her time was not come ; no one joins more heartily in such an opinion than myself; but still I cannot help admiring the second causes made use of by Providence to call a poor creature from death to life.
Halaman 28 - ... our axle-trees in water. From Vitre here, a road which I have travelled a thousand times, the place was entirely unrecognisable. The causeways were impassable; the ruts were sunk to a frightful depth; the little inequalities in the road were higher and deeper than they were; and therefore, seeing that we could no longer find our way, we sent to Pilois for help. He soon came, bringing with him about a dozen country-men, some of whom held up the carriage^ while others went in front with wisps of...

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