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An Act to enable the City of Halifax to Borrow Money.

(Passed the 25th day of April, A. D., 1907.)


1. Power to borrow.
2. How secured.



3. Grant to Children's Hospital,
4. Sites for new industries.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

Power to borrow.

1. The city of Halifax is hereby authorized to borrow the amounts set out in the schedule hereto, for the purposes specified for each such amount respectively, and for no other.

How secured,

2. The sums so borrowed shall be in addition to the amount authorized to be borrowed by the Halifax City Consolidated Fund Act, 1905, and shall form part of that fund, and shall be secured by debentures or stock to be issued in conformity with the provisions of that Act, such debentures or stock to be made redeemable on the 1st day of July, 1940.


For the construction of new

sewers ..

}Not exceeding $50,000.


For the further extension and

improvement of the water Not exceeding $135,000. system

For the purchase of the Stay. } $13,000.
For the purchase of oth Basih?. } $2 000.

on Bedford ..

[blocks in formation]

For the acquisition of land

Such sum as is required, not

exceeding $12,000.

and the erection thereon of buildings in substitution for the property known as the Fuel Yard, and the buildings thereon

And for the land and build

ings required for the extension of South Brunswick Street...

For the acquisition of land

and the construction of an Not exceeding $20,000.
Engine House on the Camp-
bell Road

For heating the City Prison.-Not exceeding $1,500.

For heating the Infectious

Disease Hospital and the improvement and heating of the Smallpox Hospital.

Not exceeding $1,300.

For the purchase of land re

quired for the widening of Not exceeding $1,200. Lower Water Street...

To pay the city's proportion of paving any street direct

Not exceeding $25,000. ed by the Council to be

paved .. For the completion of the

fence around the Public $500.

Gardens ....


For the erection of a sea-wall)

on the property of A. B.
Crosby, Freshwater, pro- Not exceeding $1,200.
vided a two-thirds majority
of the Council vote to con-
struct the same.


For the purchase of land and

the construction thereon of a New Engine House on or near Grafton Street, pro vided a two-thirds majority of the Council vote to purchase and construct the In either case not exceeding same; or, for the construc- $20,000. tion of an addition on Albermarle Street to the Central Engine House, provided a two-thirds majority of the Council vote to construct such addition..

3. (1) The Council may, by a two-thirds vote :

Grant to Child. ren's Hospital.

(a) Grant or lease on such terms as it deems fit, a site

for the establishment thereon of a children's hos-

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(6) Issue debentures or stock to raise an amount not

exceeding five thousand dollars ($5,000), to be
given towards the cost of erecting such children's

(2) The Council may also, by a two-thirds vote, resolve that a yearly sum not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500) shall be given towards the support of such children's hospital, and thereafter the sum so voted shall be yearly. included in the amount rated upon the inhabitants and property, and paid to the persons having the charge of such hospital.


4. (1) The Council may, at any time, by a two-thirds Sites for new. vote, resolve to acquire by purchase or expropriation the land requisite for the establishment within the city of any new industry, provided that the cost of such acquisition does not exceed the sum of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000), and may grant or lease on such terms as the Council determines the land so acquired to the persons or company establishing such new industry.

(2) The sum requisite for the acquisition of such land may be borrowed by the city, and the city may issue its stock or debentures therefor.


An Act to provide a Superannuation Fund for the Officials and Employees of the Fire Department of the

City of Halifax.

(Passed the 25th day of April, A. D., 1907.)


1. Fund established.
2. Trustees.
3. Money, how drawn.
4. Annual report.
5. Deficiency, how provided.
6. Who shall contribute.
7. Who shall participate.
8. Retirement of employees.
9. Who may retire.


10. Incapacity for work,
11. Voluntary retirement.
12. Wife or child to receive from fund

in certain cases.
13. Death before payment of allowance.
14. May be paid to other relatives in

certain coses. 15. Employees of fire department. 16. Allowances, bow paid.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

Fund estab. lished.

1. (1) There shall be established a fund for the superannuation of the permanent officials and employees of the Fire Department of the city of Halifax, to be constituted and employed as specified io this Act, and to be known and designated as the “Halifax Firemen's Superannuation Fund.”

(2) The provisions of this Act shall not apply to the call-men and supernumeraries.


2. The Mayor, the Auditor, the Treasurer, and the Chairman of the Committee on Finance of the city shall be the trustees of the fund, and the treasurer shall be the treasurer thereof. The fund, and all accounts in connection herewith, shall be kept separate from the other moneys and accounts of the city, but shall be audited by the auditor of the city in like manner as the other accounts of the city, and shall be managed by the trustees, subject to the control of the Council. The fund may be invested in any investment authorized by the Trustees' Act.

Money, how drawn,

3. (1) The moneys of the fund shall not be drawn out except on the cheque or order of the trustees, or any two of them, one being the treasurer.

(2) Such cheque or order shall not be made except upon the authority of a resolution of the Council passed upon & report of the fire wards recommending the payment.

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