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By laws.

20. (1) The Council shall have power, from time to time, to make by-laws, rules and regulations, not inconsis. tent with this Act :

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(a) For the proper management, control and operation

of the electric light and power plant and system acquired and installed under this Act;

(b) For the appointment, tenure of office and payment

of all such officers and employees as may be deemed necessary for the operation and manage. ment of the said system, and for the preservation and protection of any property belonging thereto or connected therewith;

(c) Generally all such other by-laws, rules and regu

lations as may be found necessary or expedient for the efficient carrying out of the provisions of this Act.

(2) The Council may, by such by-laws, affix penalties of fine or imprisonment for violations thereof, which may be enforced under “The Nova Scotia Summary Convictions Act.”

(3) Such by-laws shall have like force and effect as if they were enacted herein as a part of this Act, from the time the saine shall be approved by the Governor-inCouncil.

Infraction of by laws.

21. Persons offending against any provisions of any bylaw, rules or regulations aforesaid, after the same shall have been approved, may be arrested on view by any peace officer of the town, and confined in the town lock-up until he can be brought before the stipendiary magistrate of the town,

Evidence of by-law.

22. The production of a copy of any by-law, rule or regulation made under this Act, certified under the hand of the town clerk, and the seal of the town, shall be sufficient evidence in any court of justice of the said by-law, rule or regulation, and of its approval by the Governor-in-Council

, without proof of the official character of the town clerk, or of his signature or of the seal.


23. (1) Notwithstanding anything in this Act herein before contained, if the amount awarded by the arbitrators as compensation for any land or property or franchises taken, or to be taken, or acquired by the town, appears to the Council excessive when compared with the benefits that will enure to the town by this Act, or with the work proposed to be done thereunder, the Council may, at any time, suspend or abandon operations under this Act, or any portion thereof affected by such award, and may, within one month after the making of the award, notify the owner or owners of such suspension or abandonment, but the town shall be liable for all damages or costs incurred by the company in consequence of such notice and abandonment.

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(2) - If the town council decides to proceed with such operations, the town shall within six months after the arbitrators' award has been filed with the town clerk, pay to the owner or owners the amount of the compensation awarded to bim or them.

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(Electric Light and Power Debentures, A. D. 1807.)

Issued under the authority of an Act of the Legislature of Nova Scotia, passed in the year 1907, entitled, “ An Act to enable the town of Kentville to acquire, install and operate an Electric Light and Power System."

The town of Kentville will pay, if unregistered, to the bearer hereof, or, if registered, to the registered holder thereof, the sum of....

dollars, in lawful money of Canada, at the office of the town clerk, in the town of Kentville, in.... · years from the date bereof, and interest


the said sum at the rate of..... . per centum per annum, payable half yearly, upon the. day of.... .and..

in each year, at the said office of the town clerk, upon presentation and surrender of the coupons hereto attached.

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Issued at Kentville, in the County of Kings, this...... day of....

A. D. 19.

[L. S.]


Town Clerk.


No. of Debenture..

The town of Kentville will pay to bearer dollars, in lawful money of Canada, at the office of the town clerk at Kentville, on the.... of... A. D. 19...., being six months interest on debenture No....

issued the... of..... A. D. 19....

Town Clerk


An Act to enable the Town of Wolfville to borrow Money

for Electric Light and Power Purposes.

(Passed the 25th day of April, A. D., 1907.)


Preamble. 1. Power to provide light plant. 2. May make contracts, 3. May obstruct streets. 4. Compensation for damages. 5. Cost, how borne. 6. Engineer. 7. Power to extend plant. 8. Power to borrow. 9. Chargeable on property. 10. Money, how applied. 11. How repaid. 12. Binking fund. 13. Deficits, how provided, 14. By.lawe. 15. Approval of Governor-in-Council,


16. Offenders.
17. May sell electricity,

General powers.
19. Power,
20. May acquire lapds.
21. May take over Acadia Co.
22. Notice
23. Delay.
24. Damages for shutting off lights.
25. Property legally taken
26. Evidence of
27. Operations to be abandoned in

certain event.
28. Cost ot arbitration.
29. When Act shall go into operation,


Whereas, the ratepayers and inhabitants of the town of Preamble. Wolfville desire to acquire an electric light and power plant and system for the purpose of lighting the streets and public places of the town, and enabling the inhabitants of the town and vicinity to purchase from the town private lighting by electricity and electric power, and for the general welfare of the town ;

And whereas, the expenditure proposed to be incurred (not exceeding $15,000) has been approved by a town meeting, duly convened and held under the provisions of « The Towns' Incorporation Act,"

Therefore, be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

1. The Town Council of the Town of Wolfville are Power to prohereby authorized and empowered to provide for the town vide light plant, of Wolfville a good and sufficient electric light and power plant and system, and to operate the same for the purpose of lighting the streets, thoroughfares and public buildings and places of the town of Wolfville, and supplying and furnishing electric light and power to the inbabitants of the said town and its suburbs, and for such purposes to generate or purchase electric light and power, and sell the same, as may be required or expedient.

2. It shall be lawful for the Town Council, for the pur- May make poses aforesaid, and for the purpose of purchasing, equipping contracts.

and installing such plant and system in the town, and operating the same, and for the purchase of electric or other power therefor; to enter into any contract or contracts that may by the Council be deemed expedient or necessary; to erect or purchase buildings, construct works, acquire lands, and do all other things necessary or expedient in the premises, it being hereby expressly provided that the said Town Council may do and provide, or cause to be done and provided, any and all work and materials necessary or expedient for the proper carrying out the purposes of this Act, either by tender or contract, or by day's work, or otherwise, as may be by the Council deemed best; and it is also expressly provided that the Council may purchase, keep, sell and supply, to persons or firms obtaining electric light or power from the town, all suitable or requisite electric fittings or supplies for the installing and use of such electric light and power in their houses, buildings or premises.

May obstruct streets.

3. It shall be lawful for the Town Council, from time to time, for the purposes of this Act, to open or obstruct the roads, streets or highways anywhere within the town of Wolfville or county of Kings, and to keep any such road, street or highway open or obstructed for such reasonable time as may be necessary; and the Town Council is hereby empowered to erect and place upon and along such streets, roads and highways, and other necessary places in said town and county, poles or any other necessary supports with insulated wires thereon, for the transmission of electric currents, for such purposes as in this Act indicated.

Compensation for damages.

4. In the event of any damage being done in the execution of the work, the party sustaining such damage shall be entitled to receive such compensation as shall be mutually agreed upon, and in case no such agreement can be made, at the request, in writing, of such party, the same shall be settled by three arbitrators, one of whom shall be appointed by such party, one by the Town Council, and a Judge of the Supreme Court shall appoint the third arbitrator, and the arbitrators so appointed shall proceed to determine the damages, if any, and award the same to be paid to the party aggrieved, and such award of any two of them shall be final and conclusive; and thereupon the town shall pay and satisfy, within six months, the full amount of such award. The costs of such arbitration shall be taxed or allowed by a Judge of the Supreme Court at the same rate as in the cases of ordinary inquests before sheriffs.

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